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This letter was sent by OpenCongress user ravendta on October 28, 2011 in opposition to S.968 PIPA.
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S.968 PROTECT IP Act of 2011

I am writing as your constituent in the 1st Congressional district of Missouri. I oppose S.968 - PROTECT IP Act of 2011, and am tracking it using, the free public resource website for government transparency and accountability.

I have watched this government continue to chip away at the rights and freedoms that were once the heart of our nation. I have watched as the documents that were once the foundation of freedom and democracy were shuffled under the rug, repeatedly scratched out and amended until their once liberating and inspirational message became little more than cold commandments of a dictatorship. And I have watched as America, the once proud and loving nation, turned into a caged animal, cowering in fear at the sight of its own shadow.

It cannot be allowed to continue. Do not pass this measure, because doing so would signify the death of the First Amendment, the death of Freedom, and the death of America. And if such a day were to come, no corporation's financial support could save her from her greatest enemy of all: Herself.

Sincerely, Kevin Domenic

Note to Congressional staff & elected officials reading this: this letter was sent through Contact-Congress features on, a free public resource website, but in the future we seek to compel the U.S. Congress to adopt fully open technology for constituent communications. For more information how your office can better handle public feedback through an open API and open standards, contact us -- even today, there are significantly more efficient and responsive ways for our elected officials to receive email feedback than the status quo of individual webforms. For greater public accountability in government, we must make the process of writing one's members of Congress more accessible and empowering. Looking ahead, we will release more data from Contact-Congress letters and Congressional response rates back into the public commons. This will result in a new open data source on bills & issues people care about, as well as encourage best practices in constituent communications and make it possible to grade members of Congress on their responsiveness & citizen satisfaction.