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A group to raise awareness of the issue of bullying to congress. Require that schools show the movie "The Bully Project" in every classroom at the beginning of the year. This movie is an amazing depiction of the issues that the youth of America are facing; it is a true eye-opener and will definitely help kids realize the effect that their words have on others. If this is required to be shown in school we may be able to see less kids dropping out of school, as well as less kids committing suicide. Action must be taken, and this is a great start.

The group has not taken a position on any bills.


  • chrismarklee added a comment

    I think scholls need to kick some of these kids out out that school and send them to another school. THis school needs to focus on dealing with the bullying kids Chris Owner CEL Financial Services Tax Return Preparer

  • PoliticalJunkie1 added a comment

    I think some of the ways we think about bullying needs to change. The classic sense that the bully is a criminal and the the victim is just a victim is flawed in my opinion. The bullier is often only a bully in order to jump in the social heirarchy, and they often do this becuase they had been bullied themeselves. Its a give and take relationship, I think we need to crackdown on bullying but over-the-top punishment is not the answer, and it is not just the victim that needs help. Thoughts?