• JHENRY 02/12/2009 11:37am

    My husband and I are in our late 60’s, retired and living on my husbands small teacher’s retirement and our social security. We are raising our son’s 3 grandchildren that we got custody of from Social Service in Narrows,Virginia 5 years ago. When CPS took them away from their parents for child neglect and endangerment, we were promised financial help, if we came from California and petitioned the juvenile court for custody. We went to Virginia a total of 13 times. Needless to say that it wiped out our life’s savings. We got physical custody of the children and moved them from Virginia to California at our expense. We were given foster care payments until the day the court decided to give us legal custody at the permanent planning hearing. That very day we were cut off from any financial help from Virginia. California is no help at all, even though social service here promised us financial support if we obtained guardianship of the children. We performed all the home studies and background investigations, as did our daughter and her husband and family, at their expense. Five years later, we are still begging for financial help for the children but our pleas fall on deaf ears. Social Service would pay foster care homes rather than pay relatives that took children from foster care and gave them love and stability.

    Illegal aliens get more financial help than the citizens of the US. Don’t even tell me they don’t, as social services denies this is true.
    I can’t get help for my 3 grandchildren yet the woman in Whittier, California that has 14 kids gets all the help she needs. Why is she so special?

    Grandparents and other relatives need financial support so that they can give these children the best care they can. Just because they are raising other members of the family’s children does not mean that they should food the entire bill raising these children. My son is in prison in another state and the children’s mother is floating somewhere down south, perhaps Tennessee. All we know is that she left Virginia several months ago and has never contributed to the childrens welfare or support. We are asking for financial help for the children. We could take care of ourselves. We retired for 2 not 5. Our only alternative is to send the children back to social service and foster care. At least there they would be given money for food, clothes, and personal expenses. It would not be in the best interest of the children but unless we get help that is what we would have to do.
    It seems that Conress only cares about big business and helping out their cronies.

    Where is the justice?

    The government just bailed out big business with 800 + billion dollars,yet they can’t come to the rescue of my family.

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