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    Acid Reflux Diet and Nutrition Guide Here's how switching to an acid reflux diet plan can eliminate heartburn and GERD. Health 1
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    ACT NOW - Citizens against Gun Violence Grassroots citizen action group to further the adoption of common-sense gun regulation in the USA. Firearms and explosives 1
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    Adrian Coningham   1 Join
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    Alaska     1
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    All About Human Resource Development Human resource is one of the most essential resources for any organization and its development that is if the organization is self-motivated and growth oriented. Unlike the other essential resources that the organization works with human resource is most potential and capable in helping the organization grow and develop in the right direction. Human resource is a collective term for a number of functions that guide the organization towards attaining value and organizational growth through its agency staff, employees and vendors. For more information regarding this course you can visit our website:   1 Join
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    American Citizens for Taiwan Because Taiwan’s democracy is so important to America’s own democracy, security, and economy, ACT works to influence the U.S. Government to take a position on Taiwan that is fully supportive of Taiwan’s right to self-determination via referendum by all Taiwanese without external threat or interference. International affairs 6 Join
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    Americans agains MGM Males, just like females deserve the right to bodily integrity from birth to death. Sex and reproductive health 7 Join
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    Americans Against Selective Service Every American deserves the right to choose whether or not to join military forces. And we aim to spread word of this issue to others and inform people of the strict consequences imposed by the U.S. Government on refusing to register and dodging the draft. Government operations and politics 2 Join
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    Americans for Immigration Reform We are a group of involved and compassionate people dedicated to serious, working, and enforceable immigration reform in our country. Immigration 21 Join
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    Amnesty VHS AI-VHS aims to educate the Vintage HS school community about human rights and civil liberties issues not often talked about in the community. Our spectrum of cases range from local to global issues. Civil rights and liberties, minority issues 7 Join
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    A New Way Forward Break up the big banks! Across the US, we protest the economic orthodoxy that protects profits for a few over what's good for the country. Wall St dominates our politics. Stop Too-Big-To-Fail hidden handouts and stop them from controlling the system. Government operations and politics 42 Join
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    Anti-Bullying Requirements in Schools A group to raise awareness of the issue of bullying to congress. Require that schools show the movie "The Bully Project" in every classroom at the beginning of the year. This movie is an amazing depiction of the issues that the youth of America are facing; it is a true eye-opener and will definitely help kids realize the effect that their words have on others. If this is required to be shown in school we may be able to see less kids dropping out of school, as well as less kids committing suicide. Action must be taken, and this is a great start. Education 11 Join
  • George_washington
    AP GoPo Fantasy Congress - 3rd hour If you havin' senate problems, I feel bad for ya, son. I got 99 problems, but a Mitch ain't one. Education 1 Join
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    April Barnes VOTE JOHN BOEHNER OUT OF OFFICE! Unemployment 1 Join
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    Ashutosh mishra National congress chatra sabha General public lands matters 1
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    Assistir Grêmio x CRB Ao Vivo online 19/05/2015 Assistir Grêmio x CRB Ao Vivo online 19/05/2015 Families 1 Join