Former Sen. Richard Lugar

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  • Anonymous 04/17/2008 5:09am

    It’s too bad that Indiana’s elected officials don’t answer letters that are written to them. I guess once they hit the beltway, they don’t care any more.

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    Houselogic 06/28/2010 3:49pm

    I agree they never answer calls either. and I voted for this crap bag! Won’t do it again!

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  • Anonymous 06/14/2008 6:17pm
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    Stop stalling on HR5749 and pass that bill this week! Indiana needs it after the floods. We can’t wait anymore for this emergency legislation both houses have argued about since January! Put politics aside and pass the bill this week.

  • Anonymous 06/14/2008 6:19pm
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    Indiana is hurting after the floods. Pass HR5749 we need some relief quickly.

  • dantk 06/23/2008 2:11pm

    Senator Lugar, This is a request asking you to please push this War Funding Supplement, New GI Bill, Disaster Relief Funds ans Unemployment Extensions through the Senate. We all know you have strong Leadership in the Senate and with your great influence allot of people’s lives will be in much better shape. We the People are asking to have the Senate pass this Legislation exactly the way Congress and the White House drafted the Bill. Please do not put any more additions to it. Just leave the Language as is and send it through the Senate and on to the President for his signature. Thank You for your time and consideration.
    Sincerely and Respectfully,

  • Anonymous 07/02/2008 1:40am

    Shame, shame, shame! I can’t believe you voted against HR6331. Why? HR6331 bill contents is what got me back to walking good with only a cane because I had a granuloma on the spine it had damaged many nerves and muscles. I had continue my therapy through the outpatient pt but they told me that had done all that they could do. I went to a private therapist who put together a awesome program for me. I just not walking but I have coordination, better stability, balance. If I had of stop my therapy eight months ago I would have still needed assistance at home with day to day activies.

  • defcon 07/07/2009 3:00am
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    hello are you there or do you even give a shit,,,,,,,
    why are you not supporting HR 6205 stop loss repayment you guys give funds to aid terror including yourselves but what about the fools who voted for you i hope to see you and all the incumbents removed next term losers ripping us all off. and personaly i dont care what party you are from… to bad the repubs have had there balls cut off…

  • abaratar 07/22/2009 9:35am

    Lugar voted against concealed carry of fire arms by responsible Americans, he does not believe you have the right to protect yourself or in the 2nd amendment. The bill was defeated by two votes he was one of them, 20 democrat voted in support of the bill. How did this guy get elected as a republican?

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    myboysmom 10/14/2009 8:10am

    Mr. Lugar, you need to support those of us that want to protect ourselves. Drunk drivers kill more people more people than those of us with guns. It’s our right to protect ourselves. Half the time the police can’t get to a home fast enough to protect us! I think I may need to vote someone else in your place.

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    omegaclass 12/19/2009 9:33am

    i think its time to put in an independent conservative in his place. this guy doesn’t support the people who sent him to Washington, that goes triple for our other two representatives here in Indiana.

    i think it’s time to start a radio station here in Indiana that will report on what these guys are doing to us and support their competitors free of charge to help replace these guys. their record shows they have sold us all out for their party and personal gain.

    anyone interested in this endeavor let me know.

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    CongNewman 02/09/2010 5:42pm
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    I think Lugar is fine with you carrying a weapon to defend yourself. As long as everyone can see you have a weapon. As the word CONCEALED means, hidden.

  • trimadge 07/22/2009 9:52am

    This guy needs to be fired.

  • spiritof76 09/08/2009 6:03pm

    Lugar has been a senator too long he needs to go, as well as bayh. NONE of them take their oath to the constitution seriously. all of this is the voters fault we are the bosses and have not protected our freedom and rights. Until the voters wake up we will get more of the same. Shame on them but shame on us for voting for the same hacks season after season expecting different results. As Madison said of the constitution, it is only a paper barrier if the people will not protect it it will not stand.

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    c_peterson2003 11/30/2009 1:51pm

    Those are pretty words, but how has he violated the constitution?

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    Bendrx 12/07/2009 5:20am

    Spiritof76 never said he violated the Constitution. The poster stated that senators in general don’t uphold the Consitution. The only comment directed at Lugar was he’s been in office too long. And personally I agree Lugar needs to go, I won’t be voting for him again (Yes, I was for him last time). There is a general frustration with the government. The era of Bush wasn’t so hot, and a great many knee-jerked us into Obama, and now people are starting to look at things more critically, as we should have been all along. All in all Spritof76 may not have made an A+ post, but didn’t make any accusations toward Lugar as seemed to be implied.

  • jgrove255 09/11/2009 7:34am

    I’ll never vote for Senator Lugar again, given his recent voting activity concerning his ‘NO’ vote for Senate Amendment 1618 (Carrying Concealed Firearms) and his supporting vote for Cass Sunstein!

    I’m in complete agreement with spirtof76’s previous comment… When will these politicians uphold the oath of office they swore to in regards to the Constitution! We, the people, need to stand-up and take our Republic back!

  • Jjonesn 10/12/2009 9:26pm

    It is time for Lugar to get voted out of office. He approved Cass Sunstein to be the “Regulatory Czar”. For those that dont know Cass Sunstein. He is a firm believer in the treatment of Animals. So much so that he thinks Animals need to have attorneys. So he is looking to ban hunting. Bayh and Lugar need to go. Period

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  • protectfreedom 10/23/2009 5:22am

    HR 2647: All the reason I need (among many others) to do my very patriotic best to make sure this RINO never serves another term in Congress. Mr. Lugar no longer represents the people who keep putting him in office year after year. We are awake, becoming educated and informed and identifying those who do not represent the founding priniciples or display good ol’ fashioned common sense. WE THE PEOPLE are taking back our nation and WE CONSERVATIVES are taking back the republican party. Mr. Lugar, enjoy what time you have left in office because it will be your last term.

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    c_peterson2003 11/30/2009 1:46pm

    I don’t understand why republicans have this idea of “with us or against us” to the extreme right. I personally find Senator Lugar a very balanced official. I certainly don’t agree with some of his stances, but at least he seems reasonable, I have received a response on most of my letters to him. I am a left leaning moderate, but I have always voted for him as his experience makes him an asset to foreign affairs and because he is a free thinking conservative (a rare find nowadays). Unless something drastic happens I will continue to cast my vote to keep him in office.

  • mbsell 12/08/2009 12:45pm
    Lugar has voted his own agended for years now, I personally have not and will not vote him. I have been amazed that this guy keeps getting elected, he continues to vote his own agended, in order to keep getting paid by the lobbyist that made, continue to make him rich. Come on Indiana wake up this guy will and is ruining our state. Vote this embarrassment out.
  • omegaclass 12/20/2009 7:22am

    it’s time to get all new representatives for Indiana, they are all dirty, all on the take and drunk on the rich man’s money. a drunk sailor is more conservative then these guys.

    it is my opinion that we need to put a stop to career politicians they go into office with good intentions and leave corrupt, bank accounts full and us (the common man) a lot poorer then the year before.

    Ladies and Gentleman i know what you are thinking; “no my guy is honest, good and pure as the Antarctic wind drive show” NOT SO! our representatives are like children with their dad’s cell phone and when dad get the bill he is angry because there isn’t the money in the budget to pay the bills. so the family eats macaroni and cheese for the next three months.

    Listen to reason my friends, if we keep doing what we have been doing we are going to keep getting we have been getting. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE.

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  • grant3719 04/05/2010 10:01am

    I have been out of work for three years. However, I went to school, I got a degree; I found a need and a way to fulfill that need. I developed a business plan that shows my business can be successful. I have consumed all my personal resources in researching and developing the idea in to a plan of action. Now I am ready to move forward. I could employ 15 or more during construction, another 20 to 50 permanent employees in residual positions with other business, as well as 6 to 10 permanent full time employees in my own business. In my local economy, that is a big deal. That’s how we will come out of the Great Recession. No more giving to the business that can’t compete, like GM or banks that won’t compete or laws to support insurances, like Obomacare. How about some good old common since!

  • grant3719 04/05/2010 10:06am

    The banking industry is still not willing to take the risk of a new startup ventures. Therefore, to create jobs the government will need to loan or grant monies to NEW entrepreneurs. Men and Women that have found a “need” and a way to fill that “need” who, like me are looking for funding. If congress really wants to create jobs, new jobs then the policy of not Granting or Direct Loaning money for new start up business must be reversed.

  • grant3719 04/05/2010 10:07am

    Senator Lugar

    Just a little business 101.
    Businesses that are in good financial condition don’t need more employees! They just laid off the ones they could not afford. Thus high unemployment. High unemployment means fewer customers for existing businesses. This means less need for existing businesses products. Which means more layoffs … let’s not go there.

    The solution is “NEW” job creation. Not rehiring for old positions. Creating NEW positions. Not in old businesses that are in good financial condition but brand new JOBS. That means “NEW” business.

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  • MAGGIEB 04/28/2010 9:52pm

    I hope the people of Indiana know Lugar took Obama under his wing from Obama’s first days in Washington D.C. Lugar called Obama after he was elected. Lugar is part of Obama’s Global Warming trillion dollar scam in Chicago (Chicago Climate Exchange) I wonder how many votes you could buy with carbon exchange certificates? ri

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