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The group has not taken a position on any bills.


  • xaymara shared a photo Image

    Please everyone we need your support. Share it ,Supported...

  • dlbyc14 added a comment

    We all need to consider bringing the regulation act that the FDA is in process of approving that will erradicate over 99% of vapor products. Bring to Marc Rubios attention the bill HR 2058 which will revise and reterm the act that the FDA is in process of approving. Thank you all

  • DianneShowers added a comment

    Please vote for no more loss of American blood for Iran by approving the President's Iran Nucleur deal. If anyone can furnish a better deal that won't cost American families to lose their lives in that arena, I'm more than willing to listen. But, if not, I vote for diplomacy over another war of waste.

  • gamestamusic posted a bill H.R. 499: Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act

    Ending Federal regulations on marijuana.

  • gamestamusic added a comment

    Y'all sign the petition to legalize the marijuana. Jordan

  • 40mendy added a comment

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  • nancym shared a video, "Rachel Maddow Talks About The PINK SLIP RICK Movement"

    Priceless. Florida Watch Action turns the tables on Rick Scott every time he tries some lame tactic to try to get people to like him.