Former Rep. Thelma Drake

Republican  •  Virginia 2 Terms  •  Sworn In 2005
Last Term 2007 - 2009 View All

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  • Anonymous 06/14/2008 6:46pm

    Voted against hr 5749,voted against helping out American people-

    vote out republicans on election day-

    Reject Republicans 11/4/2008

  • Anonymous 10/01/2008 3:04pm

    I am retired with a fixed income, most of which is in a 401K, more likely now a piggy bank. I am so disappointed that you and your fellow republicans Forbes,Goode,Whittman and Goodlatte chose not to save our country from financial ruin. You voted the wrong way and hurt so many other americans like myself. How did you think this would get fixed?

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 10/02/2008 10:15am

    I’m in the same situation, and I will NOT vote for any incumbant in the HofR. Obviously all our VA Representatives were more concerned about their own “job security” than they were about us! HOW DARE THEY!!!!

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