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    USA Playing with Danger In 1953 the CIA overthrows an elected leader in Iran to put a dictator, the Shah, the leader. This was for British Petroleum and oil for USA. USA put military near House of Saud and Mecca and Medina after the Gulf War. Most of the criminals in 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia—military in Saudi Arabia was a stupid move for oil and a reason for 9/11. The military industrial complex supports USA corporations and banks worldwide. England stopped world dominance after WWII. That is when the USA started world dominance. Instead of closing military bases after WWII, the USA set up more bases for leverage and control of the world. We do not know about secret bases. Reported are 737 bases in other countries, including 37 in Okinawa, and 6000 in USA. The congress gave the president the power to start war, which is only for the congress, according to the constitution. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are controlled by the USA and are used to take money from poor countries for USA corporations. The military industrial complex supports these. The United Fruit Company is an example. The USA attorney general declares that we do not follow the ratified Geneva Treaty, which the constitution prohibits. 40% of the Pentagon budget is secret. The congress does not oversee the defense spending. Duke Cunningham is an example of this danger. Only the president knows the budget of the CIA. Does the president know how the CIA spends money? 1 trillion to the military does not include nuclear energy (Dept Energy), veteran affairs (Dept Veteran Affairs), foreign military aid (State Department), and defense of homeland (Homeland Security). The USA is playing with danger. If Saudi Arabia demanded payment in Euros, the stock market could fail and put the USA into bankruptcy. USA trade deficit, balance of payments, national debt to China and Japan, lack of manufacturing industry, lack of energy, and excessive jobs for military could cause a revolution in the USA. USA cannot have world dominance and democracy at home at the same time. We can have one or the other.

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