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    Amendment XXVIII 1. Congress shall make no law that it is not subject to, and shall not exempt itself from any law, regulation rule, or directive that it imposes on the American people. Nor shall it pass any law, regulation rule, or directive that grants them a privilege not granted to all of the people of the United States. 2. Members of the House of Representatives and the Congress shall not be limited in terms they may serve in office, but will not serve more than two terms consecutive to each other. 3. For this next one I propose 2 possibilities: a. Pay and Allowances shall be voted on by the people of the United States during each year an election is conducted in that chamber. b. Pay and allowances will be tied to national cost of living increases and this adjustment will be applied to all federal employees, to include military personnel and the minimum wage will also receive the same adjustment. 4. Retirement pay will be calculated as 2.5% of the base yearly salary per year of service not to exceed 50% of Base pay upon retirement; retirement pay will not commence until the legislator meets two of the following requirements: a. Age 65 b. Submitting an official declaration of retirement after which the retired person is no longer eligible for election to a position within the federal government. 5. Each Congressmen and Senator will be afforded housing in or near the District of Columbia suitable to house the member and their immediate family. These homes will not exceed 4000 square feet including a small office space. Facilities will include common use recreational areas such as a pool and tennis courts, a facility for large gatherings both indoor and outdoor. Access to mass transit will be provided at a central point. The plan for this legislative family housing area will be completed and approved within one year of the adoption of this amendment and construction will be completed within 6 years. Upon completion of the housing complex and assignment of homes, a 50% reduction in pay from the current pay, regardless of if they decide to accept the housing on offer. If they choose not to accept this government housing they may secure housing at their own expense without any further compensation.