• lerichards 03/03/2008 5:17am

    Dear Sir: The following is a very important concern of mine and others that are having the same experience as myself. I would like it know that this country or any other country cannot survive with such outrageous tactics. Spying, doing harm to Citizens of this great nation is most dangerous to the ongoing of civil liberties. It is most urgent that the Congress of this country take action against such activities. Sincerely, L E Richards
    Harm done to U S Citizens

    Satellites used by the U S Government for national security is being use for surveillance and harming U S Citizens
    The Federal Government has placed in space, for national security reasons Space Stations to observe areas along the coast and throughout the country, thinking that we my be attacked by our enemies. Of course, some individuals in the Government, citizens too, believes that any and all means are necessary to protect and defend the citizens of this Great Nation, and I agree. The thing is, these Satellites can and are being used for seeking out and disrupting individuals from their normal everyday activities. Satellite technology is a dastardly thing to citizens in any country when that technology becomes a controlling factor to those citizens living “the pursuit of happiness’ dream.
    I’m not crying out for myself alone. I am convinced others are being affected by the government, being spied upon and done harm. These satellites are affecting many of this country’s citizens, people who have no intention of disrupting the government. People I know and love, are being attacked and penetrated in a harmful way; and, I’m thinking, these citizens are unawares of what’s happening to them, not realizing their infirmity could and are being created by the U S Government Satellites program and their coordinators. I am personally dumbfounded at how many people I know, or had known, have illnesses that could very well be the result of harmful vibrations that originate from satellites.
    I’m hoping you aren’t thinking “what an imagination, satellites doing harm to a United States citizen”? Naturally, not having any real proof on my part, I could refer to the News Media, where reports have come out that Satellites are capable of impeding citizens from their normal existence. I’m sure the people of this great nation would like to know if they said something, whether meaningful or off the cuff, with no intention of changing the society in which they live, that they could easily be tormented. Even government employees and elected office members could be under surveillance and done harm, without them even knowing it. Individuals can be located and monitored, in the home, driving a car, even grocery shopping; and, unless the individual becomes concealed and/or are no longer identified, they can be harmed by the U S Government Satellites Program. The End
    lawrence Richards
    7272 landsdale st.
    brooksville, fl.

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