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    sunlight grand opening of legends
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    TAX CREDIT - Senators Landrieu (D-LA), Blunt (R-MO), Hutchison (R-TX) and Cardin (D-MD) introduced S3616, the companion bill to HR4373, the Making Adoption Affordable Act, on Sept. 21. The bill would increase the tax credit to $13,170 and make it permanent and refundable, beginning in tax year 2012. Without new legislation, the current $12,650 credit will not be refundable for 2012 and will expire at year-end; in 2013, only those adopting children with special needs would be eligible for $6,000 in qualifying expenses. Ever legistlator should support adoption credits for domestic adoptions. This should be a no-brainer...adoptive parents have the means and money to keep children whose parents are either too young or do not have the means to support thier child out of the social service and welfare programs. HR4373, the Making Adoption Affordable Act has been tied up this entire year in legislation and here the congress waits to claim a tax credit after elections to look proactive. You should have been proactive in January 1st and passed this bill as soon as it was about to expire.

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    Great to see your post again. Keep up the good job..

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    SOPA was trial run. Electoral Reform by 4 July is step two. Massive We turnout in November is step three. Any interest? Trying to raise at least $1000 for a couple of press releases. Seeking volunteers to spread the meme, "Ron Paul or Third Party." Moderately certain Republicans are manipulating the primaries to shut Ron Paul out, achieve a deadlock, and produce the dreaded Jeb Bush surprise as a nominee.

  • catholic1 posted a bill H.R. 358: Protect Life Act

    Under no circumstances should abortion ever be funded or provisions or exception clauses be included in the bill. These would form loopholes. A baby in the womb remains an individual child regardless of whether he or she was conceived in rape or otherwise. Also, so many cases have indicated a mother's deeply profound regret at her abortion. There should be no middle ground in a bill.

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    Kaine 2012, discuss

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    It is obvious we need to elect new freshmen or freshwomen Senators from Virginia. Cut, Cap and Balance was a good start from Our elected House of Rep. The Senate never debated it, they did not change or add to it. They should be ashamed of themselves. Time for new common sense leadership representing Virginia. I will not vote for Webb or Warner this time around.