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  • TomKi 02/21/2009 9:04am
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    This guy does not like paying his taxes,but he sure like raising them!
    Hence the nickname Jeff Taxhike Merkley!

  • Dameontc 04/11/2009 11:21am
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    Sen. Merkley, Its time Sir. You said once that you would do what the people in your state wanted. That is what you were sent to Washington D.C. to do. We hired you to do the things we ask you to do sir. Now it is time for you to act. Help the people of your state. The United States Constitution is under attack, and has been for quite some time. Senator you know what is wrong, you have started to lean in that direction. Its time to become part of a solution, not the problem. The rights of the people are at stake, Please sir, take a look at what is going on around us all. Look on the 9-12 project web site and see for yourself what us the PEOPLE are thinking, saying. Read the posts really read them sir. See what we think. Find for yourself. Sir this is bigger than anything else. Be a true leader. Be our voice there.
  • kaylu 09/29/2009 11:07am

    Sen Merkley I find it terribly worrisome that it appears the health care bill being proposed will do these things: (1) place the U.S. population in a long term finical hole which our grandchildren will face paying; (2) it has two aspects which I cannot support: abortion and “undocumented visitors” coverage; (3) it also well reduce Medicare coverage since over half the projected cost are to come from Medicare savings (why can’t we eliminate these wastes outside health care); (4) governmental control in aspects of our lives which should be private. In your campaign, you voiced your position as being conscience of Oregon voter’s wishes, well, it appears the majority of the people in this state do not want Federal sponsored health care.

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    zbeckerd 12/02/2009 6:30am

    Poll numbers for Oregon as of November 20th (source

    Obama Health Care Plan “Would you be more likely or less likely to vote for a member of Congress who supported the Obama health care reform plan that was just passed by the House of Representatives?”
    More likely: 47%
    Don’t know: 16%
    Less Likey: 38%

    Not huge numbers but in general Oregonians want everyone to have access to healthcare. Right now in rural parts of the state the Oregon Health plan is the only thing keeping these communities from total health despair. That and the fact that most of those that have a health plan are government employees. Those health plans keep hospitals open.
    So given that government employees and the Oregon Health plan provide the bulk of health services it would seem that we might as well have universal health care. We are already paying for it.

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    bgrossen 01/20/2010 1:58pm

    You are wrong about the financial hole. By paying more in taxes, we can cut trillions in payments to insurance companies who enjoy obscene profits by abusing their clients (refusing to pay for service, canceling policies you have paid for for years when you get sick, on and on.) The health care bill, even now with its flaws, would save money overall for future generations. Pay $100 more in taxes to save $500 on your current premiums paid to your private for-profit health insurance company. You won’t have to pay taxes if the congress could work it to have those earned over a million dollars in a year to take the tax burden. (How can one person’s time working a year be worth more than a million, brilliant as they may be, when another person’s same amount of work time is only worth $17,000 a year on minimum wage? They should pay. Earning more than a million in a year is legalized stealing. Nobody is worth that much.)

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  • zbeckerd 12/02/2009 6:38am

    I have more faith in Senator Merckley doing what is right for the citizens of Oregon and the Nation than 95% of the Senators currently serving. Thus far he is working hard in a chamber with more than its share of (fill in the blank). Good luck to the Junior Senator from Oregon.

  • bgrossen 01/20/2010 1:51pm

    Senator Merkely, I am more pleased with you as Senator than I thought I would be. I favor medicare for all. The best solution is to pay s trillion more in taxes to cut several trillions in payments to insurance companies who cancel policies when you get sick, refuse to insure people who are sick, and engage in other abuses. The overall savings would be astronomical. I get it. Why can’t the democrats communicate this more clearly? I’ll take whatever you can get to stop insurance companies’ abuses. I want government insurance and not for-profit medical insurance or for-profit drugs (treatments not cures make better profits). Medical service should not be not-for-profit.

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  • offen_one 03/25/2010 12:35pm

    Did you even read the bill? Nothing that takes 2700 pages can be good. If it is so good….why doesn’t the health care bill apply to you Senator?

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  • pelmof 06/29/2010 6:20am

    Dear Senator Merkley,
    S.3520 needs to be passed immediately. There are 15 million Americans who are “unemployed through no fault of their own,” and who are also frantically attempting to find new jobs that do not exist. The majority of these 15 million have a family dependent upon their income, so that increases the number to possibly 30 or even 45 million Americans who are in imminent danger of losing everything. When this happens, the financial and moral ramifications for this country will be dire indeed. I’ll say it again— S.3520 needs to be passed immediately! Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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