114th Congress: We're updating with new data as it becomes available.


  • Date Summary
  • Jul 09 10:00 AM (5 days) An oversight hearing to examine mitigation requirements, interagency coordination, and pilot projects related to economic development on Federal lands.
  • Aug 04 10:00 AM (about 1 month) Hearings to examine the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle and related legislation, including S.854, to establish a new organization to manage nuclear waste, provide a consensual process for siting nuclear waste facilities, ensure adequate funding for managing nuclear waste.
  • Jul 07 10:00 AM (3 days) Hearings to examine S.1694, to amend Public Law 103-434 to authorize Phase III of the Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project for the purposes of improving water management in the Yakima River basin.
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