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    Fog Creek A venue for Fog Creek and Stack Exchange employees to share information and lobby their representatives in order to positively affect their workplaces Science, technology, communications 3
  • 6213857-a-scientist-in-a-lab
    Food Science Chef A group created for discussion relating to Nutrition and health issues and what the food science sector can do to help our communities. Health 7 Join
  • Democratic_party
    GeorgiaDemocrats Democrats who feel underrepresented in Georgia. Congress 1 Join
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    Germany Defense Veterans of America Honorably Discharged veterans who served in the former West Germany from 1955-1990. Armed forces and national security 2 Join
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    Guardians of the Constitution     7 Join
  • Immigrant-founded-by-industries
    High-Skilled Immigration Making Our Economy Stronger: The Need for High-Skilled Immigration Reform Immigrant entrepreneurs started 25% of engineering and technology companies between 1995 and 2005, including some of the economy’s biggest names. And immigrants are inventors. According to a Duke University study, the share of U.S. patent applications filed by immigrants rose from 7.3% to 24.2% from 1998 to 2006. Nearly a quarter of our scientists and almost half of our engineers are immigrants. Immigration 1 Join
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    H.R. 4259 Electronic Books Opening Opportunity for Knowledge Act of 2014 8th grade final debate   2
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    HVAC service New Jersey HVAC is the warming, ventilation and cooling framework that is consolidated into one unit. These HVAC units end up being useful in keeping up a fitting environment and temperature both in business locales and houses. Families 1 Join
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    Idaho     1
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    illegal torture Immigration 1 Join
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    Illinois Voices for Reform, Inc. Few crimes bring out more fear and loathing than sex offenses. Convicted sex offenders are the most hated members of society. Public perception of those labeled as "sex offenders" continues to prompt lawmakers to pass harsher laws against this perceived evil group of people. But what the general public does not realize is that current laws are NOT protecting society. In fact, research shows that current laws are actually putting the public at risk. Current laws are based on hysteria and myths. We are here to provide educational information about the truth behind this hysteria and the "stranger danger" myth gripping this nation with fear and ruining the lives of many people who are not the monsters we have been led to believe. Over time, harsh laws have been passed to further restrict sex offenders by implementing residency restrictions, monitoring, community notification, and much more. Other crimes have been added to the category of "sex offenses" that go far beyond rape or child molestation. Existing laws encompass a wide range of offenders and require the exact same resources be used for both violent, dangerous offenders and those whose offenses were neither violent, forced, or dangerous. The mission of Illinois Voices is education, based on current research, of sex offender laws and the harsh reality of the consequences of these laws. We support the prevention of sexual abuse and believe education is key to preventing future crimes. We believe that laws which will truly benefit the safety of our children, and society in general, must differentiate between those who are dangerous, repeat offenders and those who are not. Current laws, as structured, are not keeping our children safe. They are, in fact, costing the taxpayer millions of dollars to prosecute, monitor, incarcerate, and severely punish many individuals who are of no danger to children, society, or the communities in which they live. Crime and law enforcement 3 Join
  • Logo Lounge Chair Activism seeks to be a “minimal effort” portal providing ways for everyone to participate in, and affect, contemporary issues by creating connections with non-profit organizations that utilize technology to instantly and easily share opinions with law and other decision makers. We want to make it so easy that you can take action right from your most comfortable chair!   5 Join
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    Instant Gaming When you are getting into gaming, there are basically two types. You can either buy consoles to play games or you can buy a computer that will run your games. There are good points to each type. Find out what some of the advantages of console gaming over PC gaming. Console games are a lot cheaper as compared to the computer games. Social welfare 1 Join
  • Conn_child_abuse
    International Child Sex Exploitation Protection This group is created for the purpose of supporting, legislation and advocacy that protects children around the world. Families 9 Join