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    Peace and Liberty Pro-peace, pro-liberty, pro-transparency, pro-freedom citizens who want to restore peace and liberty in this messed up country. Inspired by Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich-- who may not be in Congress much longer, but the ideas they've planted in the minds of many will continue to live on. P.S. Sorry, I can't pick just one "issue area of focus" for this group because liberty applies to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!   1 Join
  • Pi_npo_legs___regs
    PIHQ NPO Watch The legs & regs division of Philanthrope Internationale, monitoring policy & law for domestic nonprofits. Tax-exempt organizations 1 Join
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    Plus Size Maternity Plus Size clothes are made very generous and many times you can continue to wear your own clothes, or go up a size, for most (if not all) of your pregnancy. Women's employment 1 Join
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    pornsites pornsitenews Drug, alcohol, tobacco use 1 Join
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    print social pictures No matter the occasion, share every precious moment and occasion with print social pictures posters using your photographs. See all your holiday, parties, weddings, family events and more come to life as stories to be shared and enjoyed. Social welfare 1 Join
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    PSD Caucus We are the ProSportsDaily unofficial caucus, interested in promoting and learning about issues that are important to us as individuals. Economics and public finance 3
  • Plainlogo
    Public Knowledge Public Knowledge is a Washington, D.C.-based public interest group working to defend citizens' rights in the emerging digital culture. We monitor Congress, US Agencies, State Legislatures and International Bodies for any proposed legislation or policy that relates to intellectual property or technology policy. Public Knowledge looks for common ground between industry and the public-interest, and builds issue-related coaltions between disparate groups that have the same views on the issues. Science, technology, communications 18 Join
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    Puerto Rico Political Status Group advocating for ending the occupation by the United States of America in Puerto Rico. Discussion and raising awareness of the issue. Also analyze possible non-colonial solutions.   1 Join
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  • Racetracker_logo_100x19
    RaceTracker This group is for organization and discussion of the RaceTracker project on OpenCongress. Primary coordinators are the team behind and OpenCongress. Elections, voting, political campaign regulation 5 Join
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    Ramon Magsaysay How instagram helps your business succeedin order to succeed in any business industry, one must develop a strong following and customer base. While additional strategies might not cost you anything in terms of income, it'll cost you in terms of period and energy.   1 Join
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    Rand Paul for President 2016   Elections, voting, political campaign regulation 1 Join
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    Regina K Nelson Those who came before us (advocates who have spent years fighting for patient's right to use marijuana as medication) were often viewed as deviant, in order that we (patients who benefit from their sacrifice) may be seen as normal. Although over 70% of citizens support legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana, and over 50% support legalizing marijuana for any use, the truth is medical marijuana patients are not always viewed as normal. In order to make the progress necessary and ensure full normalization for medical marijuana patients, I believe patients need to share their stories--both within and outside the medical marijuana community. Through my own experience I have found the more I share my story with others the more empowered I feel as a patient. My hope is to share this sense of empowerment with other patients through this blog in a couple of ways: Drug, alcohol, tobacco use 5 Join
  • Rli-logo1-120x120
    ReLegalize Indiana A group for ReLegalize Indiana members to use the tools at OpenCongress. Drug, alcohol, tobacco use 1 Join
  • Torchy2
    Republican Liberty Caucus Since 1992 the RLC has been the leading voice for smaller government and individual liberty in the Republican Party. We want less government and more liberty for all. Civil rights and liberties, minority issues 13 Join
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    Return of the Republic Return of the Republic is the campaign without a candidate. Candidates are a distraction for issues important for We the People. Return of the Republic exists to protect, preserve and promote our American Values as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and the framework for same that is our US Constitution.   3 Join
  • Teaflagsblue
    Richmond Tea Party   Economics and public finance 4 Join
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    SAMUEL BUSINESS OF INFORMATION fiance & information U.S. and foreign investments 1