Former Rep. Mike Rogers

Republican  •  Michigan 7 Terms  •  Sworn In 2001
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Anonymous 05/01/2008 3:04am

Michigan needs an unemployment extension yesterday, I don’t know if you are up for re election but I’m sure the voters are checking..

arcaneradio 10/18/2010 6:15am

Michigan needs jobs more than it needs hand outs. We need to end the death grip the Unions have on workers and make Michigan a RIGHT TO WORK state. I Support small business and change to the small business tax to make it fair and unburdening. We need to fix the state not patch it till it breaks again.

patriotporter 04/10/2013 1:39pm

in response this bill you sponsored-H.R.624 – Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
- Benjamin Franklin


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