Sen. Richard Shelby

Republican  •  Alabama  •  5th Term  •  Sworn In 1987
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  • Anonymous 06/11/2008 7:21pm
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    Wouldn’t you think that Barack could get back to work in the Senate and do SOMETHING concrete for this country?
    He’s being paid for this job and doing nothing.
    Why can’t he pass Kennedy’s bill UI extension bill 2544 (which he cosponsored)?
    If he can’t get things done in the Senate, don’t EVEN make promises for when it’s too late!!!!!!!!!!!
    Give up a photo op, Barack, and get some work done in the Senate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 06/12/2008 6:45am
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    Dear Senator Shelby,

    I am writing to you to ask for your support on the Emergency Unemployment Extension bill. I have been unemployed for eight (8) months now, have exhausted all of my regular unemployment benefits, unable to find employment although I have been desperately seeking employment and maintain a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems. I was terminated from my former employer and my employment case is currently in litigation.

    As of this date, June 12, 2008, I have NO FUNDS, no money in which to pay my rent, utilities, bills or gas for my car to futher look for gainful employment. Would you please support the Emergency Unemployment Extentions Bill so that I may have enough income to maintain my ability to live until I can find gainful employment?

    Your time and patience are always appreciated.

    Yours truly,
    Diana Drummond

  • Anonymous 06/14/2008 8:44pm
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    Don’t play politics with the American people anymore and pass HR5749 veto proof next week. People before politics. Please many need it!!!

  • Anonymous 06/15/2008 5:05pm

    Middle class America wake up! A vote for a Republican is a vote for your own demise. Is war moral or do the Republicans just use religion to sell out the well meaning and good folks of America? Remember in November!!!!!! Vote all these bums out!!!!!!!!

  • viperfred 12/27/2008 4:35pm

    New York Times 12-17-2008 about Medicare coverage of prostate cancer link follows:
    I gave testimony at the following meeting regarding Medicare coverage of prostate cancer.
    “Official Testimony of
    Fred >>>>>, Patient
    SBRT Treatment of Cancer of the Prostate
    Palmetto GBA/Medicare Open Draft LCD meeting
    November 18, 2008

    Good morning Palmetto GBA administrators, doctors and other interested parties. Thank you for allowing me to discuss Medicare coverage of SBRT/CyberKnife for treating prostate cancer.
    My name is Fred >>>>>> and I am a small business owner. I am testifying on behalf of myself as an interested party, a prostate cancer patient treated with the CyberKnife and a prostate cancer advocate. I am also a founder of ZERO the Project to End Prostate Cancer.
    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (PCa) in Aug. of 2007. My PSA was 4.0 ng/ml, a transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy revealed a stage T1c adenocarcinoma involving the right mid to right apex with a Gleason score of 3+3; in 3 of 12 cores.
    I discussed all treatment options with my family doctor, doctors at Stanford, Surgeons and Radiation Oncologists. I reviewed all options with my wife. As a father of a nine year old son, Business owner, treatment recovery time was an important consideration. I have a clogged artery which made the risk of surgery higher than I was willing to consider.
    I selected SBRT/CyberKnife treatment option for prostate cancer at Stanford. Their clinical trial data, started Dec. 2003, was very encouraging with ZERO biological failures and minimal side effects (my research suggested the CyberKnife is at least as effective as IMRT). My CyberKnife treatment was five days of one hour sessions with no recovery time (IMRT is five days per week for eight weeks). I was advised of and understand the long term risk of radiation side effects and felt the advantages of SBRT/CyberKnife treatment far out weighted the long term risk.
    I completed CyberKnife treatment (May 7, 2008) by Dr. Christopher King. Fourteen days post CK treatment there were minimal side effects. I continued to work every day during and after treatment.
    It is now over six months post CyberKnife treatment. I am 110% of pretreatment base line for all related functions. The plus 10% is from improved urinations. Before treatment I would get up 3-4 times a night now I typically get up once. My PSA at the six month follow up was 1.09 ng/ml. SBRT/CyberKnife has treated my prostate cancer and has improved my quality of life.
    The key messages I hope to impart to you today are:
    1. The previous Medicare contractor in California, NHIC, provided coverage for SBRT/CyberKnife treatment for prostate cancer.
    2. SBRT/CyberKnife treatment for prostate cancer is consistent with the Presidents statement from his press conference announcing the MMA of 2003. With this law, we’re giving older Americans better choices and more control over their health care, so they can receive the modern medical care they deserve.
    3. SBRT/CyberKnife treatment for prostate cancer is consistent with Mark B. McClellan, M.D. PhD Administrator. “Our nation has made a promise, a solemn promise to America’s seniors. We have pledged to help our citizens find affordable medical care in the later years of life.”
    4. As outlined in the CMS Statement of Work for the Palmetto Medicare Jurisdiction (J1), and on Palmettos Website: The MAC shall select the least restrictive Local Coverage Determination (LCD) from the existing LCDs on a single topic when consolidating LCDs. CMS has identified that there may be instances where the decision to implement “no policy” would meet the definition of the “least restrictive LCD”.
    5. There are no prostate cancer treatment options without serious risk of permanent side effects and biological failure.
    6. The patient in consultation with his doctor(s) must decide what treatments are appropriate for their unique circumstance.
    a. Some patients live in rural areas with limited or no local treatment centers.
    b. Some patients have medical conditions that make surgery a high risk.
    c. Some patients have limited mobility making treatment very difficult.
    d. Some patients continue to work full time and this trend is increasing. Making treatment recovery and time away from work an important factor.
    e. Some patients have limited financial resources that limit treatment options due to cost of travel, food and lodging.
    7. The majority of Medicare Contractors include SBRT/CyberKnife treatment for prostate cancer.
    8. Blue Shield of California the largest insurer in the state, in July of 2008, added SBRT/CyberKnife to their policy for treatment of prostate cancer.
    All of the above support Medicare coverage of SBRT/CyberKnife treatment for cancer of the prostate.
    Please consider the fundamental right of patients to make treatment decisions for themselves in consultation with their doctors and families, and for the patients well being and overall quality of life.

    I have no financial interest in Accuray Inc., Stanford University Medical Center or any other medical provider.
    Thank you for this opportunity to appear before you today.”
    Palmetto GBA, is not following the CMS requirement as it is has not selected the least restrictive Local Coverage Determination. The policy that has been implemented in the state of California has been taken from two states, NV and HI where there were no CyberKnife Facilities at the time the policy was written. In contrast, in California there are 9 CyberKnife facilities have been treating prostate cancer for several years. By implementing this policy in California, Palmetto will be restricting coverage. Not only is this not in line with the CMS statement of work or Palmettos own statements related to policy consolidation, it is not consistent with current medical practice in California. Speaking from a cancer patients’ point of view this is unconscionable. SBRT is arguably the best prostate cancer treatment option today.

    Medicare must consider the fundamental right of patients to make decisions for themselves in consultation with their doctors and families. Patients should have access to treatments that offer better quality of life, that are less invasive, limit time away from work, provide fewer limitations for recovery, less time spent in treatment, that are more convenience and far less costly not only in terms of coinsurance obligations but also the cost of travel to and from treatment facilities, and offer better biological cure rate and fewer side effects. All these factors favor prostate cancer treatment with SBRT/CyberKnife and are the patients unalienable rights to choose.

    HHS/CMS has a site to give them feed back. Let them know how you feel about taking away a cancer treatment in some states while others allow it. This is an example of the incompetence of our government (HHS/CMS). Let them know how you feel using this link to CMS feed back,9,536

    Write and call CMS management. Find the names of the Orig Chart(1) link and then enter the name in the Employee Directory(2) to get the phone number, fax number, e-mal address and mailing address. Send your comments to Palmetto management(3), Sent your comments by e-mal and fax to the president(4), Send you comments to the Senators and Representatives (5) and Open Congress allows you to post comments for each Senator and Representative.(6)

    1. HHS/CMS Medicare Organization Chart
    2. Employee Directory
    3. Palmetto GBA Board of Directors
    3.1 President and COO –
    3.2 President COO Gov. Programs Blue Shield Blue Cross of SC –
    3.3 Management link
    3.4 Medical directors – ,
    4. Whitehouse –
    5. U.S. Gov. elected officials –
    6. Opencongress

    Peace On Earth and Good Health to All!

  • Anonymous 02/20/2009 4:44am
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    Keep up the good work. At least we know you will protect our country and us here in Alabama.

    Thnak you for giving of yourself for us.

  • Meesh1957 02/20/2009 4:16pm

    Sen. Shelby,

    Please gather support to put down HR 45, the Blair Hold Licensing and Record Act of 2009. The Constitution provides my right to my handgun and any other weapon. I see no provision in this stupid waste of tax dollars that covers the criminal and thier guns…oops, I guess the liberal “spread the wealth plan” covers making sure the criminals keep their guns sans records. Stop this and put it in a permanent grave, please!

    Thank you for your work on our behalf.

    Harvest, AL

  • kgotjesus2001 03/10/2009 10:19am

    I thought Richard Shelby was different but lately he looks like all of the rest of the politicians! He wants to pass this huge $410 BILLION dollar Omnibus bill because he has $114.5 million dollars to gain in earmarks! He will NEVER get my vote again. People we need to vote ALL of these senators and congress out of office. We should put NON-POLITICIANS in all offices of government. Politicians are the devil!

  • Comm_reply
    mshughes 03/19/2011 9:12am

    He’s not different .. he’s a high earmarking, crony payoff receiving, filthy, unethical, morally bankrupt politician who has held office for THIRTY TWO years!! THIRTY TWO YEARS!!

    I’ve voted blindly for him many times, also. But, since we now live in the new AmeriKa, my willingness to blindly vote for whomever the GOP deems the “best candidate” because “they can win” is GONE. Whatever Shelby was, or was not, when he got to DC, he’s just another swamp monster now, and we need to send him home!

  • 105106 08/20/2009 4:49pm

    STOP HR45

  • fortermlimits 09/09/2009 8:34pm

    Looking at his record, this fellow is not looking out for Americans. Time to vote him out and get someone in that will take care of us.

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  • Anonymous 01/18/2010 7:37am
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  • Anonymous 02/17/2010 6:31am

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  • Anonymous 02/22/2010 6:44am

    the greatest sin of all is silence in the face of evil……..don;t support attack on iran bring the troops home…………we are in controll of are timeline..evil presence on earth is trying to stear us away…….

  • Anonymous 02/22/2010 10:31am

  • ditchmitchthebitch 02/23/2010 10:41pm

    How is the (PUBLIC) healthcare insurance we pay for treating you?
    Are you getting any kickback from the banks?

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  • Revolution 06/28/2010 6:44pm

    You are a disgrace to your country and should be embarrassed to have the UNITED STATES in front of your title.4th of July is upon us-it reminds us of history and how the people can come together to make a difference.I hope you and your family meet the same outcome as the 15,000,000+ unemployed.You turned your back on the Citizens by playing games and stupid antics.Assistance needs to be offered to ease the minds of the families and allow continued dignity no matter the cost. You spend OUR money like water and the American people MUST and SHOULD be priority one!
    “As good government is an empire of laws, how shall your laws be made? In a large society,inhabiting an extensive country,it is impossible that the whole should assemble to make laws. The first necessary step, then,is to depute power from the many to a few of the most wise and good.”
    John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776
    Obviously we dont have the few wise and good in the senate-but we have the power to change that.

  • pelmof 06/29/2010 3:50am
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    Dear Senator Shelby,
    S.3520 needs to be passed immediately. There are 15 million Americans who are “unemployed through no fault of their own,” and who are also frantically attempting to find new jobs that do not exist. The majority of these 15 million have a family dependent upon their income, so that increases the number to possibly 30 or even 45 million Americans who are in imminent danger of losing everything. When this happens, the financial and moral ramifications for this country will be dire indeed. I’ll say it again— S.3520 needs to be passed immediately! Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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