Former Rep. Barney Frank

Democrat  •  Massachusetts 16 Terms  •  Sworn In 1981
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  • Anonymous 02/06/2008 3:55pm

    How could you vote to pass bill H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007? Do you think Americans’ should not have their civil liberties?! Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?! I will do everything make it known that we have a state rep that is willing to take away our rights, because of a potential problem! That because of some people are potential threats that you believe the innocent must suffer as well! I love my freedoms to think what I want, and I am going to make sure everyone knows that you said yes to a bill that says I can no longer express them if they go against the government for fear of being a homegrown terrorist! I hope you can live with your decision on helping with the destruction of this once great country!

  • Comm_reply
    stidmatt 09/14/2011 1:22am

    When put in conflict, which is more important, the right to life or the right to own a gun if you are a criminal who has demonstrated a probability to reoffend? What would have happened if the Federal government did not step in when the KKK was raging across the south hanging and killing blacks and whites who supported Dr. King among others? Nothing would have happened because the disenfranchised Blacks of the South would not have had the opportunity to remove their abusive governments. It is far better to prevent a death in retrospect than to mourn the death after a lynching, LBJ knew this, which is why protections save American lives.

  • Anonymous 03/19/2008 3:42pm

    Barney Frank’s attempts to create a “floor” under the housing market are ridiculous. Did this clown take an economics course in college? Creative destruction is at the heart of capitalism. Trying to prevent credit and asset markets from returning to equilibrium (the “destructive” flip side to the “creative” bubble we saw in the last year) will simply create more problems than it solves.

    Frank, Dodd, and Schumer may delay the inevitable, but they can not prevent the inevitable. More importantly, by propping up asset and credit markets through monetary and fiscal stimulus, they will ultimately hasten the collapse of the dollar.

  • Comm_reply
    stidmatt 09/14/2011 1:21am

    In the 1930s in response to the drop of the stock market having to with overspending and non-sustainable investments in the 1920s Congress and the President put in security programs protecting the stock market from further crashes. Despite the oil crisis of the 1970s and another smaller dip in the early 1990s the economy did not collapse until 2008 when the protections put in place by Roosevelt had been removed. I bet he took economics as well as history.

  • gkdaw_usa 07/13/2008 10:17am

    I am a PEACEFUL WARRIOR, and people are just selling MY IDEAS, and being Disabled I have NO NO Right’s ? why is it that way?, can I steal from you? and get away with it ? I am a better Man than those that steal, from the week and Disabled !
    I would just like to know if I am just missing something ? Because I was raised to be helpful, not to steal from other’s and if this starts at the top of this government and it is in every part of the GOV. then ? WHO
    can you trust to help, this Country and not take from the little person that is weekend with a disability and the economy so HOW can a Disabled person get out of the DEAD rut the GOV. has put me in. CAN YOU HELP ME!?
    Will YOU HELP FIND away to help me to HELP MY COUNTRY? THE USA.!
    Yes Pass it to help your Fellow Americans people, not the people that are Killing this Country Like The Princess of OIL you know your Boss the one that has the world in this mess, just look at it just think you helped make it this way are you a proud Republi=cannot’s are you a American or not? answer this then is your Boss telling the Truth! ?

    What is the Idea of Independents ? Oil or America ? or for the king of Oil is in S.A. and you Live where ? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

    Happy Independents Day America!?
    We have a longer way too go!
    I think we are further from American Independents than ever Befor in History!, We where from the start !
    It started out to be U.S. verses British Rule and now it is the United States of America Verses The rule of OIL but are we fighting to help the rule of Oil or are WE fighting to brake away from Oil it is all the to be looked at but we are on the wrong side at this time in history of true Independents we have the technologies to brake away from the RULER of Oil but our Leader in not for Independents he is for the Rule of OIL and the Rule of Oil is not IN this Country so the Ruler is not in this country and so the people of this country is too suffer the poor to suffer and most of all because the ruler of Oil has sent job’s away so the people would have more to complain about and still not really do a thing to fix this mess , the Rule has taken away all your Rights from are True INDEPENDENTS to try to replace it with the rule of Oil , and not to use the TECHNOLOGIES of yesterday to bring it to the Future, so by doing so we are not so Independent as WE should be. I can not stand it, I could be thronging names or Businesses names but most people know the truth and it is just a mater of time when the people of this country start dying for this U.S.A. country agian ! Here!
    Electric could be are NEW INDEPENDENTS! FROM THE RULER OF OIL!

    Just need some one in this field too look at this for real ! An Electric, Mechanical, Engineering
    I would like to know if I could talk to some one about My Motor, A Real Concept I have and it is like but not from, NISSAN | Super Motor, and like the fuellesss Car Patent. I had to do a lot to find those to prove to my self it could work, NISSAN= Super Motor, like the fuelless Car Patent. and Still thay do not, do it the way that I would, My Idea is better than there’s, and Nissan’s still needs to Plug in to charge there Batteries or us a gas motor to run it., I am talking about running Big rigs as well as car’s, truck’s, SUV’s, Tractor’s, from the Biggest to the smallest just Mine is a replacement of all types of Gas Diesel motors just take out what is in your Vehicle and re-place with My Idea. , but I’m just not getting the help I will need to make it happen here in the USA! Can you help me ?! Please! 4 your Country! USA
    call me at 1-269-236-5019 Ask for Glen White to have a meeting or Just becouse I am Disabled dose not mean I am not Bright. Just give me a chance Please!?! We will not be taking a lot of time to make the First one becouse most parts are on shelf just two or there, miner parts will need to be maid ! Could you help Me? To Do this for are Country It is more than just another Idea! This is for real.
    or should we just put rails on every road? Or just put a conveyors on are high ways and side roads. (Not) I really think I got it right with the first one! come and see for your self! just call I just need some TECH Help.!
    I would like to Partner with my country but will it Partner with me!? OR ? What!

    What I would like to see is an address to the American People from are President that is talking To the American People not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not any thing But The People of The United States of America.
    Just look back at the address’s in the Past and the History of real Presidents of this Country. He has not even been close to the People and your Party has been the same! just look at Hitler’s Party just one to follow and A real American is no guts no glory! so what is your Party ?
    American OR not ?

  • Anonymous 07/15/2008 7:07am

    I was flabbergasted the other day when a sign went up on our still developing subdivision. It reads: “NO CASH TO CLOSE, SELLER PAYS ALL CLOSING COSTS.” In spite of the footnote “Restrictions Apply” is this not illustration of how we got in this mess?

    Whatever happened to personal and financial responsibility? Bailout of mortage companies, banks, finance companies and imprudent individuals indeed!

  • Anonymous 09/30/2008 6:15pm

    After you said there was nothing wrong with Fannie May & Freddie Mack. You lied to the public. I think you should resign! You are not helping the people you are representing, yet you made a lot of money from them.

  • CuteBlondeCrystal 11/04/2008 12:23am
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    I would have given Barney Frank a 100% if he had voted for a trans-inclusive ENDA.

  • arkadyka 02/03/2009 1:25pm

    Barney is responsible for the housing meltdown due to his social engineering visions. He should be ashamed of himself and step down.

    Better yet, someone run and get rid of this guy.

  • skip292 02/05/2009 10:23am

    I am so outraged at what I see going on in Washington that I’m ashamed to be an American! You childish idiots stand up there telling everyone how bad the other party is and everyone that doesn’t agree with your views as if you are really doing it for the people! That goes for both sides, I haven’t seen an honest bipartisan effort by anyone! And as far as the government being able to tell anyone how to run their business…you better look in the mirror first! Sick and Tired of lip-service in MT.

  • Comm_reply
    jodamur 06/06/2009 11:05am

    You Should not be ashamed to be an American for our Representatives in Washington do not represent the GREAT Citizens of the UNITED STATES of America. In FACT they are a disgrace to this Great Nation and should all be thrown out of office for Treason on the highest level. they do not uphold the Constitution to which they swore an oath and this alone should be a crime punishable by impeachment at the least. We are a Great Nation under GOD and they on the otherhand are pathetic human beings and they deserve recognition as such.

  • miternjrt 02/20/2009 11:11am

    Where and when is there going to be a TEA Party.
    I am sick and tired of the LIES, deceit, lip service and treating us like sh—.
    Barney should be recalled. In fact, they should all be impeached for taking our retirements, but they have probably stolen theirs.

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  • ronbok 03/31/2009 2:48pm

    Rep. Barney “The Dino” Frank is a domestic enemy of the United States Constitution. Full stop. HR 1022 is a violation of the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment. You have violated your oath of office and should be removed.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 04/07/2009 2:47pm

    Repeating a lie will never make it a truth.

  • Quahog 04/30/2009 5:10pm

    Barney Frank should be run out of congress for his support of the bailout bill and for his support of the Wall Street crooks

  • americanpilot 05/24/2009 7:08am

    Barney Frank- Even looks like that green and purple monstosity. Him and all the other democraps and some republicans should be deported out of the country. They are sooo smart, send them to Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. Let them set up a government there. That fat loud mouthed jackass!

  • jodamur 06/06/2009 10:47am

    Barney Frank says their is 0% inflation On what planet is he referring to? The Federal Reserve Is Destroying the value of the dollar at an alarming rate and they have no intention of slowing this process down until they have succeeded in destroying our currency. New World Order and currency is their ultimate goal. Barney Frank is the chairman of the Finance committee and has no intention of calling for a vote on HR-1207 to audit the FEDERAL RESERVE. I would like to know who voted for this so called representative of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA? He is a pathetic Human Being and a sorry representative to BOOT.

  • VirginianPatriot1861 07/07/2009 3:45pm

    This guy is a disgrace. He’s a big part of what caused a lot of the problems we are having right now and I hope the people in his State wake up and realize he needs to be fired. I don’t want to see this clown reelected EVER again.


  • Comm_reply
    meyermayhem 08/04/2009 11:06am

    I concur. This guy reminds me of a cartoon!

  • CowboyRobert 07/18/2009 12:34pm

    You know, I agree with myself that its highly unfair that if you grow your own stuff and smoke your own stuff why the hell does it matter? I mean, those who smoke weed either has a record or that just begining to smoke something different. Sad enough to say we have every right to smoke what ever is somkeable, right? Yea so what. I’ve been in a holding cell for 4 hours, does that make me a criminal? So freaking what, I been ticketed so many time because of a moving violation. But yet, when I smoke my stuff, it helps me ease my mind, it soothes my emotions, and hell, it gives me the best erection than a viriga does. I’ve got nothing to hide. I am an independant american that has every right to do as I please.

  • yyzrd 08/19/2009 7:32am
    This guy thinks he is “better and smarter” than his constituents…..and has a huge ego…….he needs to go back to his male prostitution business in the basement of his house(remember that fine example for the youngsters of the community)…………..Barney probably doesn’t read these, you know it is below his station. But if ya do Barn, just know that we are watching, and our goal will not only include cleaning house of vermin like you, but also eliminating your benefits after you’re run out of town. So enjoy your privilage now because the country is starting to realize that the smell of stench is eminating from you
  • yyzrd 08/19/2009 7:46am

    oh by the way Barn, don’t feel alone, we are calling for any member of congress or the senate who voted on the stimulous bill with-out reading it, Republican or Democrat to re-sign immediately for breaking their oath of office.

  • Squidly2112 08/19/2009 6:53pm

    How incredibly stupid are you people in Massachusetts? Have you people not even 2 brain cells amongst you rub together? Why do you idiots continue to re-elect complete morons like Barney Frank? Its pathetic… I mean really, elect a Democrat, elect a Republican, elect which ever party you want, but please, can you people be any dumber than to elect someone like Barney Frank?


  • Comm_reply
    DanKat 12/02/2010 12:50am

    I think we can conclude that people in Mass are incredibly stupid…… They put the pathetic moron back in office. The second brain cell must have died.

  • GunnyG 10/16/2009 5:50am


    Thanks Taxachusettes for electing this idiot over and over.
    The Anti Liberal Zone

  • GovOwnsU 11/05/2009 5:23pm

    Barney Frank, you are the most ARROGANT, RUDE little boy I have ever seen. I have watched you on several occasions and you use Alinsky tactics and try to humiliate those who disagree with you. You yell and you tell EVERYONE that they interrupt you, trying to monopolize conversations. That, you fool, is because you keep yapping and never let anyone get a word in! If they disagree with you, God help them, right? I wish your constiuents would GIVE YOU THE BOOT!

  • rugby6 11/07/2009 4:53pm

    I hope congressman Frank is spending some money on speech therapy….he and the other 534 idiots certainly make enough. Speaking of that……..the moron has the gall to suggest that some people’s salaries should be capped. Who’s capping the salaries of the members of congress? They’ve been taking the taxpayers to the cleaners for years. We need to wake up America and start demanding that the bozo’s in Washington earn their pay and work for the people that sent them there. Let’s give them a wake up call next year……….vote the idiots out.

  • Homebuilt7 11/27/2009 8:53am

    Why didn’t the good people of Massachusetts vote NO to Barney Fudd last election?

  • Comm_reply
    DanKat 12/02/2010 12:52am

    Yes – can a person from Mass who voted for this idiotic criminal speak up? I would love to know why they voted for him. What were you thinking?!?

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