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  • Anonymous 02/13/2008 11:27am

    Those who vote for unconstitutional warrentless wiretaps and vote to protect the criminals that violate our privacy are not worthy of the position they hold. It’s impossible to justify undermining the very essence of our constitution in order to protect it. Another sell out.

  • Anonymous 03/04/2008 6:23pm
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  • Comm_reply
    ssmithblueskies 03/11/2008 2:32pm
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    I agree One Thousand Percent. Why on Earth does no one care. ????

  • Anonymous 03/11/2008 2:31pm
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    I agree 1000 percent with this . Why does no one care.????

  • ssmithblueskies 03/11/2008 2:34pm

    I agree One Thousand Percent. Why on Earth does no one care. ???? About Extending Unemployment benefits for the prior hard working who wish they were working, but no luck . !!!

  • Anonymous 04/08/2008 11:26am


  • Anonymous 04/09/2008 9:33am

    Forget about bailing out corporations! HELP fellow AMERICAN CITIZENS – we may be losing our homes and paychecks but we WILL continue to vote… and we WILL remember who was compassionate to hard-working Americans who lost their jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 04/21/2008 7:21am
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    George Bush’s Republicans shot down a federal extension of jobless benefits to be included in the Stimulus package. It’s obvious there is a political advantage to be gained from this action, however I can’t figure what it is?
    It is imperative that bill H.R. 5749 is passed immediately to keep jobless workers afloat while the economy heals!
    John McCain DOES NOT support the unemployed workers. Barack Obama DOES support a federal extension of jobless benefits!

  • Anonymous 05/22/2008 3:04am

    Time is now to get the S.122 bill for the TRADE ADJUSTMENT ASSISTANCE PASSED. The service industry that the company I worked for was a testing company. Since we did not make the part only tested the part we fell under the service industry. Our jobs went to Mexico. I now am unemployeed and in need of training. This bill would allow us to get training for another type of employment. Help for us is despertly needed.

  • Anonymous 02/19/2009 6:45pm

    House Bill titled ‘HR 45, Blair Holt Licensing and Record Act of 2009’. Not another stabb at the law abiding citizen! Please, be kindly reminded of the Amendment II: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Please be a staunch rejector to this bill and knock this one into space. I vote and watch this very carefully. We need to be going after the criminals and use the laws that are already in effect. Thankyou and remember: If we like our freedom, thank a Vet!

  • MTPatriot 03/09/2009 3:19pm

    What in the world are you thinking!?! Taxing the employer contributions to health care…to pay for health care reform!?! How on God’s green earth does your fuzzy math for this one compute?

    Let me see if I get this right. Not many of the low to middle class have health care at this present time. So in order to fix that “discrepancy” you are going to take away from the poor and middle class that currently have employer contributed health care by taxing this contribution!?! How is this not double taxation? I may as well ask for the money that my employer contributes towards my health care in the form of a raise. At least this way I am only losing a set % of my income to your terrible policies and ideas. Including the Insurance, Car manufacturers, and Bank bailouts. Shame on you Max. I know you lost your touch with Montanan’s a long time ago, but you have truly fallen off of the sugar beet truck this time.

  • slk2355 04/19/2009 7:22am

    Max is the Senator from Montana, not for Montana just from Montana.

  • Comm_reply
    MTPatriot 09/16/2009 10:56pm

    You are correct in that statement slk. “Big Tax” Max has not been FOR Montana for a very long time. Just look at where his campaign contributions came from and the quantities thereof. Thank God he isn’t running for Senate again. Even if he did there is no way that Montanan voters would keep him in office.

  • Erwi31 05/01/2009 7:04am

    Why would this senator vote no on a bill that represents the american dream?

    Its time to let this senator know that we will not vote them back into office come election time.

  • desertlife4me 06/26/2009 7:00pm

    hope you are paying attention to the people that voted you in voting in favor of h.r.2454 will make the resedents of montana remove you and putt some one there that wants to do the will of the people.represent the constitution & the bill of rights or step down

  • middleclassman 09/16/2009 4:02pm

    Mr. Baucus, After months of work your proposal for heathcare reform is embarrassing. What were you and the other Senators doing all that time? Counting money from the insurance industry lobyists? This is insulting to every American but mostly to the people of your state who elected you to represent them. Your own party doesn’t support this and the fact that you are the only name on the Bill should indicate how off base you are with this. You are a perfect example of why Americans don’t trust government, don’t want government involved in things they are not qualified to handle, and continually are disappointed in the work gevernment is doing. Do you realize you are hurting people in order to fill your own pockets. It’s disgraceful and you along with many other politicians by your incompetance is stiring a nation and I hope it prompts people that would normally not vote to come ouot in droves in 2010. Think about the legacy you are creating!

  • Comm_reply
    MTPatriot 09/16/2009 11:04pm

    Hear hear! I could not agree more. I think you touched on the most important point in your comment. He is more concerned with lining his pockets. He already made the statement that he will not run again. Meaning he is going to do the most damage he can in the years he has left.

    I do not discount the good things he has done for Montana in the years past, but he has completely lost touch in recent years. The man rarely comes back to Montana to speak to his constituency. He does not vote the way Montanan’s feel about the issues and has all but gone rogue on us.

  • AntySocial 09/21/2009 7:15am

    Max, After looking at your list of contributors, It becomes very clear why you are so against health insurance reform. You Sir are an Insurance whore and a Liar! How dare you deny the people you supposedly work for the healthcare they desperately need. How dare you fill your pockets with blood money while the poor die after your insurance companies deny them treatment. The biggest lie you spouted today was the “allowing people to buy insurance across state lines. You are an Idiot!!! Shopping for insurance? My policy is from Canada through my employer. That’s way across state lines ? That way you can still get your cut tax free? That does nothing to stop your bosses from denying coverage to the poor. SHAME ON YOU!
    I intend to share your list of contributors with anyone that will listen. I hope you loose your health insurance for a preexisting condition, But then you will always be able to live on the residuals won’t you?

  • sarabialb 09/30/2009 5:10am

    Senator Baucus, you disappointed me yesterday on your vote against Public Option. I know that you have received $750,000 from the Insurance company to buy your vote. You need to represent the people of America, not the insurance company.

  • henhousefox 10/07/2009 9:25am

    Welllllllll, so much for transparency…now you dirt balls are working deals behind closed doors regarding this universal health care initiative. Oh my, what a surprise. Hope the door hits you in the ass during your re-election campaign.

  • GunnyG 10/13/2009 10:19am

    WHO VOTED FOR THIS IDIOT IN MONTANA? Have Kaulifornia libs invaded Montana?

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  • fortermlimits 10/29/2009 6:30pm

    Let’s get rid of this guy!!! Come Montana, we can do this!!!

  • chuckgriever 11/22/2009 1:32pm
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    I wrote you an email and asked nicely to not go forward but you did.
    Now you will pay the price for not listening.


  • Comm_reply
    irisheyes2c 12/05/2009 12:18pm

    Unfortunately, he was just re-elected in 2008, so his next re-election campaign won’t be until 2014. By then most people will not remember any of this, just like with Mary Landrieu. She accepted the $300 million because she is up for re-election in 2014. By then the public’s memories won’t remember any of this. She felt confident that the voters in Louisiana won’t remember what she did.

  • irisheyes2c 12/05/2009 12:08pm

    I’ve been doing a great deal of research on all members of Congress. What I found out about Max Baucus is he gets a great deal of money from Lobbyist firms (ranked 3rd in the Senate) who represent Health Care industry. You can see the amount and the Lobbyist names here.

    If our representatives are suppose to represent us, yet most seem to vote by the Lobbyist and special interest. I think they are all corrupt after years of servicing us. The pattern seems to be that the longer they remain in Congress the more likely they can be corrupted. They claim the healthcare industry is corrupt, yet they accepted their donations with no problem. At this point I would hope that all Americans stop voting these people back in, so they can continue to steal from us.

  • irisheyes2c 12/05/2009 12:08pm

    Next election, I won’t be voting along party lines I’ll base my vote on honesty and trustworthiness. Democrat/Liberal, Republican/Conservative or Independents/Moderates don’t mean a whole lot right now. Too bad we cannot put a big fence with bars around the Capitol Building. They are all a bunch of corrupt, lying sacks of excrement and should be behind bars and serving prison sentences.

  • Homebuilt7 12/28/2009 7:53am

    Way to go Max, Ted Kennedy would be proud of the post-happy-hour lecture you gave the Senate:

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  • klassylady25 03/24/2010 5:43pm
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    If you ever see this you’re a cold hearted son of a bitch. I’m watching you an c-span2 and not one of the suggestion (amendments) have you agreed with not even the one that wouldn’t pass on the expense to soldier or other using medical devices. I happen to have a husband that uses one of those devices and a daughter that was raped… oh yeah you scrapped on one on VIAGRA too!!!

    Yes, you are cold hearted son of a bitch! And I rarely use those kinds of words but sir, you have earned them.


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