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  • jgallop 03/06/2008 8:45am

    Just exactly how bad does it have to get before a person who has been told we don’t need ya there are 4 mexicans that can do your job for the same money without health benefits can get help from the good ole USA? We will lose our homes and bankrupt the banks you’ll see.

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    virtualbox2800 07/13/2010 2:10pm

    Now keep that thought. That Mexican argument is really getting old and yes, they do the worse jobs that no one here wants to do.
    Here’s the other version in Corporate America: How bad does it have to get before someone tells you that there are 4 offshore Indians that can do your IT job overseas without health benefits? Actually, this problem is hitting here in America worse than Mexicans. Big companies are bringing IT resources on H1 VISAS here in the USA because it is cheaper to have them work here at a low rate. Yes, watch for the domino effect…simple economics.
    I went to school and got a Bachelor’s Degree in IT just for nothing. I should have gone to India because I’ll probably have a job by now.

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    EmeraldCity 09/29/2009 6:21am

    Oh boy here we go again… the old mexicans are taking our jobs.

    • News Flash *
      English is not enough in 2009

    20 years from now almost everyone in America will be Hispanic. Latinos & Hispanics alike will be the majority, it’s inevitable. You lost your job to a Mexican simply because he is more affective and affordable. Remember it wasn’t a Mexican who hired the mexican over you. It was a white American that hired a Mexican over you for the same position. So when you got laid off it’s not Hispanics & Latinos fault but rather your american bosses fault.

    Also, your lucky you don’t have to PRESS 2 for English yet… see my friend knowing english alone just doesn’t cut it, sorry. Bilingual people like me have the advantage now. So suck it up and go learn another language if you can or join the KKK they may have work for your type.

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    EmeraldCity 09/29/2009 7:09am

    P.S. Senate please quickly pass the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009 bill H.R. 3548, repectfully introduced by Representative Jim McDermott. It will only help American families (Which means Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and All Other Races found within.)and the over all economy get through these tough times :)


  • Anonymous 05/24/2008 10:07am

    law makers need to stop playing the shell game with the extension !!!bush is out of touch he dont care it dose not bother him that people are lousing there homes and all thay have work for all of there lives its congress we need to wake up or thay may be next in unemployment line, tell bush to with draw the troops or give us employment extension that will be the only thing he will respond to>>>>>>>>>>

  • XOCMIT 06/04/2008 2:38pm

    I don’t know what to think any more I have read an artical that said the dems. in congress want to but the extensions on the back burner and send cash to Iraq if this is true it is time for an armed revolt in this country!! I am so sick of this shit waiting for congress to pass a bill that Bush will veto leaving us all to wonder were is that next meal coming from or I hope it don’t rain tonight my sleeping bag and every else I own will get wet or wait till winter when all of us homeless move to the big cities to find a nice warm steam grate to sleep on its coming and its coming soon so F&%# you mr BUSH AND F&^$ YOU CONGRESS YOU F*)^ed us AMERICANS and our turn is going to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 06/13/2008 11:08am

    A bill to extend unemployment benefits has passed the House and sent to the Senate. I ask senators to put your differnces aside and pass this bill. An extension of this sort was first reccommended by Ben Bernanke as the best way to stimulate the economy. This would help the unemployed stay afloat and help the economy at the same time.

    I URGE the Senate to be persistant and pass this bill. Do not let it die. I urge the President to pass this bill when it reaches you. The money is there in a special fund. It won’t raise anyones taxes, and you will be helping Americans in need!!

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    virtualbox2800 07/16/2010 9:33am

    Yes, we all urge the Senate to pass this bill. Many of us that have been unemployed for over 6 months are strugling to get a job due to high unemployment and scarce of employment. Companies are taking advantage of low wage contracts with no benefits. I have never been unemployed and have worked over 25 years non-stop. No gaps in my resume at all. Now that I need they help, I get nothing from my government. There are thousands of Americans in the same situation as I am. Please pass that bill ASAP! Thank you.

  • Anonymous 06/16/2008 7:38am

    I don’t understand this at all this extention was introduced in April and here it is June!!! You people (George W., Republicans) don’t care about no body but yourselves and this shows it. With the unemployment rate there should not be a question about an extention. I pray for you all and hope you or your family never have to experience what alot of us are going threw now.

  • Anonymous 10/08/2008 6:22am

    Here we go again, reprieved by the June passage of the unemployment extension bill. I did not know that I would still need another in October of 2008. I have been out of work since December 07, I have used up my savings, my 401k is almost depleated because of the economy, I am 58 years old and the way it looks right now I may just lose everything I have worked for if we don’t get some relief. Maybe less committees and more working on helping us out of work with few options left.

  • Anonymous 10/15/2008 12:28pm

    I just dont get it! With all the people out of work, and they sit on their cushy asses, and try to think it out or whatever goes on. I have been out of work since jan. 08 im 60 yrs. old have depleted all my savings and THEY MIGHT EXTEND BENEFITS FOR A SECOND TIME THIS YEAR. Yeah thats it , bail out institutions that only raped our economy, everyone who has exhausted their benefits contact your representative and let them have it

  • janebilka 11/14/2008 2:04pm

    How many people have to be out of work before the Politicians realize we have been in a recession for more than one year. I have been applying for jobs for more than one year. I have been a legal secretary for more than 15 years. I stopped even looking for that position anymore. I would settle for a secretary job. I even interviewed for a position for less salary and I still am unemployed.

    Georgia’s unemployment rate is higher than the rest of the US.

    The House passed the bill on October 3, 2008. How much longer do we have to wait for it to be heard by Senate????

    They are not effected or without any income. If they lost their income they would call in some favors and get this bill passed immediately.

    They have no excuse now the elections are over.

  • brenden42 11/17/2008 3:45pm

    Michigan needs emergency unemployment now not when you get around to it. There aren’t any jobs left in michigan. I know the workers didn’t ruin this state. So while your on vacation we’ll wonder where are next meal is coming from.

  • Anonymous 11/25/2008 8:44am

    I would just like to ask that it be seriously considered, to not have UI taxable, at least not for 2008 and 2009. We are having to have tax payer bailouts for those who lack for nothing. Yet here we sit waiting for whatever small amount of stimulus that might come our way. Both candidates mentioned a temporary relief of taxes on UI received yet we’ve heard nothing more about it. Do what you can,please.

  • Anonymous 12/02/2008 3:27pm

    STOP WHINING…YOU ALL ARE PATHETIC….YOU STICK YOUR ASS OUT TO GET PLUGGED BY THE USA!…but you never said sh*( when it happens to others because you’re busy hating others like follow fashion fools and cowards..why don’t YOU ALL get on a boat and GO BACK HOME…and while you are there check you ancestry to see what they were speaking!.

  • DocO 12/02/2008 5:01pm

    Does anyone have any information on what’s going on in Florida.The second EUC extension became law (P.L. 110-252) on 11/23/2008.Florida’s online UCI has little or no info, and by phone you are lucky if you speak to a humanbeing who can even speak clearly, much less know anything.

  • Anonymous 01/06/2009 5:46am

    Florida must be exempt as there is no way to reach a live person. I got a form from them saying I may qualify (and I know I do). I mailed it in three weeks ago and have heard nothing and can reach no one. I guess it will take a follow up on the Federal level to see what happened to the funds allocated to Florida for this extension. Maybe Charlie will release them when his party is out of power. And Florida has a disgusting low rate of compensation!

  • Anonymous 01/17/2009 5:24pm

    I have been out of work since April of 2007, am a 56 year old female and have been unable to find work despite having an impeccable work history. Sad part is, I lost my government job of 16 years after blowing the whistle on fraud.

    Although it was a local government agency, all funds came from the Federal Government. For over a year I tried to convince our Board of the misuse of funds and was told I had a personality conflict with co-workers. It didn’t go well when I went over the Board to the government. They immediately started an investigation, the Board got chewed out, and the Board terminated my employment saying I didn’t have the qualifications for the job I’d been doing for sixteen years. Had several other government jobs prior to this one and got outstanding performance reviews.

    Just my second extension, have lost my home, retirement and am now a part of the system after administering the system for over 25 years.

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    mcdoweta 01/29/2009 7:21am

    Your scenario sounds much like mine only mine was private sector!

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    peony8702 07/21/2010 5:27am

    you should have been compensated and protected by the whistle blowers program which is federal only,obviously. what a shame.
    You read so many sad stories.They just make you devastated and angry. I am in my late 50’s and unemployed and very scared about my future options for employment. An extension until November’10 although it is a relief is probably not enough time for me to find a job. I have no savings left. The better add another extension. WE all are at risk of stress related illness.

  • Anonymous 01/22/2009 5:37am

    I have been laid-off ( aka; excluded and dismissed ) 6 times in the past ten years. I worked as a Data Specialist in Telecommunications for what is now known to be ( in hind sight ) a collective of defrauding corporate entities that lied about their practices and accountabilities.
    I paid for my own training and devoted my personal resources doing what I thought was right to improve my circumstances of life ( I am now 55 ) and instead ended up homeless and suffering health complications of stress. This is not the country I grew up in. DO NOT expect those who have cheated the average American for the past two decades to become our saviours. Once fascism began unchallenged in this country; we were destined for this day. The only solution is a violent overthrow of the fascist wealth ( that continues its righteous selfishness ) and an intolerance for those who continue to preach arrogance or ignorance.
    The meek shall not inherit the earth. They have already lost it.

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  • DJJ 02/14/2009 8:19pm

    It’s time to foreclose, pay the “piper” and start over, and be accountable for our poor stewartship. Maybe we can clean it up before our children are left holding the bag.

    The other matter: Read information I found on the below websites. Is thias true? If it is how can we trust Mr. Obama and you guys(SCOTUS, House, Senate, FBI,CIA, etc) with something as massive as this when you and he can’t cleanup simple matters from like simply providing a righteous response for a simple request to confirm Mr. Obama’s natural born US citizenship status. Ratherthan simply put this to rest by sending the information requested, I understand Mr. Obama and others named in lawsuits around the country have hired several powerful law firms requesting dismissal and to seal access to all of Mr. Obama’s records(vault copy of BC, college records, immigration records, medical records, ect.). I bet that costs lots money. Why not spend a few bucks and just provide the information? Would that clear the matter up amnd build trust in everyone.

    Before you say it, let me ask: Since when was “” Appointed offical vetting agency for the election process?

    In Texas, I understand the plaintiff’s request for dismissal used was that they have “Official Immunity.”

    This gives me great faith and trust in my President & everyone that did not demand his accountability!

    I understand Pelosi, Howard Dean and the DNC are responsible to make sure these matters are properly perfomed? HAs anyone asked them? I also understand a Phil Berg of the Democratic Party advised Mr. Obaqma he was not elligible way back when he first considered entering the race? Then why are there still lawsuits and hush by the Mainstream media? And the Subpoena from Occidental(see below)?

    Mr. Obama can very simply put this to rest as he did the concerns of Rev. Wright. He didn’t get attorny’s to resolve that matters? Is he hiding something?

    A new lawsuit is being prepared by a California attorney who already has four cases pending over the issue of President Barack Obama’s eligibility to occupy to Oval Office, and this one will include a demand from state lawmakers who forward state funds to Washington for documentation of his qualifications.

    Orly Taitz told WND today that she’s preparing the complaint but is holding onto it and will file it shortly to give state legislators a chance to join the action as plaintiffs.

    Four already have signed up, including state Rep. Eric Swafford of Tennessee, who agreed to be a plaintiff “for a Writ of Mandamus to obtain original birth certificate, immigration records, passports and other vital records for Barry Soetero aka Barack Hussein Obama.”

    Taitz told WND the case also probably will include members of the military as plaintiffs, since both state lawmakers and military officers are obliged to follow orders from the president of the United States and both have a need to know those orders are legitimate.

    “In the military, those would be unlawful orders, and [following them] would subject the officers to courts-martial,” she said. “In the legislatures, they cannot follow any of his bills or orders … they don’t know who he is.

    “As far as we know he is a foreign national … Why should state legislators send any funds from the state to a foreign national?” she said.

    “While we are working on the complaint, I’m gathering support from different states,” she said.

    Other sites with information:

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    peony8702 07/21/2010 5:19am

    you are f—ed up..ged a LIFE bro.!

  • muadeeb 03/07/2010 12:21pm

    What good dose healthcare do me and my family as my unemployment has ended and im getting ready to get thrown out on the street with my 4 kids? This last week has been healthcare this and healthcare reform that…what about the millions of families getting thrown out on the street due to there unemployment ending!?!?!?

    Good news may get thrown out of your home, you may live on the street with your kids, you may starve but hey were talking about getting you healthcare. If your so concerend about me and my childrens health then dont let us get thrown out into the street in winter PASS A BILL THAT ADDS MORE UNEMPLOYMENT WEEKS!!! Help the people hardest hit that have been looking day and night for a job were there are no jobs!! Stop helping other countries and focus on our own. You want to know were to fund more weeks of unemployment, stop sending trillions to foreign countries HELP AMERICAN’s first!!!!

  • Native00 06/14/2010 1:21pm

    Both Rep and Dem people are hurting and they need Congress to pass the Tier 5 Bill that well help all the unemployed people in AMERICA THAT ARE DEPENDED ON UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS TO GET US THROUGH AND KEEP A ROOF OVER OUR HEAD.TAKE OUT THE PORK AND HELP YOUR PEOPLE CONGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE NEED OUR EXTENTIONS NOW!!!!!!!

  • WilliamRussell 07/01/2010 8:17am

    The Unemployment Extension is needed! History shows what happens if to many are left to fend for themselves. Poverty’s the greatest cause of crime and violence. Its basic human nature to do whatever just to survive.

    The issue is global, Supply and Demand, Economics, The haves and have nots. Most likely we’re headed for a double dip recession! The leading economic indicators are pointing toward that.

    The problem’s greed. Greed made people at all economic social statuses make poor financial decisions. We became a world of gamblers and not investors and savers. We gamble with derivatives, futures and options contracts. We take gambles with interest rates to buy homes (ARMs}. Corporations cheat to leverage (borrow money) on assets they don’t own, over stating assets, understating liabilities and inflating profits, and tax breaks to hoard wealth.

    Don’t be arrogant and think that the Bolshevik Revolution or The American Revolution, or The fall of the Roman Empire can’t happen again.

  • Comm_reply
    virtualbox2800 07/13/2010 2:23pm

    I agree. They need to pass that Unemployment Extension.

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