• Anonymous 04/01/2008 12:50pm

    Hope that Michael Doyle will co-sponsor HR 5036:

    • Will provide opt-in funds to protect the 2008 election for counties that
    replace paperless electronic voting machines with voter-verified paper
    ballots. Several Pennsylvania counties that have already changed to paper-based
    voting would benefit from these funds, and more counties have said they would
    participate if these funds become available.

    • Will pay for a variety of solutions including optical scan voting systems,
    audits, or even full hand counts of paper ballots.

    • Will provide emergency paper ballots for use in the event of problems on
    election day for counties that stay on paperless machines.

    • This bill is not a mandate. All of this is totally opt-in, only for
    counties that choose to participate.

    Again, please make your calls and faxes today, and very early Wednesday

    Please be aware that you may hear rumors over the next day or so that this
    bill has been weakened in the markup process. It is true that some changes are
    being made, and we would have preferred the bill be sent on to the full House
    as it was introduced, but we believe the basic provisions of HR 5036 remain
    worthy of strong support. States with unverifable voting systems face deep
    trouble should anything go wrong for this huge 2008 election.

    Bottom line — we need this bill, and every Congressperson should be on it
    as a cosponsor and to to sign on to HR 5036

    Thanyou…>>>Carmon Elliott…>>15205-2247

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