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  • tdev added a comment

    I feel that both houses of Congress have failed the American people by their actions, and in some cases inactions, over the past years. Whether or not the particular government employees and electees currently 'serving' the population of Pennsylvania have been in their positions for years or for days, does not matter. ALL OF YOU HAVE FAILED US!! You have all, with your compatriots, forgotten the trust that we put in you to do the right thing, regardless of how it affects your personal career. Public service was NEVER intended to be a lifetime job, but a temporary condition. You have all created a two-caste system in America by not subjecting yourselves to the same laws and conditions that you impose upon us. You should be part of the Social Security and Medicare systems....THEN maybe you will fix them. You should not receive FULL PENSION after only one term in office. You should not be able to received more than one retirement (whatever the source) from different government arenas. I have found myself writing more letters in the last month than in the last 20 years, so part of this is my fault for thinking that you are able to change your behavior without being told what to do. I hope that NO VOTERS forget how badly you have failed us, how much you have cost us, how demoralizing you have been to us, and how much you have enriched YOURSELVES on our tax dollars. It is criminal what you have done, and severely negligent on how you have treated those who have given you their trust. If you believe that you are not part of the problem, then it only means you are wrong yet again. If you believe you are part of the problem..then CHANGE WHAT YOU ARE DOING and get this country back on track.