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  • Anonymous 03/06/2008 1:36pm

    Get off the backside of your butt and do SOMETHING for this country. Rip the environmentalists a new body cavity and get our own oil in our system so we can save the 6.1 TRILLION dollars the arabs are going to reap from this latest increase in a barrel of oil. What must we do to heat our homes? Paying more than 3 bucks a gallon for heating oil is ludicrous because our government can’t stand up for us. Give more money to the world, The cost of making ethanol is costing more than it’s worth in burning in a car. All that’s accomplishing is to drive up the cost of food. Nice going, a real snooker job on congress for this fiasco. Go environmentalists and Al Gore, wreck this country as fast as you can.

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    NoMoney2FELONSamongUS 09/15/2009 9:08am








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    technopolitica 09/22/2010 1:27pm

    I think you mean “liberals”, not “liberalism”. Liberalism is a philosophical ideology that stresses the preservation of human freedoms (i.e. liberties) and promotion of equality, and forms the basis of American democracy and the philosophies of Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians to name a few.

    “Liberal” and “progressive” ideology is strongly pro-democratic and shares the same roots in liberalism as “conservative” ideology, in marked contrast to many unfounded claims that liberal ideology is an offshoot of socialism or fascism (incidentally, socialism and fascism are completely opposed to each other in almost every respect and don’t share any philosophical roots).

    Just keep in mind that the actions of individuals who are labeled as “conservatives” or “liberals” are not necessarily representative of those political philosophies, so be careful about leveling criticism against a particular political philosophy based upon the actions of a few individuals or even a political party.

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    thegulley 06/11/2010 7:38am

    THANK YOU Senator Boxer! for voting NO on SJ R-26. If Toyota Prius can make a solar powered air conditioner, surely California’s silicon valley can create jobs and energy here at home that doesn’t give money to the oil monopolies.

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  • Anonymous 03/13/2008 4:46pm

    Please support HR 4775, the bill to ban toxic poisons from being introduced into the environment to indiscriminately kill off the creatures we should be sharing the planet with. This should have been done a long time ago! We are not barbarians.

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    MASandoval07 02/09/2009 1:00pm
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    Environmentalist, how much are you willing to pay for such a trivial goal when California is alreday the #1 in most taxes (income tax, sales tax, #1 on the west coast for business taxes etc.)

    I don’t believe in worthless causes and so I don’t believe in saving a few bugs, squash them all

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    stayathomefeminista 03/21/2010 1:01pm

    Not just protect our wildlife and food supply but also our unborn babies and children…who are contaminated by toxic poisons by many polutions in our environment and food supply chain…humans are part of this fragile eco-system too!

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  • Anonymous 06/11/2008 7:31pm
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    Wouldn’t you think that Barack could get back to work in the Senate and do SOMETHING concrete for this country?
    He’s being paid for this job and doing nothing.
    Why can’t he pass Kennedy’s bill UI extension 2544 (which he cosponsored)?
    If he can’t get things done in the Senate, don’t EVEN make promises for when it’s too late!!!!!!!!!!!
    Give up a photo op, Barack, and get some work done in the Senate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 06/14/2008 8:47pm

    Don’t play politics with the American people anymore and pass HR5749 veto proof next week. People before politics. Please many need it!!!

  • Anonymous 06/22/2008 10:37am

    I think some of our Elected Officials are really out of touch with what is going on with the working class these days. Pass the Iraq-Afghanistan war funding, along with the new GI Bill and the Unemployment Extensions. This bill needs to be voted on this week and passed. Your people out here are depending on you.

  • dantk 06/23/2008 1:57pm

    Senator Boxer, I am Respectfully asking you to use your influence in the Senate and pass the Legislation for the War Funding Supplement, The New GI Bill, Disaster Relief Funds and the Unemployment Extension. Please pass this as is no more additions to it please. I am an Ex-Marine who served Honorably four years. I went and done what ever my Country ask without Question. I have worked Union Construction in the Detroit area for over 20+ years. Times are tough and people who have dedicated themselves to a better life now see it fading away. Please push this Legislation through our Senate as is, so the money can get to Americans who need it badly. Thank You for your time and consideration.
    Respectfully and Sincerely,

  • gkdaw_usa 07/13/2008 8:48am

    Yes Pass it to help your Fellow Americans people, not the people that are Killing this Country Like The Princess of OIL you know your Boss the one that has the world in this mess, just look at it just think you helped make it this way are you a proud Republi=cannot’s are you a American or not? answer this then is your Boss telling the Truth! ?

    What is the Idea of Independents ? Oil or America ? or for the king of Oil is in S.A. and you Live where ? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

    Happy Independents Day America!?
    We have a longer way too go!
    I think we are further from American Independents than ever Befor in History!, We where from the start !
    It started out to be U.S. verses British Rule and now it is the United States of America Verses The rule of OIL but are we fighting to help the rule of Oil or are WE fighting to brake away from Oil it is all the to be looked at but we are on the wrong side at this time in history of true Independents we have the technologies to brake away from the RULER of Oil but our Leader in not for Independents he is for the Rule of OIL and the Rule of Oil is not IN this Country so the Ruler is not in this country and so the people of this country is too suffer the poor to suffer and most of all because the ruler of Oil has sent job’s away so the people would have more to complain about and still not really do a thing to fix this mess , the Rule has taken away all your Rights from are True INDEPENDENTS to try to replace it with the rule of Oil , and not to use the TECHNOLOGIES of yesterday to bring it to the Future, so by doing so we are not so Independent as WE should be. I can not stand it, I could be thronging names or Businesses names but most people know the truth and it is just a mater of time when the people of this country start dying for this U.S.A. country agian ! Here!
    Electric could be are NEW INDEPENDENTS! FROM THE RULER OF OIL!

    NISSAN | Super Motor, Thay Still do not know what I do , My Idea is better then this , There’s still needs a Battery’s or a gas motor to run it I am talking about running Big rigs as well as cars, trucks, SUV’s, Tractors, and small motors, but still I’m not getting the help I have asked for. I will need help to make it happen her in the USA!
    Can you help me ! Please! 4 your Country!
    call me at 1-269-236-5019 Ask for Glen to have a meeting
    Just becouse I am Disabled dose not mean I am not Bright.
    or have I been BUSH-Wacked again
    U.S.A. Or Not

    What I would like to see is an address to the American People from are President that is talking To the American People not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not any thing But The People of The United States of America.
    Just look back at the address’s in the Past and the History of real Presidents of this Country. He has not even been close to the People and your Party has been the same! just look at Hitler’s Party just one to follow and A real American is no guts no glory! so what is your Party ?
    American OR not ?

  • OliviasMom 08/08/2008 5:03pm

    Dear Senator Boxer,

    I am pleading with you to vote in favor of H.R. 4926, here is my personal reason why:

    My first awareness of Longated QT Syndrome (LQTS) or Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in young adults was April 12, 2004. On this day I went into my daughter’s bedroom to wake her up for school and found her not breathing. My daughter was in the hospital for 10 days, on life support. The doctors were not sure why this seemingly healthy, 14 year old girl, would just stop breathing. After days of running test after test, a cardiologist was finally able to give us a diagnosis, Long QT syndrome.

    What, what is Long QT Syndrome? What were the warning signs my daughter would have had? Why didn’t her pediatrician detect this problem at birth? Why, when I took her to the doctor for headaches, dizziness, feeling as though she were going to faint, why didn’t they request an EKG, or why didn’t I request it? Why, because I was unaware of this silent killer known as Long QT Syndrome.

    Olivia had always been an energetic, bright, beautiful child. She was so curious about everything, always wanting excitement and adventure in her life. Olivia was very active as a cheerleader and loved to play basketball. Olivia was very competitive, healthy as can be, so we thought.

    April 22, 2004, my 14 year old daughter, Olivia Corinne Hoff, passed away.

    As a mother, I am writing this to bring public awareness to our community about LQTS and SCA and the importance of AED’in our local schools.

    It was four years April 22, 2008 that my daughter passed away. Not a day goes by that I don’t ask myself, Why didn’t I know, why didn’t I see the warning signs ? If I had, maybe Olivia would be alive today. Unfortunately, for me and my family, our life is forever changed. As a mom, I cannot express the depth of pain in losing a child. When my daughter died, a part of me died too.

    I understand that this bill would, among other things, establish a grant program for local education agencies to purchase automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and train school staff to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and correctly use AEDs.

    I ask that you please do your part to save lives by doing what you can to see that the Senate passes H.R. 4926. There are many parents grieving for their children and feeling the same pain that I will we will feel for the rest of our lives.

    I am a Mom on a Mission to do whatever I can to save the lives or our children. I will not let Olivia’s death be in vain. Olivia cannot speak out about LQTS. Olivia cannot ask the Senate to help pass H.R. 4926. I am Olivia’s voice. As Olivia’s mom, I will continue to do all that I can to honor my daughter’s memory, as memories is all I have.


    Corinne Ruiz, Olivia’s mom
    604 Harvest Creek Rd
    Bakersfield, CA 93312-4005

  • Anonymous 08/19/2008 4:56pm

    I sure wish you would do something about the price of oil, you know, say, drill for it; maybe build a refinery. Seems to me that we’re paying higher prices for gas because you and others refuse to do anything about it. I’m sick and tired of voting for individuals who put their political careers above the interests of the people. Guess I’ll have to see what I can do about that come election day.

    Thanks for nothing!

  • judyvillecco 09/05/2008 7:50pm
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    remember women vets

  • sweetsil 09/16/2008 7:51pm

    We need to pass Senate Bill 1738—The PROTECT Our Children Act. The children are our future. We need to protect them! We need to be responsible adults and do whats right.
    Senator Boxer has sponsored this bill and needs to continue to use all her power to pass this bill.

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    NoMoney2FELONSamongUS 09/15/2009 9:11am

    responsible parents vote for school vouchers

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  • sweetsil 09/16/2008 7:52pm
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    We need to pass Senate Bill 1738—The PROTECT Our Children Act. The children are our future. We need to protect them! We need to be responsible adults and do what’s right. Senator Boxer had sponsored this bill and needs to continue to use all her power to pass this bill.

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  • Anonymous 09/21/2008 11:42am

    What’s the deal with all of these SEPARATE bills for extending benefits? Our responses are DILUTED on the different bills. When they look for the number of comments, it looks like not many but when they add together the comments for all the UE extension bills introduced, they’d have to RESPOND to us!!!!
    2544 is the one that:
    - was introduced FIRST
    - gives us a $50 increase
    - should be pushed for by ALL of us
    Make them honor KENNEDY and show empathy for US by passing that bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 10/04/2008 4:27pm

    Fellow Americans. Remember we can vote this Senator out of office in 2010. I believe that with the current events its time for us to fire these people. Remember this and tell all of your friends and family.

  • Anonymous 10/07/2008 12:14pm

    Shame on you, MS. Boxer for voting for H.R. 1424. You have just thumbed your nose at the American people. I encourage all California voters to vote this Senator out as soon as possible. She may not be worried about jobs or our savings in 401k plans but we certainly do. And then to fill this bill with so much pork, give the CEO’s a golden umbrella….How dare you.

  • JHENRY 10/30/2008 2:02pm

    Dear Senator Boxer:

    We spoke with your rep this afternoon at the Anza Community Center. We hope you can help us out.

  • JHENRY 01/08/2009 12:54pm
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    To all Senators:

    Please do not let Hillary Clinton’s S661 die in committee. This is a very important piece of legislature that effects the lives of senior relative care givers. Please make sure it is not just for foster care homes, as most of the bills are, but for all relative caregivers. We need financial help and we need it now.

    Thank you

  • mwallace52 01/27/2009 12:36pm

    Did you know that the federal government is in a $53 trillion financial hole?

    A hole that’s growing by $2 trillion to $3 trillion every year? That amounts to a burden of $175,000 on each and every American citizen.

    These frightening facts are spelled out in detail in “I.O.U.S.A.,” a new Sundance-selected documentary that also offers possible solutions. I would strongly urge you to visit to learn more, and to visit to get the full details from the companion “State of the Union’s Finances” report.

    This film has been called the “Inconvenient Truth” for America’s looming fiscal crisis, and with good reason. It directly addresses the four key deficits confronting America: budget, savings, balance of payments/trade, and perhaps most crucial of all, our leadership deficit.

    Will you learn the facts about our growing fiscal challenges, or will you wait until crisis hits? What’s coming down the pike could make the subprime mortgage problem seem like a speed-bump.

    Please read the report at, please take the time to watch this powerful film, and then please use YOUR power to do something about this problem.

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