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  • Issue Area: Labor and employment
This is an automatically-generated MyOC Group for tracking this issue area, owned by the OC Outreach Coordinator Donny Shaw. At the moment, Donny will post any major bills in this issue area in the current 112th U.S. Congress, and other legislation can be found on our main pages for bills & issues. In the future, this Group will automatically update with major actions and key votes for major bills in this issue area, as well as noteworthy news, blog & social media coverage. For now,then, any MyOC member may opt-in to join this Group and post information to the Group as a whole in compliance with the general OpenCongress community comment policy. Questions about this Group? Email :

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    Hilda Solis resigning as Labor Secretary:

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    Donny, Please list all legislation pertinent to this topic (e.g. HR 589, HR2501, HR 3094, etc.). Thanks - Joe ;)