Former Rep. Stephanie Jones

Democrat  •  Ohio 5 Terms  •  Sworn In 1999
Last Term 2007 - 2008 View All

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  • thepoorpeoples 02/19/2008 8:52pm

    STOP BILL HR 1955 AND S BILL 1959

  • Anonymous 02/25/2008 7:24pm

    Dear Ms. Stubbs-Jones,

    I just KEEP telling myself that THIS is nightmare or a HORROR flick…… and that I WILL wake up….BUT…… I can see clearly now, this IS reality; YOUR reality.

    Since YOU are REALLY feeling SO very MUCH compelled to support THE Clinton’s, after ALL of their dishonest, dirty, low level attacks AND “CHEAP TRICKS” against Barack Obama," well: “Honey, ah’m SCARED OF YOU”!

    HOW could you NOT support this man, Obama? I can only HOPE that YOUR ancestors …. YES those who were enslaved, can understand your choice NOW, because I certainly do NOT see how you can EVER reconcile this kind of choice with YOUR past or with YOUR future (with YOUR ancestors OR YOUR grandchildren)…. BUT…. maybe I’m just too old and too dumb to understand a BIG, WELL accomplished woman like you.>>>>>> NOT!

    Perhaps you just want to get unemployment. I don’t know. IF you are NOT reelected, can YOU collect unemployment benefits? Will YOU be eligible for that? You ought to get some information on that because I WILL be trying to find the RIGHT person to FILL your LOST seat.

    How dare you, as an elected official go against YOUR BASE? YOU have NO right to support, until and unless YOUR BASE supports. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

    Uh I DON’T know, but I have to HOPE (there is that HOPE word, yet again) that you DO know what you are going to do, FOR and WITH ….YOUR political future.

    God Bless you and YOUR political future….especially WHEN Obama wins.

    HOPEFULLY yours,

  • Anonymous 02/29/2008 2:36pm

    To: Rep. Stephanie Stubbs-Jones – OHIO

    I am a Canadian resident who has been watching with great interest the recent Presidential race in the States. As you may know, when our American cousins sneeze, the rest of us north of the border catch pneumonia! Not to mention the various other ailments the rest of the world may be afflicted with as result of political winds from your country! [I often feel that Canadians should be given the U.S vote, too!?]….

    So, I was delighted to see you, Stephanie, on CNN news when you made your unequivocal statement that you will continue to endorse Sen. Hillary Clinton regardless of the many challenges you may be facing at this critical time as result of your difficult decision.

    I would like to CONGRATULATE YOU and THANK YOU for the wonderful ETHICAL EXAMPLE you are setting in this campaign for young girls and women throughout your country and beyond. Your courageous, steadfast LOYALTY [a forgotten virtue!] to a candidate whose Universal Healthcare proposal is the most comprehensive and beneficial—and whose impeccable record on Women’s and Children’s issues is the guiding light for all politicians—is a source of joy and pride for all North-American women.

    You represent women’s best instincts and traditional ETHOS, and your comments were heartfelt and made me proud to have you, an American neighbour, involved in politics where you are making a real difference in women’s and children’s lives in Ohio. I will never forget Hillary Clinton’s courageous, indeed confrontational, challenge to the Chinese Officials back at the UN Conference in 1995: “Women’s rights are Human Rights!” Her speech was one for the ages. I’ve saved the newspaper clippings! She was instrumental in passing legislation to give American epileptic, and all handicapped children, assistance with their distinct Medical and Educational needs back in 1998, and I keep hearing from women friends in the States who are now accomplished only because of HILLARY’S GIGANTIC EFFORTS on their behalf back then.

    In tolerant, Multicultural Canada, we are fortunate to have women’s Equality rights constitutionally entrenched in our Charter since 1982 [ERA has yet to be passed!]. And our National Universal Health Act made sure that [since enacted in 1965] not a single Canadian man, woman and child can be denied free healthcare. And Canadian government costs per capita on Healthcare are much lower than the American insurance-oriented scheme. It is because of Canada’s Universal National Healthcare Act and its resulting healthy workforce that Ontario was recently able to attract billion-dollar investment from Japanese car manufacturers who are building their plants here—and chose Ontario over Texas citing these factors! Surely Americans, who have waited so long since Hillary’s courageous pioneering Health care plan was sabotaged in the 90s, would rather support her as the most proven, tested, competent and superbly qualified presidential nominee. Youthful, truly charismatic Sen. Obama’s anorexic resume is no match for Hillary’s track record and reliability under fire, although he would make an excellent Vice-President.

    But I am afraid the blatantly misogynist U.S. media’s biased anti-Hillary coverage is actually “shadow-voting” this democratic nomination—rather than allowing the public to carefully scrutize each candidate’s resume and determine who gets the Top Job based on MERIT.

    I hope that we are not faced with the prospect of yet another competent, qualified and experienced woman hitting against the ‘glass ceiling’ and, regrettably, be denied the top job in favour of a younger, less experienced male candidate!

    Above all, I hope and pray that misogyny will soon disappear from both media and politics and wish you and Sen. Clinton the very best, and please keep up your fight and advocate on behalf for women and children. For their health and wellbeing is the real foundation and true measure of a sane, healthy society.


    Mary Sakel
    Ontario – CANADA

  • Anonymous 06/08/2008 2:10pm

    For GOD’s SAKE – have COMPASSION on AMERICAN WORKERS who have through NO FAULT of their own lost their JOBS and are not getting rehired!!!!!!!!! Pass 2544 or the War Bill or SOMETHING to extend unemployment benefits!!!!!!!!!

    What kind of country lets AMERICANS lose EVERYTHING and sends money OVERSEAS to people who have OUR jobs there???

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