• lerichards 03/18/2008 12:04pm

     Why are Citizens being attacked?
    Nothing in this world is more alarming then the fact that United States Citizens are being attacked
    and done harm by the Homeland Security Satellite Program. I was attacked while in Ohio early
    last year, March and April, after some traveling to Oklahoma, and on to Amarillo, Texas.
    Apparently, this torturing started before my trip West, for I suffered substantially, prior to
    that time, not realizing what was happening to me. Throughout 06-07 Fall-Winter, October until
    the time I went on my journey West in March, I suffered an agonizing experience of an equal
    consequence. I consider it much more evil and more deadly, for it was done within my home, day
    and night, while sleeping, while eating, while using the bathroom.
    I’m sure you are extremely hesitant about even thinking such a thing is happening. Yes,
    this was my first thought when Satellites defense technology came to mind, “Is it possible?”
    “Could it be?”, someone like me, being under surveillance, being attacked by such high tech
    equipment?” No Way! I thought. But, after weeks of suffering its affect, I discovered truly,
    satellites are involved. Of course, it wasn’t an overnight revelation.
    Sadly, nearly all affected citizens have no idea as to why they are in throbbing pain—only a
    few, those involved would understand such uncivilized tactics. Spying and harm is going on today
    and now. Are you willing to believe such evil, as it happens, is going on in my home? The End.

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