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  • skinurse added a comment

    To the People who Work for Me in Government: I think you may need to be reminded that I started working & paying Social Security at age 14. I want, and Deserve for it to be available to me when I retire, even if that turns out to be at age 70 in 2029. I recommend to you that you read or review the speeches of Senator Bernie Sanders, who seems to understand that most American workers have seen their real wages decline for 15 years or more. I am disgusted by the increase in the income of the top 10% in America and the “solutions” proposed most often by Republicans, of tax breaks to Corporations (who Are Not People) and the Wealthy. We need a tax Overhaul! A small Flat tax on All incomes over $100,000 would be a Great first step with additional tax on Excess incomes over $1Million. The best solution is the most simple. If there are numerous rules and qualifiers, there are Many Loopholes that the Dishonest will take advantage of to shirk their Responsibility. That is why we find ourselves at this point. We Cannot let this free country Fail of all the people who bled and died for it to continue to exist! You Must push for higher taxes that are Unavoidable on the High incomes of the most Wealthy. We can’t balance the budget on the backs of the working class, anymore, their backs are Broken! (mine too) The end is here, Fix what you have broken!! Save our United States!