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  • Comm_reply
    sokaro 03/17/2010 9:11pm

    If you haven’t noticed here Anjou… The Senate is 59 democrats, 40 republicans, and 1 independent. If the democratic majority of the congress can’t get it done then I suggest that we boot the lot of them out and elect people that can get the job done.

  • purplelilac3084 03/06/2010 7:24am

    This man is a disgrace to our congress. I watch CSPAN and he spends money like it is free! Our country is going to be bankrupt, and they just don’t care that our children and grandchildren will be paying for our corrupt government, who has an agenda of taking away capitalism…You know, our FREEDOM! The healthcare bill is a disgrace and will make insurance costs go UP. The intelligent person knows that only TORT reform will lower premiums. The Democrats will not put this in the bill because the malpractice lawyers donate to them for their campaigns! CORRUPT is the word. The federal government does not have the RIGHT to make us buy anything! They are violating our constitutional right! I don’t know about you, but I am on uneployment and cannot afford any money for insurance, but the government doesn’t care, and will make me. I was a democrat, but switched because I was ashamed to be one.
    Please vote out the senators, so we will have a chance of freedom!

  • ShrinkTheState 03/24/2010 4:56am

    Turbin Durbin is a traitor to America.

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  • WbGoerg 06/13/2010 11:09am

    When are yall going to do something for the veterans and other people who are out of work, instead of just lining your own pockets and taking care of the corporations? Elections are coming up and I might not be able to pay my bills, but I can still vote.

  • FreedomGal09 06/16/2010 4:30am

    Vote yes for S. 941 BATFE Reform.

    This bill corrects some misinterpretations by the BATFE which have resulted in problems in the past. This bill currently has wide bipartisan support so I am requesting you support it also.

  • Homebuilt7 06/26/2010 4:42am

    Senator Durbin, we all know you are not a very bright bulb in the world of reality but a “carp czar”? How about you taking the position of “worthless government job” czar huh?

  • pelmof 06/29/2010 4:36am

    Dear Senator Durbin,
    S.3520 needs to be passed immediately. There are 15 million Americans who are “unemployed through no fault of their own,” and who are also frantically attempting to find new jobs that do not exist. The majority of these 15 million have a family dependent upon their income, so that increases the number to possibly 30 or even 45 million Americans who are in imminent danger of losing everything. When this happens, the financial and moral ramifications for this country will be dire indeed. I’ll say it again— S.3520 needs to be passed immediately! Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
    FYI: I’m in the process of sending this message to every senator, and I’m a resident of Chicago.

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  • klassylady25 07/12/2010 9:36am

    Your argument on healthcare is the same argument that the whole Democratic party spouts. And now you’re saying that a viable solution was never give.

    You mean they were never accepts. I watched the pony and cart show. You crammed the bill down our throats. You’re in charge. And Donald Berwick is a scary SOB.

    You’re very out of touch. Get off your bottom and out of your island. Put down your written speech and talk about things opening and honestly.

    (viewing you on cspan – July 12, 10.)

  • purplelilac3084 08/26/2010 6:17am

    This is a disgrace that the president and senate are on vacation!
    the economy is falling apart due to the socialist bills they have passed!
    after spending ALL that money, the jobs have never been created.
    They want to end the Bush tax cuts, so small businesses will be taxed!
    That is going to create even more unemployment!
    I have been going crazy to find a job, I am even enrolled in 5 Temporary Agencies, but of course, they are hit just as bad as I am.
    The health care bill will tax them, the bush tax cuts will end, the financial bill will hurt them, so where are we going to get jobs from?
    The President has said he don’t care if he is a one term president, as long as he gets his agenda! Please fire these senators in November!

  • AnnaSchaefer 09/01/2010 11:57pm

    The College Debt Swap Act needs to get passed. These students are drowning in debt. With the College Debt Swap Act, we would get the same benefits as the Federal Student Loans have. We are not asking for a bailout. We want to repay our loans, but need a better structure in repayment that is allowed for the federal loans. This will allow these people to regain their buying power. We want to buy a home, raise a family and start new businesses, but with large debt due to the unforgiving interest rates and other fees these private lenders are allowed to saddle us with, we will never have our buying power. So how will the economy ever be strong with the majority of young, educated people at the mercy of these lenders? Please hear our pleas.

  • Homebuilt7 09/08/2010 2:55pm

    Well, it looks like Obama did grant Durbins request for a “carp czar” and tossed in 80 million taxpayer dollars to boot.
    Whoopie, more government spending.

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