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This group is for anyone unemployed, underemployed, waiting to be employed, or currently employed or retired who wants to see justice for those who have become unemployed through no fault of their own.
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    This is a group for comments about unemployment and related issues. NO SPAM will be tolerated. If any member continues, they will be banned from the group.

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    Livestream feed of protesters in NYC and other cities around the country

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    Rhonda Taylor needs letters from the unemployed My friend Ellen forwarded this email to me from an unemployed group, so I thought I'd post it here. I don't know this person, and I'm just passing this on, but I thought it might be a good opportunity to have a letter hand-delivered for you in DC. She writes: "okay 99ers....with the congress and senate coming back and jobs are hot on the topic right now I am making one more trip to washington to fight for the unemployed....I need your help though please send me a letter addressed to your representative of your state asking for them to meet with me since you cannot afford to travel. Its time we make a stink in Washington. please email me your letter unemployedunite@yahoo.com"

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    Schakowsky introduces massive job creation bill paid for by taxing millionaires. About time!

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    Rebuild the Dream rally to stop the cuts in crucial programs. You may not have heard of this, since the news media was so focused on the Tea Party rally that had a fraction of the number attending this one.

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    Does anyone remember when the republican's campaigned in 2010 on the platform of creating jobs, jobs, jobs? I do, and I still don't have one! When you're up to your butt in alligators it's hard to remember that your main objective was to drain the swamp! The current "slight of hand" and misdirection being offered by the republicans regarding the debt ceiling will not be forgotten come 2012. What we have now is a bunch of sharks in a feeding frenzy, but this too shall pass as the hunted will become the hunter. I believe the American people will do the right thing after all the smoke has settled. The Tea Party is living on borrowed time - I just hope that we can survive long enough to see its demise and the return of compassion and "One Nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for All!"

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    This group was formed to provide a common meeting place for those who are concerned about the extreme level of unemployment this country now faces. This forum is open to all and provides an opportunity to tie together various bills and issues that have previously been open to discussion only on separate bill forums on Open Congress. You can also make use of the new tools available in OC v.3 to contact legislators, other groups, and more easily find information about action on these issues beyond the OC website.

H.R.2501: Fair Employment Opportunity Act of 2011

Justice for the Unemployed is in support of this bill.

Letters to Congress

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H.R.589: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011

Justice for the Unemployed is in support of this bill. Here's why:

The so-called "99ers" have born the brunt of this Great Recession, and now they face even more discrimination as some employers refuse to hire them after lengthy unemployment. This bill provides additional weeks of benefits to help them survive.

Letters to Congress

No one from the group has written a letter in support of this bill to their elected representatives

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