Former Sen. Saxby Chambliss

Republican  •  Georgia 2 Terms  •  Sworn In 2003
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  • Anonymous 02/13/2008 11:32am

    Those who vote for unconstitutional warrentless wiretaps and vote to protect the criminals that violate our privacy are not worthy of the position they hold. It’s impossible to justify undermining the very essence of our constitution in order to protect it. Another sell out.

  • WinstonSmith 05/12/2008 11:01pm

    Sponsored 25 bills, zero passed. Co-sponsored 212, passed 4.
    In any other business, would he still have a job?

    I guess that’s actually good for us that he’s so ineffective, seeing what kind of person he is by what he did to war hero Max Cleland.

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    Anonymous 09/30/2008 9:09am

    Max Cleland blew himself up in Vietnam. Do your homework, check the facts. And remember…“It is better to be thought a Fool than to open your mouth and prove it.”

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  • Comm_reply
    jonjustin 06/25/2010 9:28am
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    Another old “fart”!

  • Anonymous 06/27/2008 6:11am

    Thanks! for voting nay on S 3101 (Medicare Competitive Bidding Delay)…lets just turn this country into a socialistic society. Do you realize that by allowing competitive bidding you are making large companies get bigger and shutting down thousands of smaller Durable Medical Equipment companies, thus thousands of jobs have been lost. Medicare recipients have not been educated on this issue and are in for a scare. Thanks again….greed and money= US government!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comm_reply
    rugby6 10/24/2009 6:13am

    You still singing that tune? Look where we’re at under the democrats…….wake up.

  • Anonymous 07/30/2008 11:45am

    I cannot wait for the November election so that I can cast my vote against Mr. Chambliss. I truly believe that he is nothing but a useless talking head for the has been republican party. Reviewing his voting record is enough to make me ill, especially considering that I made the egregious mistake of voting for him last time.

  • Anonymous 09/30/2008 9:22am

    It is amazing how many will whine and fit instead of thinking realistically. The jobs that leave this country do not belong to the people. They belong to the employer. The corporate taxes in this country are the second highest in the world. Behind only Japan. It is only good sense to take your company to where the taxes are the lowest. What our country needs is to drastically lower corporate taxes so the jobs will come back home. And the best thing would be to enact the FAIR TAX. Read it before you decide yea ot nay.

  • Comm_reply
    jdcamp143 02/24/2009 2:40pm

    AMEN, Then the tax would be fair for everyone.

  • ltnorton 03/27/2009 10:23am

    How dare you and Isakson turn Commie and side with Obama, Pelozi, Reid, and bunch to vote for H.R. 1388! I’ve supported you every election, but you dare turn the electorate into SLAVES to do Obama’s bidding!!! I will work to rid the Senate of you and your “comradre in arms” to keep this country the home of the free and the brave.

    So sad that we cannot trust the Republicans anymore to keep the country safe. First we are sold off to the Chinese, now we’re SLAVES to the Commies… THANKS! May I ask what’s next? This has been the worst couple of months in my life and to think someone I voted for played a part of it really stinks.

    We will work to have you removed from the Senate along with all the others.

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  • Nebulator 12/09/2009 2:00pm


  • Hera 01/30/2010 4:14am
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    This Elected Spender is just a sad joke as a Republican. Why this site shows he votes with the party 95% of the time I don’t know because Saxby only votes for his and his family and his friends best interests. If that happens to be the Conservative vote, good for us.
    He nearly lost the last election because so many of us Republicans/Moderates/Conservatives/Independants voted for the third party candidate in the general. That pushed him into a special election with the Democrat. All my friends came out for the special and voted against the Democrat not for Saxby. I don’t think he will run again.
    Johnny is just as bad. So as far as I am concerned we should get rid of both of these RINO’s. They just voted to reaffirm the Fed. Chairman. Do you call that a Republican vote?
    All we can do is vote them out. And keep voting them out until they STOP THE SPENDING and DEFEND MY REPUBLIC and my CONSTITUTION. NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous 02/21/2010 4:31am

  • Anonymous 02/23/2010 5:42pm

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  • elleedr 06/18/2010 10:00am

    If you are apart of the American unemployed or share the same views as the unemployed and want to have a peaceful march on Washington to show that we do need our unemployment or in support of unemployment, email me at This has to be done, a peaceful stand needs to take place soon to make a difference. Before a lot of Americans lose the little bit that they do have. We didn’t ask for the economy to be this way and it is not our fault that we can not find jobs all at the same time. We worked all of our lives and now that we need help, the people in congress is saying no! We are the ones that help pay for wars, national disasters, and the congressmen paychecks. Now they are telling us that they cannot pass a bill so we can feed and house our families. What is more important the “Oil Spill” or the unemployed and their children. I don’t think so, it’s time for a peaceful march, email me at, to make a peaceful stand now.

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  • cateyes2010 06/24/2010 7:45pm

    It’s real unfortunate that you would vote NO on the unemployment extension, when this state leads the nation in bank failures and foreclosures. You would think that you would try everything you could to stabilize the state’s economy. With you voting NO, that did not help in stabilizing this state’s economy. Do you care about the poor and unfortunate? No; only the Fortunate. Or, is it a people matter? Yes; you only care about yours (THE RICH). Georgia is not the United States of Georgia. It is a part of the United States of America and it is a melting pot of all people; poor, middle class, rich, black, brown, red, tan, and white. I just pray crime does not continue to go up and a civil war does not break out because of poverty in this state. What ever happen to the philosophy that Georgia represents Openness?

  • jonjustin 06/25/2010 9:27am
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    Saxby is and will always be a selfish “asshole”. I will happy when the day come and all the old farts have died off. A new world is coming and it cannot be stopped!

  • Revolution 06/28/2010 6:52pm
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    You are a disgrace to your country and should be embarrassed to have the UNITED STATES in front of your title.4th of July is upon us-it reminds us of history and how the people can come together to make a difference.I hope you and your family meet the same outcome as the 15,000,000+ unemployed.You turned your back on the Citizens by playing games and stupid antics.Assistance needs to be offered to ease the minds of the families and allow continued dignity no matter the cost. You spend OUR money like water and the American people MUST and SHOULD be priority one!
    “As good government is an empire of laws, how shall your laws be made? In a large society,inhabiting an extensive country,it is impossible that the whole should assemble to make laws. The first necessary step, then,is to depute power from the many to a few of the most wise and good.”
    John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776
    Obviously we dont have the few wise and good in the senate-but we have the power to change that.

  • chbg1921 06/28/2010 9:38pm

    I am asking to please get something done about the unemployment extension. I just ran out of benefits today…I have worked non-stop until 2008 when my shop closed. This is ridiculous that I have to sit down and figure out how I am going to feed my son. I have a degree and the skills to aquire a job, the only problem is there aren’t any jobs. Come on now, please tell me how I am going to pay to keep a roof over my child’s head and feed him? Can you answer that? Oh I forgot you already showed your concern for the american people with your NAY vote.

  • pelmof 06/29/2010 4:18am

    Dear Senator Chambliss,
    S.3520 needs to be passed immediately. There are 15 million Americans who are “unemployed through no fault of their own,” and who are also frantically attempting to find new jobs that do not exist. The majority of these 15 million have a family dependent upon their income, so that increases the number to possibly 30 or even 45 million Americans who are in imminent danger of losing everything. When this happens, the financial and moral ramifications for this country will be dire indeed. I’ll say it again— S.3520 needs to be passed immediately! Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

  • dsalvat1 07/01/2010 7:54am
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    I am a conservative and still do not understand why would you vote against the extension of unemployment insurance. You must have some brass balls to deny people an income after THEY PAID ONTO for this insurance and take a “vacation”.
    I understand the issue on overspending but really, what comprehensive solutions do you offer? Have you created new jobs or incentives for small businesses? Get a clue “Saxby”.

  • wls1012 07/01/2010 8:55am

    I am an unemployed voter and NO is what I will vote when it is time for re-election. Since that is the only vote you know how to cast.NO I will not be supporting you, because NO you don’t support me.I have never been ashamed to be an American until now.Our government has elected to fund 2 wars, without paying for it.Our government has elected to fund a bailout for banks, without paying for it.Our government has elected to fund a bailout for insurance companies, without paying for it.Now they have the opportunity to fund EMERGENCY Unemployment and they choose NO.I am sick to death about how the hard working people of this country are being treated.While you sit up in Washington and play politics, millions of unemployed are at home trying to figure out how they will feed, clothe, and put a roof over their families heads.Where is your heart Mr.Senator.What if it was your family being threatened with homelessness?I wonder would you let that happen.For my family that is what you are doing.

  • pamtech70 07/01/2010 11:15am
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    And I voted for you? I will NEVER make that mistake again. We are all losing our minds, our cars, our houses, can barely get groceries, pay rent & utilities etc….I have been looking for work, had started back to school, since my 1st degree is not working??!! Busting my BUTT, hitting the BOOKS! which is very hard with, a family, being 40, and NOW…I am broke! I wont be returning back to my 2nd quarter, which would have been on July 6th. Thanks to all my GEORGIA Reps. I hope YOU have a WONDEREFUL 11-12 day HOLIDAY! Because we won’t …….

    Why? Can you give US a reason? Just one, Maybe it will help us understand..

  • Comm_reply
    sharibear 07/07/2010 5:04pm
    This extention on unemployment has to be passed. I’am an American and have been unemployed since dec 2009.I look for work almost everyday with no luck at all!This is the first time in my 42 yrs of life that I havent had a job.An American born and raised in here, who needs your help! I have finished my 28 weeks of unemployment, and have no teir 1 or extention to help me with my bills.THIS BILL ON JULY 12TH NEEDS TO BE PASSED IMMEDIATELY!Or I go on the street to live. Vote yes! I thank you for your attention on this matter.
  • satman_ga 01/23/2012 12:26pm

    Just another flip-flopper. At least this time he flipped in the right direction. I love how just prior to withdrawing sponsorship of PIPA he defends his sponsorship.

    Jan 18 2012
    “I believe that online theft is a serious issue, and that Congress does need to make certain that the law adequately protects the interests of rights holders. Not only do we need to be concerned about intellectual property, such as movies and books, but also items such as counterfeit toothpaste or mouthwash from China that pose serious safety issues to all Americans. Because of this, I am a co-sponsor of the PROTECT IP Act. I have listened to the concerns of many Georgians and I agree that these concerns must be addressed. Congress should avoid rushing through a bill that could have many unintended consequences. However, as a co-sponsor I am in a better position legislatively to voice my concerns, and craft legislation that addresses Internet piracy while still protecting free and open access to the Internet.”


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