• LisaPaydayLoans 12/04/2008 6:09pm

    The recession that America is currently undergoing which started in December of 2007 has resulted in over 1.5 million jobs being lost in the last year. Struggling consumers are turning to payday loans and debt consolidation services in an effort to stay atop of the current economic pressure. We are currently enduring one of the longest recessions that we have had since the Great Depression, being exceeded by only two others. Could we possibly be facing another economic disaster like we did in the 1930’s? America‚Äôs habits of consumption are unprecedented across the globe. There is no other nation, which consumes more than we do. We are a nation that never fails for wanting the latest and greatest of everything and if we can’t afford it, there is an abundance of financing options such as short term installment loans, payday loans, or credit card cash advances that help us to obtain it. Today consumers owe an average of over $8000 in consumer credit debt alone. Our ability to over-overextend ourselves financially has finally put us, as well as our country, at risk. We must begin to think responsibly about our finances, both how we use them and what we use them for. We, as a nation, must begin to think about conservation with not only our money but with our energy and water supplies as well. Poverty is very obvious! This is Global problem on the present time. Click here to read more on consumer use of <a title =“Depressed economy seeks solace in payday loans” href=“”>payday loans.

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