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    Danger to society 1-21-09
    Peter Macdonald 465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217
    Is pity necessary? I try my hardest to work to make the U.S. a better place for all. Race, Religion, origin, makes no difference to me. Rich or poor my belief is that we all must receive equal treatment under the law. I do not believe in violating the law. My entire purpose is to make things better with in the confines of the law. Some people on the blogs ridicule my style of writing or my willingness to place every thing that I have in life on my belief in the U.S. I do not want to make people help me because the torment that the NH governor has put me through, no one deserves. Government powers can not be used to harm U.S. citizens willing to speak freely about wrongs in government. If people want to ask the newspapers why my opinion letters have been censored, Please do. When the NH government can use the medical care given to a disabled veteran for the purpose of stopping this veteran’s opinion letters, some thing is wrong. To help defeat me the editors have mocked and harmed my character in articles to stop my run for NH elected office. The news refused to print my opinion letters in response. Granted you are probably all correct in that because of my head injury and other disabilities that I received defending this nation, maybe I am not qualified. Does this mean that my constitutional rights should be diminished. Why did we come home?
    I do not want your pity. I did 31 months overseas during the Vietnam conflict. Two of my injuries are combat related. I had no memory of the U.S. that first day that I stepped into San Francisco airport coming home. I have struggled every day with what I knew as the norm to what was necessary to live in a civilized society. Can some one want to die so bad for what they did. Not because what they did was wrong but because they are proud of the uncivilized atrocity this society dooms them for. I remember every day that child that I stuck a bayonet into get my M-16 back and escape. I remember so much of the wrongs life does not make since. Unknowingly every day citizens make reminder comments (not at Veteran’s past actions) but that in a strange way make us question if it was right for us to come home. Some will mock this letter with pity and innuendos. That is the freedom that We the Veteran’s fought for. So it is ok.
    Can you tell me if it is ok for the VA to stop a Veteran’s medical care? How about the VA telling a disabled veteran to commit suicide. How about the VA refusing to give me medicine for pain this very day, when the pain is from defending this nation. Does the VA have the right not to answer my complaint letters when it is the law that they must. I do not want your pity. Just tell me why, if society does so much as a society behind the curtain to make Veteran’s feel wrong for coming home, why let us. The records in this case are so well documented, that it warrants public exposure.
    Some thing or some one, of a higher power has prevented me from leaving no matter how hard that I try. I realize that the VA wants me to commit suicide, but I had no idea that the wind would carry me to safety. Maybe a higher power is telling me that my leaving before completing my mission would be to make what so many over the history of this nation gave their lives for be in Vain. Society’s mocking me or giving pity only allows what so many men and women fought for to be lost. Can you imagine if NH can do this to a 100% disabled Veteran, what power will they have over you? It is your future and the future of our children that giving pity to would be best.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

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