rebrady 01/11/2009 5:58am
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“Who Killed the Electric Car” — GM among others. GM had produced many electric cars which were satisfactory to users, but GM pulled tham out of the market and destroyed them for corporate reasons. Now the bailout??? Give me a break!!!!

lerichards 03/16/2008 2:30am

 Homeland Security Satellites dangerous to all U S Citizens.
Fear has gripped the Government and many people of The United States, causing havoc among all
citizens. Not in history of civilization has such atrocities been realized. Spying and torture has
become a common practice to any individual not living the productive life, people who live
peacefully, people who are satisfied with their lives.
Once the Government considers a person or persons unproductive, they are considered alien and a
danger to the society. The government fears these people for their disrupting the overall progress
of the American Way. Growth and prosperity has become a major concern to those people
dwelling in luxury and vanity, while individuals who are satisfied with the common way of living
are scrutinized and condemned for being lazy and indifferent to any advancement.
America is the product of devastation to the planet Earth, and to the realm of outer space. The
government has sold-out to the destruction of the planet with endless violations, removing the
material resources and destroying natural environment, ending nearly all ecosystems of other
forms of life.
The End

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