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  • AEC added a comment

    What I am about to say is my own Personal view point on Our Country's Current State of Affairs. It is not to be misconstrued to be nor associated with any other representation of any other person's or group of persons view point or opinion. I Strongly Believe that, Our Founding Fathers did not enter into the Establishment or the structuring of Our Basic principles of government with the intentions to benefit one specific person or group of persons, at the cost to another intentionally or un-intentionally. It is my contention that the many and various backgrounds and diversities of the persons involved presented their own set of issues to be over-come. They maintained sight of their MAIN Objective, which was to become a (one) representative voice that stood and spoke in a (one) voice for the benefit and well being of all people concerned without diminishing the importance of the least significant idea being presented. This is evidenced by the wording used in their major written and oral oratories by using or referring to themselves with either the word We, Our, or Us. I am by no means a learned scholar or do I have a Master's Degree in anything. I have though, read quite a lot and not anywhere have I read ,(which doesn't mean there is not) a reference to anything benefiting one or a group of persons over what is to be of benefit to the overall majority of the whole,(Our Country). Yes, we have become a large, dominate and powerful nation of individuals, corporations and political parties. However, we have and are becoming more and more individualistic in social behavior and agendas. Why is this? I believe it is because that (we) as individuals, corporations, and political parties have given way to "What can I get away with to better benefit me?" instead of "How We can better benefit Our Country, both now and for generations to come?". I feel that we have and are giving way to individual wants, (desires), instead of what is really needed to address the most correct resolution to a given issue for all individuals, corporations or political parties concerned. Does any one individual or corporation or political party have exclusive rights to the right and absolute answer to any given problem? I say, NO! Our present leadership in Congress and on the Hill have demonstrated this over the past few months by party posturing and puffing of the chests. It reminds me of bullies on the school grounds determining who is the biggest, meanest person around. Perhaps the Spoiled brat in a game of marbles that picks up his marbles and most of the others saying if you don’t play the way I want you to I am picking up the marbles and leaving. If I sound incredulous or asinine, stop and look back at what has been happening. I Pray, Hopefully, that these people were voted into office to represent the majority of their constituents and not just what they want or what their party dictates. What seems to prevail is they bend to the wind of favor to themselves more often than not. It may be a broad brush to use but, when I see webbed feet on a feathered body and it has a flattened bill and I hear quacking than I presume it to be a duck. How stupid of me, I prevail to seek moral and just guidance in the previous paragraph. Something that I would hope and Pray every leader has done, or would do. Uh-oh, I did it again. I can’t be doing that. Just because the Fore Fathers of Our Country asked for guidance doesn’t make it right in MAN’s Law. Think about the above statement before voting for the next person for public office. Better yet, think about this common man’s opinion and then Pray for guidance. Who knows, It could make a difference and rewrite our future. Frankly, I am fed-up to the point that I have to express what I feel. It has become more than just a thought about a topic. It is a Subject that I Strongly Feel is long Over-due to be brought to the fore-front and Acted upon. We as A Nation had better Get Our Ideals straightened out or as a Nation, We will fall prey to our own divisiveness. If We cannot Learn this Simple Fact from the Histories of other,( what were considered to be Great Nations), countries and even our own Civil War, then I Fear that We as a Nation will ultimately become just another Example in the list of Former “Great Nations”. This, I Pray, (Oops, did it again), will Not be allowed to continue. It has been stated in many different ways with many different words, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. There seems to be an old theory at work today, either by Intent or Our own Pious Arrogance as a Nation. Is the Perfect War without a shot fired, ”Divide and Conquer from Within”, a possibility? I PRAY, that WE, as Proud people of a Proud Nation, are not Too proud to acknowledge this Very Real Possibility and Nip it in the bud before it is allowed to come to fruition. With Guidance and Resolve, “We the PEOPLE” and Elected Government Officials not only have the Power and Voice to prevent such a thing, but the Inherited Responsibility to the Founding Fore-Fathers of Our Great Nation who were not afraid to Declare Their Resolve and Openly seek Guidance in the Creation of a Moral and Just Nation, (this United States of America). I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN America, Mr. President, Mempers of Congress, Give me Reason to Continue to be PROUD and Not Betrayed I LOVE MY COUNTRY and PRAY that you DO as well. <photo id=1></photo> <photo id=1></photo> <photo id=1></photo>