Former Sen. Thomas Coburn

Republican  •  Oklahoma 2 Terms  •  Sworn In 2005
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  • jessicakooiman 09/14/2011 4:59pm

    Dear Senator,

    The Transportation Enhancements (TE) program has dramatically expanded transportation options and improved traffic safety in thousands of communities across our nation. It’s a great success story. I ask that you support the continuation of dedicated federal funding for TE and a clean extension of the transportation bill.

    The federal investment in biking and walking is cost-effective: 1.5 percent of transportation spending supports the 12 percent of all trips that are made on foot or bike. Last year, the federal investment in biking and walking supported more than 3,000 projects and programs in all 50 states. Reallocating this money to road construction would pay for less than 20 miles of new of new highway in a single location.

    Investments in biking and walking provide tremendous bang for each buck. Bike infrastructure projects create and support good jobs, reduce road congestion and air pollution, and improve personal health.


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