Sen. Ron Wyden

Democrat  •  Oregon  •  4th Term  •  Sworn In 1996
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  • jallen_007 03/03/2008 4:39pm

    What is the likely hood that we will get an extension in our unemployment benefits? Any time real soon?

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  • TomKi 02/23/2009 10:26pm

    This democrat is a buffoon and never leaves the the group mentality of liberal democrats!
    I wouldn’t trust him or Jeff taxhike Merkley to oversee a bucket of water!

  • mounthoodprojects 09/15/2009 6:53pm

    Thank you Ron Wyden for representing the public in the health care debate. I have enormous respect that you are turning down the influence of lobby dollars to support the public option. Bravo!

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  • zbeckerd 12/25/2009 8:42am

    Oregon Eastside Forests Restoration, Old Growth Protection and Jobs Act.
    I have high hopes mixed with with an extreme level of concern on this legislation. We have seen the “can do” of the Forest Service at the expense of Forest Health before. This mixed with the political clout of a wood products industry and cattle grazing put us in the situation we face today. My most grave concern would be anything that limits my right as a citizen to appeal decisions as I am not represented by either group that is recommending this as a alternative process. The forest can be of use to the economies of eastern Oregon, but all the costs need to be represented.

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  • Anonymous 02/23/2010 5:42pm

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  • pelmof 06/29/2010 6:24am

    Dear Senator Wyden,
    S.3520 needs to be passed immediately. There are 15 million Americans who are “unemployed through no fault of their own,” and who are also frantically attempting to find new jobs that do not exist. The majority of these 15 million have a family dependent upon their income, so that increases the number to possibly 30 or even 45 million Americans who are in imminent danger of losing everything. When this happens, the financial and moral ramifications for this country will be dire indeed. I’ll say it again— S.3520 needs to be passed immediately! Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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    sharibear 07/07/2010 6:17pm
    This extention on unemployment has to be passed. I’am an American and have been unemployed since dec 2009.I look for work almost everyday with no luck at all!This is the first time in my 42 yrs of life that I havent had a job.An American born and raised in here, who needs your help! I have finished my 28 weeks of unemployment, and have no teir 1 or extention to help me with my bills.THIS BILL ON JULY 12TH NEEDS TO BE PASSED IMMEDIATELY!Or I go on the street to live. Vote yes! I thank you for your attention on this matter.
  • loucifer667 11/20/2010 7:02am

    Thank you thank you thank you… Please continue to stand up against “S.3804 – Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act”. You are our only hope for saving the future of our internet. We understand you’re in a difficult position, but you have a lot of support behind you.

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  • walker7 11/22/2011 3:10am

    Mr. Wyden, you saved the Internet last year by making bill S.3804 not pass. This year, you can do the same with bills H.R. 3261, S.968, and S.978, making sure they all don’t pass. Like loucifer667 said, you are our only hope for saving the future of our Internet. Behind you, I have all the support in the world. I wish you the best of luck in killing these Internet-threatening bills!

  • Wdejr 01/18/2012 12:38am

    Mr. Wyden, Thank you for your opposition to the SOPA bill. You’ve got mine and many other’s backing you on that position.

  • ttag8011 03/07/2013 1:00pm

    Thank you, Senator, for standing with Rand Paul during his fight for answers yesterday. Drones as tools of war have no place in our nation, that is the debate for today. Tomorrow we must decide the effect around the world. People hate us so much more now that they live in constant threat. The classification of “enemy combatants” is ludicrous, and distorts the causalty rates that are reported to us, the public. The entire drone program needs to be halted, reviewed, and rules set down, that are clear and defined and most importantly CONSTITUTIONAL.

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