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    by Jesus Mendosa
    The cases below established on the federal record as a matter of fact that satellite radiation
    technology reserved for the military and national security is now in use to retaliate and torture
    those who denounce injustice. Exhibit A-1, demonstrates the swelling, pain and suffering caused
    on myself and on my family by radiation directed by satellite and which intensity is comparable to
    the radiation used by a microwave oven. Without knowing, many are the subject of harmful
    satellite monitoring and tracking. The power of those using this technology resides in the fact that
    most who become victims of this assault do not realize it, if they do, they are not likely to be
    believed and would be unable to stop the aggression. The US Attorney claims that the use of
    harmful radiation for surveillance of residences is legal. Sending a copy of this document to your
    State and federal legislators asking for an explanation to this case can help to stop this torture, can
    prevent that the same occurs to you or to your loved ones, and can spare lives and immense pain
    and suffering.
    For many years directed radiation has been used as a weapon to commit perfect crimes.
    Directed radiation is silent, invisible, and can cause on unsuspected victims physical harm that can
    be blamed to natural causes. Even low intensity directed radiation can cause pain, sleep
    deprivation, swelling of vital organs, headaches, pain, allergies, diarrhea, breathing problems,
    convulsions and seizures, visual impairments, cancer, diabetes, irregular blood pressure, heart
    attacks, internal bleeding, birth and development defects, hyperactivity, crib death syndrome,
    mood swings, and unexplained fatigue, anxiety and irritability, and nerve damage. The End.
    This article is only one of many complaints against the U S Homeland Security. We
    Citizens of United States are extremely concerned.
    Sincerely Lawrence Richards

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