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saitek 03/28/2009 12:24am

California wake up and vote out Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi and Waxman. I really wish you would stand up and send a message to these morons that their contempt for the American public will not be tolerated. 2010 is your chance!!

Ted1963 06/24/2009 12:16pm

Senator B.,

I have always found that the ones who scream “I worked hard!” know that they could have done a better job. I left California 9 years ago for just this reason. Water shortages, rolling blackouts, brown-outs, too high property taxes, run-away prices on water and electricity, ect. ect. I made 50% more salary in California and my cost of living was 200% more than here. You have bled the stone dry my friends and the paradise that once was California will soon be economically indistinguishable from Tijuana. You have proved your actions comparable to WMDs and I am glad I had the foresight back then to escape with my life. Put that on your resume’ ma’am.
BTW, the General was addressing you exactly as he was trained to do and he surely has worked >100 times harder to get to were he is than you could ever dream to do in your pathetic Democratic role. Maybe if you acted as a ‘public servant’ instead of the ‘deserving few’, you would get a clue to why you hold the office.

Anonymous 03/06/2008 1:36pm

Get off the backside of your butt and do SOMETHING for this country. Rip the environmentalists a new body cavity and get our own oil in our system so we can save the 6.1 TRILLION dollars the arabs are going to reap from this latest increase in a barrel of oil. What must we do to heat our homes? Paying more than 3 bucks a gallon for heating oil is ludicrous because our government can’t stand up for us. Give more money to the world, The cost of making ethanol is costing more than it’s worth in burning in a car. All that’s accomplishing is to drive up the cost of food. Nice going, a real snooker job on congress for this fiasco. Go environmentalists and Al Gore, wreck this country as fast as you can.

mrlargo 06/19/2009 10:14am

Mame, you need to remember that the term ‘Senator’ is not your title but rather, it is your job description. Between you and the general, I guarantee that he worked harder for his rank than you did for the job that was given to you by your constituents by popular vote. You serve them at their pleasure. The instant you no longer please them they can replace you. So get rid of the smug attitude and do your job, humbly. You owe the people for your position in the government. They owe you nothing other than gratitude, provided you do your job as you are meant to.

Anonymous 03/13/2008 4:46pm

Please support HR 4775, the bill to ban toxic poisons from being introduced into the environment to indiscriminately kill off the creatures we should be sharing the planet with. This should have been done a long time ago! We are not barbarians.

mattspost45 06/20/2009 4:54pm

Boxer, when you address an officer, you say yes sir or no sir. Get off your high horse or better yet, go back to California and get a real job. RESIGN!!!!!!!

stayathomefeminista 03/21/2010 1:01pm
in reply to Anonymous Mar 13, 2008 4:46pm

Not just protect our wildlife and food supply but also our unborn babies and children…who are contaminated by toxic poisons by many polutions in our environment and food supply chain…humans are part of this fragile eco-system too!

Anonymous 08/19/2008 4:56pm

I sure wish you would do something about the price of oil, you know, say, drill for it; maybe build a refinery. Seems to me that we’re paying higher prices for gas because you and others refuse to do anything about it. I’m sick and tired of voting for individuals who put their political careers above the interests of the people. Guess I’ll have to see what I can do about that come election day.

Thanks for nothing!

Anonymous 06/22/2008 10:37am

I think some of our Elected Officials are really out of touch with what is going on with the working class these days. Pass the Iraq-Afghanistan war funding, along with the new GI Bill and the Unemployment Extensions. This bill needs to be voted on this week and passed. Your people out here are depending on you.

L8blumR 02/07/2009 12:05am



turquoisemosaic 07/21/2009 6:22am

Boxer is as useless as Pilosi, perhaps not quite as mentally unstable. I am deeply offended and stand WITH the AA Chamber of Commerce on his rebuttal of her statement. She was so utterly condescending. Funny thing is, she lacked the intestinal fortitude to correct the AA Commerce gentleman for calling her ma’am, but had to assert her authority over a white general, who did, undoubtedly EARN that title, unlike her. She should apologize for her disgusting lack of respect for our military as shown.

MercilessPit 06/29/2009 7:34am

Repugnant, Barbara Boxer is, in one word, repugnant.

CrUhden 07/15/2009 4:59am

Can you get Obama’s CA Water Czar as I’m sure you had something to do with getting Mr. Hayes being appointed to this position to come out and see the struggling farmers in the valley dried up by the EPA’s insistence on cutting off the water supply to save the Delta Smelt? I’m sure there’s a solution that benefits all and if not, since when should we care more about a 4 cm minnow than a couple hundred thousand farmers, not to mention people in the communities that depend on them?

csledbetter 03/01/2009 6:15pm
in reply to Anonymous Feb 13, 2009 3:08pm

If the California voters did their job right they would vote these ineffective, egotistical, self-absorbed, dishonest professional politicians out of office. Getting re-elected becomes the most important thing to a professional politician trying to stay in office. Serving their constituency should be. Do you want real change in your government? Then Never Re-elect Anybody.
For example, how many chances will California give Senator Boxer before we see that she does not represent our interests? Don’t get mad at the Senator, get mad at yourself and your fellow voters. Then campaign against all incumbents for a few election cycles. That could certainly flush Washington.

DanKat 12/01/2010 3:10am
in reply to csledbetter Mar 01, 2009 6:15pm

Absolutely !!!! I am amazed at California voters continually putting this career, do-nothing, power-hungry, politician back in office. Actually, amazed is not the correct word. I am disgusted at those who voted her back in office.

NoMoney2FELONSamongUS 09/15/2009 9:08am
in reply to Anonymous Mar 06, 2008 1:36pm








thegulley 06/11/2010 7:38am
in reply to Anonymous Mar 06, 2008 1:36pm

THANK YOU Senator Boxer! for voting NO on SJ R-26. If Toyota Prius can make a solar powered air conditioner, surely California’s silicon valley can create jobs and energy here at home that doesn’t give money to the oil monopolies.

technopolitica 09/22/2010 1:27pm
in reply to NoMoney2FELONSamongUS Sep 15, 2009 9:08am

I think you mean “liberals”, not “liberalism”. Liberalism is a philosophical ideology that stresses the preservation of human freedoms (i.e. liberties) and promotion of equality, and forms the basis of American democracy and the philosophies of Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians to name a few.

“Liberal” and “progressive” ideology is strongly pro-democratic and shares the same roots in liberalism as “conservative” ideology, in marked contrast to many unfounded claims that liberal ideology is an offshoot of socialism or fascism (incidentally, socialism and fascism are completely opposed to each other in almost every respect and don’t share any philosophical roots).

Just keep in mind that the actions of individuals who are labeled as “conservatives” or “liberals” are not necessarily representative of those political philosophies, so be careful about leveling criticism against a particular political philosophy based upon the actions of a few individuals or even a political party.

intruder09 07/26/2009 7:36am

Vote Boxer and Feinstein out of office next election! We are being victimized and repressed by their own selfish desires and whims!

NoMoney2FELONSamongUS 09/15/2009 9:11am
in reply to sweetsil Sep 16, 2008 7:51pm

responsible parents vote for school vouchers

GunnyG 09/30/2009 8:22am

Boxer is a lump of dog squeeze.

dantk 06/23/2008 1:57pm

Senator Boxer, I am Respectfully asking you to use your influence in the Senate and pass the Legislation for the War Funding Supplement, The New GI Bill, Disaster Relief Funds and the Unemployment Extension. Please pass this as is no more additions to it please. I am an Ex-Marine who served Honorably four years. I went and done what ever my Country ask without Question. I have worked Union Construction in the Detroit area for over 20+ years. Times are tough and people who have dedicated themselves to a better life now see it fading away. Please push this Legislation through our Senate as is, so the money can get to Americans who need it badly. Thank You for your time and consideration.
Respectfully and Sincerely,

Perz 06/08/2010 8:57am

Arbitration Fairness Act / Financial Reform Auto Dealers

Mossy Toyota sold me a flood car and then refuses to do anything about it demanding arbitration.

Please see the video:

Please see my story:

The Superior Court judge recently ruled that an arbitrator with a 40-0 record against consumers is not biased. He refused to compel arbitration and submit his opinion.

Where do you stand on Financial Reform for auto dealers, Arbitration Fairness Act AND what is happening to me…


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independentcal 08/14/2009 1:45pm

we absolutely must get Boxer out of Congress 2010! she has no clue as to what California wants or needs – vote for anyone BUT Boxer!

DanKat 12/01/2010 3:16am
in reply to Ted1963 Jun 24, 2009 12:16pm

If she wasn’t a senator, she would be a lingerie salesperson in the Bronx. What a waste of a senate seat.

Anonymous 10/04/2008 4:27pm

Fellow Americans. Remember we can vote this Senator out of office in 2010. I believe that with the current events its time for us to fire these people. Remember this and tell all of your friends and family.

pelmof 06/29/2010 4:00am

Dear Senator Boxer,
S.3520 needs to be passed immediately. There are 15 million Americans who are “unemployed through no fault of their own,” and who are also frantically attempting to find new jobs that do not exist. The majority of these 15 million have a family dependent upon their income, so that increases the number to possibly 30 or even 45 million Americans who are in imminent danger of losing everything. When this happens, the financial and moral ramifications for this country will be dire indeed. I’ll say it again— S.3520 needs to be passed immediately! Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

GovtISCorrupt 07/31/2010 3:40am

Vote this BIOTCH out!!! 8 terms???!! INSANITY!

concernedtech 02/15/2010 2:11pm

If the president can be limited in the time that he/she can serve as president, why are senators allowed to “serve” in office until the day they die? Why can’t we get rid of the career politicians altogether and pass legislation limiting a senator to 2 terms period.

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