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  • angelastr27 added a comment

    I'm writing this comment because I'm trying to reach out to for any legal assistance an a opportunity for some one to listen I'll start from the beginning three years ago my son's father took my son on a visit an never brought him back I took the greyhound an made several attempts to look for my son for three years police told me it was a civil matter I needed to take it back to court I recently found him last year in Marion tx I took the greyhound from houston tx to seguin tx an went to the school in Marion tx to get my child I showed the police officer at the school my primary documents she would not honor my court papers for the fact his dad had him for three years so I went back to court with a lawyer I worked three jobs to pay was late for court at every reset hearing an did absolutely nothing to help me an I can no longer afford with my primary rights intacted I was allowed one hour supervised visits at the police station. With his father an the spouse sitting watching me an my son every other Saturday for one hour I would take the greyhound from houston to seguin every other Saturday I never missed a visit an now the case stands at a 50/50 custody status an I get my son overnight on a Friday an his dad picks him up the next day I've reached out to legal aid an received an advice letter after six months of attempts to contact legalaid I've reached out to legal aid I've reached out to cps I have no family I've even emailed my judge explaining the situation an sent pictures of my home to prove stability I'm a hard working mother I've been employed for eight months at McDonald's I pay bills I don't drink I dont smoke I don't do drugs an I live alone i endured four years of physical violence from the father of my child before during an after I was pregnant I'm concerned for the welfare of my child an I believe he needs to be returned home to me his mother if anyone can help with an legal assistance I'm doing this alone reaching out for assistance thank you

  • Denisemaddera added a comment

    With the Global instability as it is! I want our Federal government to stop at no measures to keep us safe! SHUT DOWN OUR BOARDERS! !!! IF a Child can find their way in what do we think a trained Terrorist can do! I have always voted Democratic but President Obama has cured me of that! !

  • texasfoy shared a photo Medal_of_honor

    Every American Soldier that have sacrificed their life for our way of life deserves our highest honor. After all they displayed their highest honor to our country.

  • JessePlummer added a comment

    Why do people always want a goovernment response to every stupid issue? Unemployed? Get a job. Sick? Go to the hospital. This increasing dependence on the government in every aspect of people's lives is frightening and can not be sustained without giving something else up, and usually that is freedom. Don't vote republican or democrat. Think Libertarian.

  • jax3rd added a comment

    I have learned that the following Republican members of the Texas delegation voted in favor of H.R. 8 the "Fiscal Cliff" bill: K. Brady, TX-8, W. Thornberry, TX-13, L. Smith, TX-21, and P. Sessions, TX-32. I am not represented by any of these members, but I am now committed to seeing that they face a primary challenge.

  • newsguygeorge added a comment

    If these idiots are going to legislate birth control, then every member of congress (notice I didn't capitalize as a form of disrespect) should file informational items that reveal the following: 1. Certify how many times a week they have sex with their spouse. 2. Certify how many times a week they have sex with their illicit lover(s) and whether the lover is of the same or opposite sex. 3. Certify which positions they use and how many times per week in each position for each of their lovers. 4. Whether, if they have a fertile partner, they use birth control and what kind of birth control. 5. Certify whether any member of their family or close associate, including female lover(s), have gotten pregnant and the disposition of the pregnancy. 6. Provide the same contraceptive benefits to themselves and federal employees that they impose or restrict by legislation for the general public. The filings should be in the form of an affidavit so that if found untrue, the congress person can be prosecuted for perjury.

  • sckerber added a comment

    I can only hope that "our" do nothing congress and do nothing "super committee" continue to do nothing. Maybe the economy will finally get back on track, once spending cuts take effect and tax rates normalize. Of course they won't be content to leave well enough alone. The single most important issue facing the US today is not worth making any sacrifices for, at least not by anyone that is too big to fail.

  • smithges added a comment

    Has anyone heard of Agenda 21, and why hasn't anyone in Congress, Senate, the President told American Citizens about this issue???? President Clinton, Bush, and Obama have signed onto this initiative and Hundreds more governors, mayors, and county commissioners have also signed on. It reads as follows: Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level. - George H. Bush Agenda 21 isn’t coming. It is here. Most don’t know about it. They’ve never heard of it, but it is creeping in the back door right now. So, look behind you. It may already be in your backyard. What is Agenda 21? It is a United Nation’s program presented and approved in Rio in 1992. At that time American conservatives laughed it off. “This is too crazy,” they said. “Impossible. It will never happen. Not here!” Well, it is happening. It is happening here and it is happening now. Agenda 21 is a totalitarian comprehensive environmental program that, when fully implemented, will direct where you live, how much water you can use, and how and where you can travel. Agenda 21 is being marketed as a worldwide effort to ensure that all human beings will have access to adequate housing, health care, water and food. Of course this will require a massive redistribution of wealth from prosperous countries to poorer countries. Predictably, capitalistic countries, like the United States, will suffer lower standards of living. It’s noteworthy that Presidents George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, through Executive Orders, have signed onto Agenda 21. Hundreds more governors, mayors, and county commissioners have also signed on.

  • smithges added a comment

    Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 09/02/2011 I found this article very disturbing, this is why E-Verify needs to be put in place, so that my tax dollars are not wasted on Illegal Immigrants milking the Gov. System for billions of dollars! Congress and the Senate need to stop this in its tracks, and Obama needs to quit giving Amnesty to all the Illegal Aliens just to get votes! Undocumented workers got billions from IRS in tax credits, audit finds By Lisa Rein The Internal Revenue Service allowed undocumented workers to collect $4.2 billion in refundable tax credits last year, a new audit says, almost quadruple the sum five years ago. Although undocumented workers are not eligible for federal benefits, the report released Thursday by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration concludes that federal law is ambiguous on whether these workers qualify for a tax break based on earned income called the additional child tax credit. Taxpayers can claim this credit to reduce what they owe in taxes, often getting refunds from the government. The vagueness of federal law may have contributed to the $4.2 billion in credits, the report said. The IRS said it lacks the authority to disallow the claims. Wage earners who do not have Social Security numbers and are not authorized to work in the United States can use what the IRS calls individual taxpayer identification numbers. Often these result in fraudulent claims on tax returns, auditors found. Their data showed that 72 percent of returns filed with taxpayer identification numbers claimed the child tax credit. The audit recommended that the IRS seek clarification on the law and check the immigration status of filers with taxpayer indentificaion numbers. IRS officials, in response to a draft of the report, agreed to consult with the Treasury Department on the law. But they said they have no legal authority to demand that filers prove their legal status when the tax agency processes returns. Changes to tax law are partly to blame for the explosion in refunds for additional child tax credits in recent years, auditors found. Before 2001, filers needed to have three or more children to qualify — and to owe more Social Security taxes than earned income credits. But those requirements have been eliminated and the allowable refund for each child doubled. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 also made the refund easier to get, auditors found

  • leisureal added a comment

    I really think this is a GREAT addition and I am sure all those sites charging $19-$129 per fax will have a cow! This is something that has been needeed for a long time-AND I WILL CONTRIBUTE TO THIS ONE! I could not afford the other rip off artists. If only 100 people paid the minimun of $19, that is $1900 for that site!