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    I do not Under stand Something if my Government can come and get me any were in this world then when I talk to one of The Senators or Reps dose it really mater what Congressional District I am in or would a person have to do a Great crime to be hurd? I just have an Idea and do not know who to talk to becouse most States still Discriminates
    against most People that are Disabled like I got this mess started I thought it was The Government not doing there job’s they are being paid very well for , I’m just trying to help my country THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
    I would just like to know if I am just missing something ? Because I was raised to be helpful, not to steal from other’s and if this starts at the top of this government and it is in every part of the GOV. then ? WHO can you trust to help, this Country and not take from the little person that is weekend with a disability and the economy so HOW can a Disabled person get out of the DEAD rut the GOV. has put me in. CAN YOU HELP ME!?
    Will YOU HELP FIND away to help me HELP MY COUNTRY?

  • gkdaw_usa 07/13/2008 6:37pm

    I am a PEACEFUL WARRIOR, and people are just selling MY IDEAS, and being Disabled I have NO NO Right’s ? why is it that way?, can I steal from you? and get away with it ? I am a better Man than those that steal, from the week and Disabled !
    I would just like to know if I am just missing something ? Because I was raised to be helpful, not to steal from other’s and if this starts at the top of this government and it is in every part of the GOV. then ? WHO
    can you trust to help, this Country and not take from the little person that is weekend with a disability and the economy so HOW can a Disabled person get out of the DEAD rut the GOV. has put me in. CAN YOU HELP ME!?
    Will YOU HELP FIND away to help me to HELP MY COUNTRY? THE USA.!
    Yes Pass it to help your Fellow Americans people, not the people that are Killing this Country Like The Princess of OIL you know your Boss the one that has the world in this mess, just look at it just think you helped make it this way are you a proud Republi=cannot’s are you a American or not? answer this then is your Boss telling the Truth! ?

    What is the Idea of Independents ? Oil or America ? or for the king of Oil is in S.A. and you Live where ? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

    Happy Independents Day America!?
    We have a longer way too go!
    I think we are further from American Independents than ever Befor in History!, We where from the start !
    It started out to be U.S. verses British Rule and now it is the United States of America Verses The rule of OIL but are we fighting to help the rule of Oil or are WE fighting to brake away from Oil it is all the to be looked at but we are on the wrong side at this time in history of true Independents we have the technologies to brake away from the RULER of Oil but our Leader in not for Independents he is for the Rule of OIL and the Rule of Oil is not IN this Country so the Ruler is not in this country and so the people of this country is too suffer the poor to suffer and most of all because the ruler of Oil has sent job’s away so the people would have more to complain about and still not really do a thing to fix this mess , the Rule has taken away all your Rights from are True INDEPENDENTS to try to replace it with the rule of Oil , and not to use the TECHNOLOGIES of yesterday to bring it to the Future, so by doing so we are not so Independent as WE should be. I can not stand it, I could be thronging names or Businesses names but most people know the truth and it is just a mater of time when the people of this country start dying for this U.S.A. country agian ! Here!
    Electric could be are NEW INDEPENDENTS! FROM THE RULER OF OIL!

    Just need some one in this field too look at this for real ! An Electric, Mechanical, Engineering
    I would like to know if I could talk to some one about My Motor, A Real Concept I have and it is like but not from, NISSAN | Super Motor, and like the fuellesss Car Patent. I had to do a lot to find those to prove to my self it could work, NISSAN= Super Motor, like the fuelless Car Patent. and Still thay do not, do it the way that I would, My Idea is better than there’s, and Nissan’s still needs to Plug in to charge there Batteries or us a gas motor to run it., I am talking about running Big rigs as well as car’s, truck’s, SUV’s, Tractor’s, from the Biggest to the smallest just Mine is a replacement of all types of Gas Diesel motors just take out what is in your Vehicle and re-place with My Idea. , but I’m just not getting the help I will need to make it happen here in the USA! Can you help me ?! Please! 4 your Country! USA
    call me at 1-269-236-5019 Ask for Glen White to have a meeting or Just becouse I am Disabled dose not mean I am not Bright. Just give me a chance Please!?! We will not be taking a lot of time to make the First one becouse most parts are on shelf just two or there, miner parts will need to be maid ! Could you help Me? To Do this for are Country It is more than just another Idea! This is for real.
    or should we just put rails on every road? Or just put a conveyors on are high ways and side roads. (Not) I really think I got it right with the first one! come and see for your self! just call I just need some TECH Help.!
    I would like to Partner with my country but will it Partner with me!? OR ? What!

    What I would like to see is an address to the American People from are President that is talking To the American People not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not any thing But The People of The United States of America.
    Just look back at the address’s in the Past and the History of real Presidents of this Country. He has not even been close to the People and your Party has been the same! just look at Hitler’s Party just one to follow and A real American is no guts no glory! so what is your Party ?
    American OR not ?

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    By A. Einstein
    September 27, 1905
    The results of the previous investigation lead to a very interesting conclusion, which is here to be deduced.

    I based that investigation on the Maxwell-Hertz equations for empty space, together with the Maxwellian expression for the electromagnetic energy of space, and in addition the principle that:—

    The laws by which the states of physical systems alter are independent of the alternative, to which of two systems of coordinates, in uniform motion of parallel translation relatively to each other, these alterations of state are referred (principle of relativity).

    With these principles* as my basis I deduced inter alia the following result (ยง 8):—

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    Well I had a Career Coordinator take my Idea out of this country after working with him 4 month and I did not get him in trouble did not try I just wanted his boss to know, even when I was paying him insurance was paying and after I let his Boss know it did not do a thing for me it stopped. Every thing that I was working on and when I asked to work with some one else and they said he was the only one that did that type of work here. so I’m just out of luck even though My Idea was Important to take OUT OF THIS COUNTRY, I did not even ask for him to get in trouble, I have past it on to everyone I could That our Government is not on are side and the PRESS is questionable on leaking stuff out to but WE just get Bushitwhacked every time ! So it goes like this, I just told them so they would know, that is what he did, Bad for me but good for him he is working and I am not even though I’m disabled, ( just a though away ROAD WORKER of 17 years and it has only been 9 years of hell for me it dose not matter that I have all way’s been looking for work and I have not lied to who I’ve asked and I do not get it I will not lie about it becouse I am Disabled but I would like to try! ) I guess I will just take this fall , you know that is how I got here in the first place , like I need that I’m just an American that Loves my messed up Country all I can do is just leave it up to GOD, MAN he has a long list from me these day’s! I would not wont to be in there shows when it all comes too END TIME (The big Re-New) ! God Bless US All.

  • gkdaw_usa 07/15/2008 3:28pm

    I think if one or more of the senators have a vested interest in Oil or alterative energy, they should not be able to vote becouse they have a vested interest in one or the other and it will be the only way to get a real honest VOTE in Congress.

  • gkdaw_usa 07/16/2008 12:44pm

    Do I have qualifications? That depends on how you qualify an ability (or see
    the effects of the message are solid, not frivolous.) People who only accept
    book learning, authorized training or other credentials as the only means of
    qualification could dismiss anyone for such a lack.
    Yet foresight
    has its occasional benefits and bonuses to offset the added responsibilities not like being Disabled or like TO GET A GOOD IDEA OUT THERE or not have them stolen from you are just over looked becouse your Disabled.“What is truth?” in The Man Who Shot Liberty, and are Ideas, and Keep letting Big Business Dictate to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? = ( CONGRESS SHELTER ) Is It Too Late to Save America?
    A electric motor that you do not have to plug in !

    I have more than one Idea to help this country The USA
    get to a real working America, I have and Electric Motor that will not need to be plugged in with the right HELP
    See I am disabled and been for 9 years of trying , but all I get is cant help you because you’ll try. , An I still try
    but it gets me really down when there is nothing to keep me working for something I will die one day and you the Government did not let me really try or help me with all of my disabilities not just a broken back , That was just the straw that broke the American BACK.! Electric Motor to re-place what is on the road NOW, and parts are all ready being made of all types but has no vision on what to do with them, just like to fix the fire in the new Electric car’s by using copper & stainless steal mixed Tubing and non conductive coolant through
    the hot spot’s and motor to if that would look , Would like to talk to a Professor to test my thing’s I have to help put names to thing’s like that and test them!???

    I thank you if you read what I have put here this day !

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