Former Sen. Blanche Lincoln

Democrat  •  Arkansas 2 Terms  •  Sworn In 1999
Last Term 2005 - 2010 View All

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  • AustinHowe 04/01/2010 5:46am

    Senator, you are a traitor to your party, and your constituents. Look forward to Bill Halter winning your seat in November!

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  • icandootravel 12/07/2010 12:26pm

    On this current Tax Break Extension issue for earnings over $250K per year, please make it simple. You have the easiest hand to play on this. Pass the tax break for all income below $250K per year, and leave the Republicans pressing for extensions to the richest Americans without “Paying for it”. Republicans have been saying that all bills should be paid for with off set spending cuts, but they have not made any such cuts known regarding their desire for the richest of the rich to get richer. MAKE IT SIMPLE, you guys can look like champions of the American people. Let them look like the greedy, disconnected elitests that they are. Have half a brain, conscious, and soul all in one small step. In God WE Pray,…

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