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  • Anonymous 02/13/2008 11:25am

    Those who vote for unconstitutional warrentless wiretaps and vote to protect the criminals that violate our privacy are not worthy of the position they hold. It’s impossible to justify undermining the very essence of our constitution in order to protect it. Another sell out.

  • Anonymous 03/11/2008 8:02am

    There is an immediate need for an emergency unemployment extension, people and their children are at witts end out here.

  • gscoville 06/02/2008 9:47am

    Privacy is not explicitly guaranteed by any letter of the United States Constitution.

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    LizaGee 04/05/2009 5:53am
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    sig heil comrad!

    Seriously, maybe you like your privacy invaded but I’d rather keep mine constitutional or not!!

  • sexysarahdawn 06/18/2008 2:04pm

    As I sit here typing this, my mind is frantic with worry. I continue to wonder how my family and I will survive the next few months. I have been unemployed since October 2007. My full time job has been looking for employment….just looking takes hours. Thank God for the internet. Who could afford to do it the old fashioned way with gas costs so high.

    I received my last $188 payment via direct deposit last weekand I have no more benefits to receive.

    We have some food but it will run out soon.I have no equity in our home and cannot sell it, because the market has erased my 20% down payment.I cannot sell my car because we live in an outlying area with no public transportation and I need mine to go on the few job interviews where I never get a call back. But you have to try anyway, right? I cannot drive back and forth because gas costs are too high.

    We do not live above our means. We tried to do everything society said we should do. I purchased a reasonably priced home and avoided credit card debt as best as I could until we had to start charging the heat, electric, phone, and water bills on my credit card. Now, we will be paying for that during the next 10 years provided I can get a job now, but that looks unlikely. We depleted my savings and retirement plans so no chance of getting income from that. All we had left as extra income was the unemployment benefits that I receive but now unemployment is gone too.

    Please, please, please, pass this bill. Otherwise, my family just like other American families will be homeless. We know we are blessed because at least we will have a car to sleep in when we are foreclosed upon.

    I wonder where I went wrong. I worked and never received any government assistance. Now, we need your help and it just don’t seem like you are there for us .

    Please pass this bill so that we can have some relief from this economy. How anyone can say that this bill is useless is amazing to me. Obviously, they are in the minority of people who are just getting along fine because the majority of us are not!

    I want to work, but I cannot find a job. I have a stable work history, excellent references, and a ton of education and certifications but all of that is useless because it means nothing in this job market. The economy is just too bad now and nothing seems to be working in anyone’s favor to make it better.

    Of course, I appreciated the economic stimulus checks you guys made a big deal about but even that did not work as we only got $600 instead of the $1200 you promised. Somewhere along the line you came up with “it depends on filing status” though you didn’t say that in the beginning..

    If my family and I don’t get this extension, like many other families, we are up the creek without a paddle.

    Won’t you help us like we have helped you?

    Lisa Douglas Drummonds,Tn

  • Comm_reply
    dbeltramo 11/24/2009 2:02am

    Just wonder what ever happened to you?

  • Anonymous 07/14/2008 6:35am

    Are you serious? You charged your bills to your credit cards? There are non-profits that help pay heat, you need to turn off the T.V., wash in cold water, wear clothes more than one day, get off the d@mn computer and take whatever you can find…even if that means McDonalds. At least you wouldn’t have been STEALING credit you cannot pay back! How many phones do you have? Cells? Home? What new crap did you buy your kids? Are you buying soda? Name brands? Snacks? I bet you are. Buy discounted items such as scratch and dent. NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU! YOU ARE GROWN! MY MONEY HAS BEEN SUPPORTING YOU!!! For months and months you have been given others money and you have NEVER worked for ME! Get off your @ss and take ANYTHING you can get. I once chopped wood for a man who was clearing his property. I saw him working, I stopped, I said I need a job, and he gave me one. Not what I wanted, didn’t pay great, but I was earning my own money not taking someone elses. Spoiled, selfish people this is one reason why our country is dying.

  • Comm_reply
    dbeltramo 11/24/2009 2:01am

    WOW! You are a really nasty person. You, and your ilk are why this country is dying. It is the “me first and screw you” attitude that has so dwindled America down to nothing. Under the hell of Republican rule for the last zillion years we have gorged ourselves at the trough of big business, where God is the almighty dollar. The result is what’s going on now—we’re bailing out the Wall Streeters and doing zero for the workers. Many of us, me included, would be perfectly happy to divide the country in half and let those of you who prefer to do whatever is necessary to make a buck live in one half, and those who want a more humanitarian, shared approach live in the other half.

    I challenge you to grow a heart, a brain, and maybe add a little dose of just basic morality and humanity to it.

  • Anonymous 07/14/2008 6:39am


    Totally against the wire taps though….

  • sexysarahdawn 07/17/2008 2:44am

    Why is it taking so long to send out the letters for the emergency unemployment
    extension? Why are we repeatedly being told to wait on letters. Are you all that
    incompetent? It’s not rocket science. People are hungry and can’t pay
    bills. School is about to start and my kids need
    uniforms and shoes. What is the hold up and why can’t we get any real
    answers besides wait on the letters? God forbids, if you all get laid-off and
    run out of money.It seems so ridiculous that there is no uniform system to handle this situation on the federal level. We are all long term unemployed and everyone is in dire need of their Extended Benefits. They know how to standardize the paying of our federal income taxes by April 15th. Why can’t someone come up with a similar way to instruct the UE offices to handle this federally mandated extension? Maybe then you will understand the meaning of emergency.

  • Anonymous 10/14/2008 2:59pm
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    Our government is headed towards self destruction. Because of congresses GREED, CORRUPTION & IRRESPONSIBILITY congress has seized power and rewriting the Constitution of the USA. Sen. Alexander, you have been a part of this takeover of the government. I will NOT vote for any incumbent and try to replace them with new people.

  • G33KChik 01/15/2009 6:59pm

    S2433 is a joke…..spending billions in MORE aid overseas to the UN. No….just plain NO.

  • JDSLMurphy 04/20/2009 2:35pm

    Dear Sir, I have been tracking the process of Bills that have been introduced and found something rather interesting. On January 6,09 a Bill was introduced titled ‘S.10:Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009’. The Sponsor of the bill was Harry Reid (D-NV) & had 15 co-Sponsors, all Democrats. Why is it that the Bill was just Introduced and nothing has happened with it? The Bill as I read it should have been passed by every member of Congress regardless of party affiliation. In effect the Bill states that Congress & the President should exercise responsibility when passing laws & spending OUR tax payer dollars. Our Nation is in a debt so deep that it will take generations to pay off the interest alone. I must restrict my spending to live. Why is it that members of Congress seem to think that the Federal bank account has unlimited funding? I would like to see you work to get this bill passed & set an example for responsible spending.

  • Erwi31 05/01/2009 7:00am
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    Why would this senator vote no on a bill that represents the american dream?

    Its time to let this senator know that we will not vote them back into office come election time.

  • thorvaldr 05/13/2009 6:53am

    This is the only republican senator to vote AGAINST your right to protect yourself and your family when visiting a national park (H.R. 627 amendment 1067). Fully half of the democrat senators were able to see common sense through the Brady campaign smokescreen and vote for your constitutional rights, but not this guy. Next time this guy comes up for reelection remember that he voted against party to deny you your rights.

  • AngelXOXO 08/30/2009 8:10am


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  • dbeltramo 11/24/2009 2:09am

    I’d love to see more “real” Americans in Congress, but how could a real American possibly challenge an incumbent given the unbelievable cost of a campaign. This is why we need campaign reform to cut out special interests, put caps on campaign spending, cover the majority of the cost through public funding, etc. This is the only chance that any “real” American will ever again grace the hallowed halls of the federal Congress.

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  • itnupe10 03/14/2010 4:12pm

    Thomas Jefferson once said: It is to me a new and consolatory proof that wherever the people are well-informed they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.
    The Mass Deregulation of the Mass Communication is the end of Democracy..

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  • stillreal2010 06/24/2010 9:55am

    It is sa to see that you voted against the extension. I remeber when I was a little girl and you were running for office and you walked across the stsae of Tennessee so that you could meet the people and talk to people and hear their stories, oh my that was so many years ago and now you are a Senator and live away and dont seem to care about the very people who put you there. My dad voted for you because of what you stood for and he was a staunch Democrat but he heard your message at that time. He would be sorely disappointed to see the person you are today. You may never read this message but there are a lot of us in Tennessee who still remember the great change you brought about for Tennessee but now Tennessee is hurting, the people are hurting. Unemployment is NOT a hand out, it is for people who have worked and no longer are able.

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  • chbg1921 06/28/2010 9:30pm

    I am asking to please get something done about the unemployment extension. I just ran out of benefits today…I have worked non-stop until 2008 when my shop closed. This is ridiculous that I have to sit down and figure out how I am going to feed my son. I have a degree and the skills to aquire a job, the only problem is there aren’t any jobs. Come on now, please tell me how I am going to pay to keep a roof over my child’s head and feed him? Can you answer that? Oh I forgot you already showed your concern for the american people with your NAY vote.

  • pelmof 06/29/2010 6:41am

    Dear Senator Alexander,
    S.3520 needs to be passed immediately. There are 15 million Americans who are “unemployed through no fault of their own,” and who are also frantically attempting to find new jobs that do not exist. The majority of these 15 million have a family dependent upon their income, so that increases the number to possibly 30 or even 45 million Americans who are in imminent danger of losing everything. When this happens, the financial and moral ramifications for this country will be dire indeed. I’ll say it again— S.3520 needs to be passed immediately! Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

  • LaReid64 06/29/2010 4:28pm

    LaReid64 06/29/2010
    Please pass the bill for extenses on the unemployment benefits we have already filed bankruptys last year and have been trying to hang on to our home and one car.I would be glad to have a job but there is none out there.I have worked for over twenty years and have not signed up till 2008. The money would still be there if you people would stop giving it to everyone else.Take care of the american people we need it now.I would not want to face my marker knowing i could have helped God’s people and didnot that is one hudgement you can’t buy.

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  • Superpower 12/30/2010 5:41am

    You’re a sellout and an EPIC FAILURE. You should retire or better yet, become a Democrat considering you vote like one.

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