Former Rep. Eric Massa

Democrat  •  New York 1 Terms  •  Sworn In 2009

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  • thirty7 01/13/2009 4:33am

    Really??!! – two HySUV’s traveling 1000 miles and two fuel-cell cars to make a 300 mile trip (article linked below)? I would like to think Rep Massa was trying to make the point there is a lacking infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles on the east coast. However he didn’t market the effort in such a way. I would have suggesting using the two giant SUV’s as moving bill boards to help make the point we need the infrastructure to allow fuel vehicles like the Honda Clarity a reality. Rep Massa please continue to bring fuel cell vehicles a priority but do so with well thought out plans that inform and positively persuade instead of hinder the advancement of any evolution away from the dependence on the internal combustion engine.

    I would have much rather enjoyed to hear Rep Massa rode his bike to promote fitness and zero emissions. I’d ride from NY to DC any day!

  • shanyabeasley 01/17/2009 2:20pm

    shanya beasley of rochestr ny i do agree on what you said but too be on the same point the gas price has go down a get deal sorry for any miss spell words did not mean too .
    on the other hand do you know any thing on hobbs act thats what am looking for somebody who knows about it and who explan it too me with details please

  • RobinSwelch 10/29/2009 10:03am

    Thank you for that letter to Nancy Pelosi on repealing the Anti-Trust Exemption for insurance companies, good work on that. I think this is extremely important.

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