114th Congress: We're updating with new data as it becomes available.

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Update, 7pm ET, Friday Jan. 4th, 2013: Data from the 113th Congress is now live on OpenCongress. We have a fresh blog post coming soon on brand-new bills introduced over the past two days. Latest bill & member info for both chambers seems to be displaying fine, let us know if you see any glitches or have any questions, david at OK cool.

Previously: The 112th U.S. Congress ended, as you likely know, with a sadsack pratfall of unaccountable public policymaking - a compromise between the two major parties avoiding the "fiscal curb" - via a vote on H.R. 8, specifically the House roll call 659 (257 aye, 167 nay, 8 abstain) - and previously by Senate roll call 251 (89 aye, 8 nay, 3 abstain). More info & fiscal what-cha-ma-call-'er links after-the-jump.

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