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The debt ceiling compromise we've all been asked to support but have not been allowed to see is being rushed to a vote this afternoon in the House. This is your last chance to write your Representative and Senators to let them know how you want them to vote. To do so, go to S.365, the bill being used as the legislative vehicle for the debt bill, and click "support," "oppose," or "tracking" in the right-hand sidebar. From there you can select which of your elected officials you want to write to, draft your letter, send it, and choose to share it publicly on OC and other social networks, or keep it private.

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The bill was negotiated entirely behind closed doors, and with no solid proposal until now there'e been no chance for meaningful public review. We've been urged by the President to support "compromise," but we've been locked out of seeing what we were actually being asked to get behind. When you look at which deficit-reduction proposals the public actually supports, it makes sense why this was done so secretively. All of the proposals that are supported by a bipartisan majority of Americans -- e.g. raising taxes on the rich, limiting corporate tax deductions -- were taken off the table long before the real negotiations even began. The "compromise" we were asked to lobby our members of Congress on, but not allowed to see, was between a bunch of stuff that's only popular with the Very Serious People in Washington.

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