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  • john2000 03/18/2009 11:41pm

    I just doesn’t get much worse than this monster.

  • ronbok 03/31/2009 2:57pm

    Rep. Nancy Pelosi is a domestic enemy of the United States Constitution. Full stop. HR 1022 is a violation of the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment. You have violated your oath of office and should be removed.

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  • ronbok 03/31/2009 3:00pm

    I’ll tell you who’s “UnAmerican” and it’s NOT us you poor excuse for a human being!

  • MercilessPit 04/26/2009 8:46pm

    Nancy Pelosi is a socialist advocate for stealing from the wealthy and giving to the poor [called income redistribution, in the case of the government forcefully] – and she is also an advocate (remember she is from Mexifornia) to give amnesty to 12 million lawbreakers. Pelosi and the Democrats have been attempting to roll back tax cuts.

    I’m not rich by any means, I make just above the poverty line income, but I saw increases in my income thanks to Bush (though he failed on immigration miserably). “When we lowered the taxes for families with children, she voted against it. And when we put the death tax on the road to extinction, she voted against it.”

  • MercilessPit 04/26/2009 8:46pm

    Some more info on Nanci Pelosi’s ineptness:
    Voted NO on retaining reduced taxes on capital gains & dividends.

    Voted NO on providing tax relief and simplification as prescribed by the Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004.

    Voted NO on making permanent an increase in the child tax credit.

    Voted NO on making the Bush tax relief permanent that are to expire in 2010.

    Voted NO on $99 economic stimulus: capital gains & income tax cuts in 2002.

    Voted NO on eliminating the Estate Tax (“death tax”) – so, Bush was right to make that comment above.

    Voted NO on $46 billion in tax cuts for small business – 2000.

    Nancy Pelosi says and does real things that are detrimental to America and its people – no one need to make up stories about her because the truth is damning as it is.

  • MinnesotaMama 05/28/2009 9:35am

    Nancy, you need to resign. You can only get away with telling lies for so long. Accusing the CIA of lying to you when they did not is one of stupidest things you’ve done yet.

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    roundbottom 07/22/2009 7:54am


  • dabruin2 06/27/2009 4:16am

    Voted for H.R. 2454 when there’s no possible way she could’ve read 1200 pages of text. She’s basically saying that we all should be taxed more and should be controlled more by government.

  • VirginianPatriot1861 07/07/2009 3:50pm

    Nancy Pelosi is dishonest and corrupt. Her values are in direct contradiction to those upon which the nation was founded. She has no respect for the principles of liberty and freedom and believes that the government that governs most, governs best.

    That strategy is clearly wrong, just look at the situation we are currently in because of a DEMOCRAT controlled legislature.

    The statists need to be voted out of office in 2010 and people who care about reigning in government control and reducing the size of the Federal government need to be elected.

    Pelosi is a statist. Pelosi is a problem. It is my sincere hope that the people of California vote her out of office.


  • Comm_reply
    roundbottom 07/22/2009 7:53am

    I hope you get your wish & I’m a Democrat, we don’t even like her…

  • ponyboy 07/12/2009 8:42am
    Hi I’m asking for help in getting the Uniting families act out of committee and onto the floor for a vote. I am legal married in the wonderful country of Canada which sees all people as equal not like the United States. Once again the uniting families act is in committee, and it seems like it’s up to Nancy Pelosi to get it onto the floor to be voted on. There are over 36,000 people waiting fingers crossed that this bill is passed many people are living in exile over this. Why is it countries like Canada, the UK, Spain, Nepal, see nothing wrong with gay marriage just the United States government has problems. Is it because the church still runs this government?
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    roundbottom 07/22/2009 8:38am

    Hey she’s done nothing for anybody else, what makes you think she’ll do anything for you. ? You know what tell her your an illegal, that should get you to the top of the list.

  • LDishman 07/21/2009 10:53pm

    Get out, Pelosi. Even your Democrats want you out and wish you were not our Speaker.

  • roundbottom 07/22/2009 8:32am

    well someone had to vote for her, but no one will admit it, I wonder how she feels that she is so well loved…I know she laughs all the way to the bank on the backs of the american worker.

  • purplelilac3084 08/17/2009 4:21am

    She is a disgrace to our government. First she calls the CIA liars, but yet she is still in office. she disgraces our senior citizen who are standing up for the right of freedom of speech. I have called a couple of times to tell her to sell her airplane, since she voted for cap & trade, and if she believed in global warming she shouldn’t be polluting the air. Of course global warming is a big lie, since the earth went down one degree in 2000, and has stayed the same temperature. the government is so corrupt! I have never seen anything like the spending here, wasting and wasting our money. Cap & Trade will kill what is left of our country! I urge everyone to watch cspan, and see how your government votes, and are NOT representing you. It is time to fire them all!

  • akosikurt 08/24/2009 8:57pm


  • squidman777 08/26/2009 5:00am

    I wonder if this woman even reads any of these comments or if we all are just venting into empty space and she will never get how bad of a job she is doing for the american people. The worst part of this is she has been in office for a very long time and keeps getting voted back in by, sorry to say stupid american people that think she is doing a good job. When will these people wake up????

  • hunterlady 08/28/2009 4:36pm


  • bhurder 08/30/2009 6:54am

    Rep. Pelosi, you are undoubtedly the worst Speaker of the House this country has ever had. You have lied to, ignored, and insulted the American people and will be voted out. If you had some real competition in your last election instead of Cindy Sheehan where the voters would get a choice of who better to represent them instead of which is the least of a nut case, you would have lost. Just look at your approval rating!!!

  • intruder09 09/04/2009 5:56pm

    Impeach her!

  • fortermlimits 09/07/2009 6:22pm

    Come on you Californians, you can do it—-vote her out. Surley there is someone out there to run against her that will work for the people!!

  • Comm_reply
    snarlbuckle 01/26/2010 3:49am

    Honestly, if I were one of her constituents, I would vote for a brick over her. At least an inanimate object would do nothing, which is far better than she is capable of. Maybe I’m on to something… Brick vs Pelosi?

  • gracels 09/09/2009 4:55pm

    You were wonderful tonight, Madam Speaker. I was so proud of you. You are indeed our Representative. Go get ‘em! I’ll vote for you forever.

  • Comm_reply
    gracels 09/09/2009 4:57pm

    Vote her out of office? Are you joking? We love her.

  • Comm_reply
    warrior 10/05/2009 10:46pm


  • Comm_reply
    rugby6 11/07/2009 4:33pm

    I bet you do Comrade Gracels………the dear leader will be proud of all his airhead minions. Barack Obama…mmmmmm…..mmmmmmm….mmmmmmmm. Give me a break.

  • Comm_reply
    dankennedy73 06/22/2010 7:18pm
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    For your informartion the only airheads I see are you bunch flyboys. talk about the Chairforce…spouting off all this conservative mindless shit. WWII and the Great Depression before it vallidated liberal leadership of this country. and let me guess, you were probably a Bush supporter, talk about a real liar. Commander-n-Thief himself. when are you conservative idiots gonna take a serious look at history and see for yourselve just how bad things really get when conservatism grips the nation. Now let me ask you…is that what you think was the great vision our founding fathers had for us. Fear, realistic loss of liberty, and the silencing of dissent? not the message I got from learning about them.

  • Comm_reply
    roadbiker 10/27/2009 12:05pm

    Here is a fine example of a complete idiot who drank the kool-aide…

  • Comm_reply
    fortermlimits 10/29/2009 6:57pm

    What is wrong with you?? Can’t you see what is going on?? Lost cause I guess!!

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