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  • Chris_Tax added a comment

    Us pro lifers are gaing montumn slowly We need to fucus on the 2014 election getting our base voters to the polls Chris Owner CEL Financial Services

    May 16, 2014 9:22 PM Comments (0)

  • 3blake7 added a comment

    I am attempting to come up with a new Abortion position, that balances the equation of three individuals with equal rights and synthesizes the philosophical motivations behind both the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice positions. I am calling this position True Life Equality or more literally Pro-Choice with a Pro-Life twist. To establish logical consistency despite the biological differences between the sexes requires one to think outside the proverbial box. In a pregnancy both the male and female contributed a single cell, their own DNA to the embryo so it is quite literally, 50-50 father and mother. To achieve equal rights between the mother and father, I advocate that it be legally required for the mother and her doctors to make reasonable attempts at informing the father. If there is a situation in which the mother feels the father should not be informed, it should be addressed using law enforcement agencies and the Court systems. I would also advocate that any organization offering maternal leave must also offer paternal leave and cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. I am sure most new mothers would appreciate it if their husbands to could take time off after the birth and give themselves a much needed respite. It has been documented that men rape women and women rape men so in the cases of rape, once found guilty, the rapist would forfeit their rights to the child, regardless of their gender. We have achieved equality between the mother and father and must now extend the reasoning to the third life involved, the unborn child. In the United States of America we believe in individual rights and I advocate that these individual rights extend to the fertilized zygote, since it is now possible that it has unique DNA. The mother has rights to her body and can choose to give birth or have an abortion but she does not have the right over the body of the unborn child. The mother can choose to abort or more accurately to deny life support to the unborn child, but the parents and doctors must attempt to preserve the unborn child's life, regardless of the mother's choice to abort or carry the unborn child to term. Very little would change, the only noticeable change would be that doctors would now develop new techniques to remove the implanted embryo without damaging it. If the operation is successful, the removed embryo would be stored using cryopreservation. The success rate for storing cells and achieving a successful implantation is only 10-30% at best but could be improved upon with more trial and error. This idea may repulse some of you as ideas of human experimentation come to mind but I must remind you that the current process places the aborted embryos in biological waste containers for incineration. As doctors would do for any born human being, they will attempt to preserve life, even if the odds are not so good. On to practical matters, the cryopreservation would be expensive but the cost would be reduced with demand. I would also advocate taking preventative measures to reduce abortion, such as subsidizing contraceptives such as condoms and birth control pills as well as pregnancy tests. With this position, we can achieve equal rights between the mother, father and unborn child as well as reconcile the differences between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. What do you think?

    February 13, 2014 11:39 AM Comments (3)
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    • MLSS 01/04/2015 11:08am
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      Your position stated in your post is one that I haven’t heard before. Kudos to thinking it through. Maybe your idea will take hold as an option but not graduate to be a forced procedure. I haven’t heard anyone speak of the situation when birth control fails. It seems that a woman who makes the responsible decision to use birth control, whatever the method, isn’t exempt from the pro-life argument. I’d like to hear someone address this issue. Let’s discuss the practical facts. Having a child has very permanent effect on a woman’s body. The man merely stands by and waits for the child to be born. There is nothing he can do to help the process. Why should anyone tell a woman what she has to go through medically?? Why should a woman give up the right to make her own medical decisions – men have the same rights to ask for or refuse medical actions. Why is abortion any different? Should a woman be forced to undergo a harvesting procedure as you mentioned in your post? See below for more.

    • MLSS 01/04/2015 11:09am
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      Furthermore, mothers have a greater responsibility and obligation to her child(ren) than the father right from the moment of conception. Aren’t we disgusted when we hear that a mother has turned her back on a child and ask “how could a mother do that” while we merely shake our heads at the absent father as if it is common place. There are exceptions but that is the most common view. I understand that some men want parental rights but there is no parent unless the baby is born and until that point the pregnancy is solely within the woman’s bodily control. She is only one who can speak for the baby. Men always have the literal ability to walk away while pregnant women have absolutely no way to do that. Men don’t want to be forced to be a parent with all of its lifelong consequences nor do women. There are many facets to pregnancy but let’s get back to basics. The government should not be able to tell me what I have to do with my body. Ultimately, a woman should only to answer to her god.

  • chrismarklee added a comment

    The 2014 election is coming we need to focus on electing more pro life people. Merry Christmas, Chris Owner CEL Financial Services Tax Return Preparer Registered bonded California CTEC Tax Preparer

    December 15, 2013 8:31 PM Comments (0)