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  • lerichards 03/07/2008 4:48am
    Homeland Security Satellites dangerous to all U S Citizens.

    Fear has gripped the Government and many people of The United States, causing havoc among all citizens. Not in history of civilization has such atrocities been realized. Spying and torture has become a common practice to any individual not living the productive life, people who live peacefully, people who are satisfied with their lives.
    Once the Government considers a person or persons unproductive, they are considered alien and a danger to the society. The government fears these people for their disrupting the overall progress of the American Way. Growth and prosperity has become a major concern to those people dwelling in luxury and vanity, while individuals who are satisfied with the common way of living are scrutinized and condemned for being lazy and indifferent to any advancement.
    America is the product of devastation to the planet Earth, and to the realm of outer space. The government has sold-out to the destruction of the planet with endless violations, removing the material resources and destroying natural environment, ending nearly all ecosystems of other forms of life.
    The End

  • Anonymous 04/06/2008 5:36am

    Help your people vote for unemployment extension 2008 …..

  • Anonymous 04/09/2008 5:03am
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  • Anonymous 04/10/2008 7:35am
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    Some truly disturbing posts on this site. Truly disturbing!

  • Anonymous 04/28/2008 3:32pm

    I hope that you are reading on all of the THOUSANDS of comments on the two unemployment extension bills.
    THESE are heartbreaking stories and mine is another one – I have worked so hard for so long and there are no jobs out there for us over 50!!!!!!
    PLEASE have compassion – we are LOSING EVERYTHING we’ve worked all whole lives for!

  • Anonymous 05/28/2008 5:13am

    Next week, the Senate is scheduled to take up a bill sponsored by Senators John Warner and Joseph Lieberman that seeks aggressively to reduce emissions from all sectors of the economy. Please vote in favor of this bill. The science is solid; climate change is real. Greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced by at least 70% by 2050. Additionally, there must be enforceable benchmarks along the way. Tough legislation is needed now.
    Thank you.

  • Anonymous 09/21/2008 11:19am

    What’s the deal with all of these SEPARATE bills for extending benefits? Our responses are DILUTED on the different bills. When they look for the number of comments, it looks like not many but when they add together the comments for all the UE extension bills introduced, they’d have to RESPOND to us!!!!
    2544 is the one that:
    - was introduced FIRST
    - gives us a $50 increase
    - should be pushed for by ALL of us
    Make them honor KENNEDY and show empathy for US by passing that bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crazyrick 12/15/2008 3:44am

    The Unemployment office of Ohio are telling unemployed people that the Fed’s haven’t released funds for ext. unemployment.They show all accounts as denied. Is this true ?


  • Anonymous 01/28/2009 2:24pm

    Try and live like the average person is doing these days , No job and on unemployment.. I think before even running for office the people of the Congress and Senate should take a year of living on little pay or try living on unemployment.. You all made up the myth that we do not want to work.. All I can say is get out there and be one of us for a month try and find a job.. Blue Collar or white collar we are all in the same boat except those Elite in Washington who are hired by us.. We The People..

  • Anonymous 02/16/2009 10:47am

    I agree that many of the politicians should try living their life on only an unemployment check. Maybe their hardline stance against us “lazy” unemployed people will change.
    However, I do not feel that Sherrod Brown is NOT one of these senators. Quite the opposite, I have spoken with Sen. Brown and I will tell you that he truly does care about the unemployed in Ohio.

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    RSM61 12/31/2011 12:07am

    Not BEFORE running, While they are IN OFFICE! They should only be allowed to make $25,000 a year, period. NO bonuses, NO retirement, BASIC MINIMAL healthcare, NO kickbacks, NO book deals, NO speech fee’s, NO anything to make extra money!!! And NO access to personal funds if they have it before they go in! That would keep many of them from wanting to be career politicians and would only attract people who were very passioate about what they were doing instead of the kind of misfits we get stuck with nowadays. They would have the $25,000 and that’s it, and they would have to live only on that.

  • littlefaithincongress 02/17/2009 5:23pm

    I am convinced our elected officials only care about keeping their jobs and their very comfortable lifestyles at our expense. They have their own special retirement and medical programs they voted for themselves. I wish I could vote on their compensation and benefit package. If they had to live on the programs and packages available to the citizens they might actually find some solutions to some of our complex problems. I am convinced they just don’t want to be bothered by the average citizen except on election day!

  • Anonymous 02/18/2009 5:12am

    Please, Do not support H.R.45, this is a dangerous bill and a step in the wrong direction. I agree that there has to be a certain amount of control, but this bill could possiably make all gun owners “criminals”. This bill seems to be “being kept quiet” in the news media, I had not heard anything about it until I went to a local gun shop to purchase ammo and they were out of the ammo I was looking for. This bill seems to be making people who want to own a firearm run out and purchase one even if they need one or not. The bill is creating a panic, and that in it’s self could be dangerous. Some of these tactics were tried 70 some years ago, don’t let it happen again.

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    Anonymous 02/18/2009 1:57pm

    I agree with your comment! H.R 45 is a major step in the wrong direction. I believe this is a beginning step to abolish our second ammendment rights. H.R. 45 will not stop the criminals from obtaining and using a firearm against the law abiding citizen. Why would anyone want to support a law that could possibly turn a law abiding citizen into a criminal due to no fault of their own. It will also add additional and unnecessary cost to citizens, firearms manufacturing companies and many other businesses.

  • waltersdc2 03/08/2009 3:26am

    H.R. 45 is also a direct contradiction to H.R> 17 which states we may own and use firearms in defense of our selves, family and home. While we will be allowed to defend ourselves we will not be allowed to keep those firearms anywhere we could get at them easily.

  • bobjuliequeen 04/08/2009 11:34am

    I have never been more scared of losing everything my family has fought and died for than I am now. If HR45 passes then we all will indeed be subjects and not citizens, The fact that the safety of our children is a main point to this bill makes me sick. when we can’t even send them to school without the fear of being beaten up looms over their heads daily. My parents taught me at a very early age what a firearm was capable of doing to another human being, and I never touched one nore did I want to until I was ready to do it safely. This like most things must be taught in the home and not by a very misinformed teacher that has never been hunting,or handled a weapon. let alone a bunch of coattail riding,yes men who really don’t have an opinion but will do anything to kiss ass of our current administration.

  • henhousefox 04/30/2009 2:38pm

    Bravo regarding S488.

  • bobjuliequeen 06/24/2009 4:17pm

    if we don’t want to work in a union where is our choice!!!! vote no against your party for card check and vote yes for America!!!

  • jcgordon 06/28/2009 2:18pm

    Sherrod Brown is undoubtedly one of the worst Senators in the country. Here is what the Heritage Foundation has to say about Brown’s record.

    “Over the past year and half, his Senate colleagues have shown little hesitation in aligning with Sanders. One senator, Ohio’s Sherrod Brown, would receive an A in Socialism 101 by virtue of his voting record and numerous co-sponsorships. Brown voted the socialist party line, with Sanders, 96% of the time and cosponsored a bill to raise taxes on small businesses and another that would mandate banks to make favorable loans to businesses that meet certain left-leaning ideals.”

  • eleyarms 08/29/2009 6:44pm

    This is one of my Senators, I am ashamed to say. He does not listen to his constituents and votes his own agenda rather than that of the citizens of Ohio. In today’s climate, definitely a one term pony. Let’s vote him and the rest of the Socialists out of office as soon as possible.

  • navywifeked 09/16/2009 4:57pm

    According to Mr. Brown on nomination of Sunstein, he heard concern from many constituents, but voted to allow him anyways. What happened to listening to the people that put you in office? He votes the Socialist way and won’t listen, he does what he wants. Not supposed to be that way. Vote him out in 2012, to bad that is so far away. He is going to do so much damage in the next 3 1/2 years. God help us all…

  • kbthiede 09/23/2009 5:19pm
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    BROWN’S MY BOY!!!!

    I love you Senator, you can always count on my vote…..provided your voting remains satisfactory….



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  • fortermlimits 11/24/2009 7:58pm

    2012 is too far away for me, you can do so much damage. I see you voted for cloture to proceed HR3590. Shame on you, you lose.

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    rick_broker 12/21/2009 3:49am

    We need to find a way to recall this traitor!

  • thejeffersondemocrat 12/18/2009 5:30am

    Sen. Brown tragically clings to the farce that the “Commerce Clause” of the US constitution gives the government the authority to force (mandate) people to buy a good or service (in this case health insurance) or risk being on the wrong side of the law. That is a tyranically power that finds no shelter in the words of the commerce clause: “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;” Either the senator is ignorant of how the commerce clause reads, or is willfully violating his oath of office.

  • suesaner 12/29/2009 12:47pm

    my cobra plan ended and wont cover me as an individual because i am now sick, for the first time in the 19 years with the plan. hipaa plan will cover me, but being unemployed does not financially allow that option. ironic, as i am unemployed from that very health plan after 9 years. the ray of sunshine? the h.r. 3501 that could give my sorry self a tax break on my four legged “kids” and that would be brilliant! my taxes have been supporting other peoples kids for years, but i dont have any human kids, so i dont get any help with my furry companions. senator brown is supporting this bill and i am thrilled. he supports many others i am in support of. so if i need to get my health care from the free clinic now, so be it. when i was working i supported them, now i shall use their services. i will also defend my home, as long as i can pay the house note. my remington home defense system will assist me. :)

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  • Dori 03/07/2010 10:00pm

    How can Brown have a 35+% approval rating? Congress is what? 15% approval? My guess is Brown should be down around 15% at best. How are the ratings determined?

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