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  • gracels 09/09/2009 4:32pm

    I never thought I would live to see the say when the President of the United States was called a liar on the Senate floor. Have you no sense of decorum, sir?

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    jeanetteg 09/09/2009 6:53pm

    If I shouted “YOU LIE” to my boss during a team meeting I would be FIRED. You should be too.

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    missball404 10/04/2009 11:26am
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    So disrespecting the president of the United States is a way to get your point across??? come on “uncajake” you can’t agree with what this man did…no one is saying he can’t have an opinion but there is a time and a place for everything and he above all as a congressman should know that, if he’s going to act like a child whenever someone says something he doesn’t like then he needs to give up his seat IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!

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    Techcmitchell 10/11/2009 7:18pm

    The only thing that surprises me more than the blatant disregard that many in our government have for their constituents as intelligent human beings, is how blindly those same intelligent humans will fight for the R or the D. Mr. Wilson gave the noble sacrifice of his career to bring light to a lie which has been handed to the American public, and all you can focus on is the fact that he spoke out of turn. Have you given any thought to the fact that not one of the supporters of the health care bill can prove that the President was not lying? In fact measures have been taken in the other direction, to make sure that Illegal aliens are covered. So I ask you ladies, which is more detrimental to the future of our Great Nation, a rude representative, or an untruthful President?

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    jharding 11/16/2009 8:45am

    Obama has done MORE than his share of disrespecting his position – bowing to foreign dignitaries, entertaining despots and murderers. The fact that a man was willing to sacrifice his career and reputation for the sake of integrity and the American people’s welfare is WELL worth the price of protocol. Had I been there, I’d have at very least gotten up and walked out…would love think I’d had the courage to do what Rep. Wilson did.

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    GuyAverage 10/12/2009 6:21pm

    The POTUS is not the boss of the Congress. That’s one of the problems right now in the USA, that people are so ignorant of The Constitution that we are allowing it to be shredded before our eyes due to that ignorance. FYI: The Executive and Legislative branches are supposed to have checks and balances between them, and the same for the Judicial branch as well. The POTUS said that he was prepared to “rule” when he took office, and that is exactly the way he is approaching The Office. The POTUS is a public servant, not the Ruler, and not The Boss. My 10th grade POD teacher brought me up to speed on that, and my pocket copy of The Constitution has it in black-and-white.

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    aubrey 04/25/2012 3:41pm

    LOL – I realize I am late to the party, but this was too funny. If Joe shouts at me “You lie!” about something I have said (and I know he is wrong), I’ll be sure not to vote for him. I have got a revelation for you, Jeanetteq, and I’ll type really slow – the President isn’t Joe’s boss, his constituents are; and sometimes he gets it right, and sometimes he doesn’t, and they decide, every couple of years, whether he is worth keeping, or whether there is a more appropriate applicant willing to do the job. It doesn’t work perfectly, but overall, it’s a pretty cool system. Do yourself a favor and do a search on “separation of powers” on your search engine of choice because it looks like you slept through Civics.


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    Uncajake 09/12/2009 11:38am


    Where were you when President Bush was called a liar? The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for men of conscious to be silent.

  • Liberator454th 09/09/2009 4:58pm

    I cannot believe the stupendous ignorance of Rep Wilson yelling out “you lie” to the POTUS on the floor of the house on national TV. He should be expelled from the house ASAP! I’m appalled and disgusted, as I hope his constituents are also…

  • jotton1 09/09/2009 5:27pm

    Rep. Wilson: As Virginia Moore said, “True self-respect, being very different from false pride, leads inevitably to respecting others.” I hope for your sake, and the sake of your constituents, that you will come to realize that your behavior on the floor of the Senate tonight was not befitting the position to which you were elected and showed a reprehensible lack of respect not only for the President of the United States, but for its citizens, as well.

  • CongressCritter 09/09/2009 5:32pm

    To the two stupid drones that have already weighed in with their insipid dross all I can say is that Rep Wilson is expressing what all freedom loving Americans know – Obama is an empty suit, who is promulgating a Socialist agenda that is antithetical to our American way of living that has provided us with unbelievable blessings of bounty for over 200 years.

    Obama lies. There is noway in hell that the government is going to run healthcare and not incur even greater unsustainable debt.
    Obame is a liar and a turncoat friend. He fired his friend Van Johnson at midnight without so much as a mention. Some friend indeed.

    Obama lies. He talks about someone being denied chemo therapy and never mentions the horrendous health disasters that occur daily within the Veterans Administration.

    Rep. Wilson is my new hero and I would wager that I am not alone by a long shot.

    Rep. Wilson spoke the truth, but you can’t handle it !

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    middleclassman 09/09/2009 5:52pm
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    While you can claim freedom of speech it doesn’t hide the fact that you have no repsect for our country or the people leading it. Disagreement with someone’s views is one thing but disrespect is not a partisan principle it’s something you and Representitive Wilson should have learned when young. Based on your behavior here how do you ever expect anyone to take your comments seriously? Have you no pride in this country? Do you really think that behavior is appropriate from an elected official? I guess it’s just the way people are in South Carolina starting with the governor and right on through to the Representitives. Good luck with that attitude in life!

  • dawn872 09/09/2009 5:32pm

    Congressman… you are my HERO. Because a man has power does not make him God. Obama is not above reproach. Call a liar a liar… I agree.

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    Rustedshack 09/09/2009 5:53pm
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    You know nothing of what you speak except fear and an ignorance of history. I hope you enjoy your weekends seeing that they were brought to you by socialists.

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    middleclassman 09/09/2009 6:07pm
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    That somehow brings value to the discussion? There is some clever underlying meaning to this. Do you even know what socialism is? Clearly I am in opposition of big Government and handout programs but what does that have to do with disrespecting the President of the United States in front of the world? It’s about decency man, nothing else.

  • CongressCritter 09/09/2009 6:19pm
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    I care very little about World opinion but I do care about a President that has the audacity to stand up in front of a joint session of Congress (called to save his butt) and lies through his teeth. I say that some things are far more important than your prissy sense of decorum.

    When Obama lies he should be called on it !

    Wilson your are a new American hero – Socialists, Communists and Statists be damned !

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    middleclassman 09/10/2009 5:32am

    Sir, it would be interesting to know your views regarding the obvious mis-truths told to the American people by our last President regarding weapons of mass distruction in Iraq. Or how about the illegal tapping of American citizens phone lines.

    I can see how low your standards really are and how easily you are impressed if Joe Wilson is your hero.

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    AesSedai 10/23/2009 7:02pm

    Etiquette trumping character? The nearly 2 million who marched on Washington last month – catch any of their sign’s comments/slogans? What are so many seeing that marched that those in here aren’t?

    There seem to be more concerned with a liar being called on his lying – no matter who it is or where it’s done – than there are those concerned with the substance of the accusation.

    The stakes are much higher when the liar is the President – and – where better to call the President on a lie than in the People’s House? Mr. Wilson warned us in the perfect way, at the perfect time.

    It’s NOT ok for illegal immigrants to be given free medical coverage when we will be fined heavily and then jailed if we still refuse (read: can’t) buy the insurance.

    Why not focus on defending our Constitution and Sovereignty instead of coddling Obama?

    Your country needs you – awake!

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    jharding 11/16/2009 8:40am
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    At the risk of being flamed, I just want to praise Rep. Wilson for having the stones to stand up, be counted, and call a spade a spade. If I lived in SC still, he’d have my voter’s support. As it is, he has my moral support.

  • justacitizen 09/09/2009 6:39pm

    Sir, I would expect a man of your stature would think before a knee-jerk reaction to what the President said. You were extremely rude to heckle the President as you did and those who agree with you show their ignorance.
    God Bless America, we need it.

  • justacitizen 09/09/2009 6:46pm

    BTW: The following is a fact, The House version of the health care bill explicitly prohibits spending any federal money to help illegal immigrants get health care coverage. Illegal immigrants could buy private health insurance, as many do now, but wouldn’t get tax subsidies to help them. Still, Republicans say there are not sufficient citizenship verification requirements to ensure illegal immigrants are excluded from benefits they are not due.

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  • avoiceofreason 09/09/2009 9:05pm

    Have you no respect for the office of the President, Mr. Wilson? Have you no respect for the electoral process of the country? Or is it that you have no respect for the millions of Americans who cast their votes for Barack Obama?

    Why is it that you think that you can disrepect the President of the United States of America anywhere but especially on national television? And by accusing him of lying when the bill currently before Congress clearly states that it explicitly prohibits illegal immigrants from obtaining health coverage. Doesn’t that make you the liar, Mr. Wilson?

    You, Mr. Wilson, are a disgrace to this country and the military. You should resign your seat immediately.

  • texansagainstwilson 09/09/2009 9:28pm

    From one (former) registered Republican to another… “you behaved like an idiot”! If you had any “true” sense of honor, you would resign immediately. Your urgency to denounce any and all proposals not originating from your own party speaks to the very nail currently being driven into the coffin of the GOP. Your ideals are flawed, your policies outdated, and your philosophy is beyond stagnant. Now you have risen to a whole new level of LOW. You outburst was disingenuous, disrespectful, and certainly not the actions of a gentleman.

    Your great state must be so proud!

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    GuyAverage 10/12/2009 6:35pm
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    All you lefty Moby posters start out with either telling everyone how you are a Republican or you were a Republican, or maybe you registered as a Republican in the primary so you could vote for RINO McCain, so you’re not totally a liar. These days you can say that truthfully as well because it has been possible to be a liberal and be a Republican for a while now, just look at Lindsey Graham. Claiming to be a former conservative is something you don’t see much of, though, and being a conservative is not synonymous with being a Republican, especially inside The Beltway.

  • Politiciansrcrooks 09/09/2009 10:49pm

    Mr. Wilson,
    I saw & heard what you did today to our Commander & Chief during his speech. I am appauled at what you did!!!!!
    You and your party’s constant dis-respect toward our president & general disagreeing with him on EVERY turn is not helping our country.
    That’s what’s wrong with this country. People like you & your party that just want to be divisive.
    You politicians don’t do what’s right for the country, for the people. You guys do what’s right for you, your wallets, the lobbyists or your career. Your outburst showed that you can’t be openminded about things & discuss them respectfully & calmly. Your just another divisive politician that can’t see past his anger so that he can make a better place for us all.
    Isn’t that what your there for?

  • grwell 09/10/2009 4:34am
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    From Rep. Wilson’s Web Site:
    Joe Wilson
    This site is down for maintenance.
    Please check back again soon.
    No wonder, must be flooded with messages. If his child yelled out the same thing to one of their teachers I suspect he would take out back ! I have never heard anything that rude in a joint session. This is so sad.

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