Rep. Sean Duffy

Republican  •  7th District, Wisconsin  •  3rd Term  •  Sworn In 2011
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  • rhugh052 01/14/2012 1:02pm

    Sean Duffy claims to want to clean up congress but he will not release his tax returns or information about what he has money invested in. He also will not release his home voting address; of the house is Weston he rents. He ran on term limits but will not define what it is. He lied about saying he would not vote against the health bill unless another was proposed, yet he still voted against it. He lied at the Blue Willow when he said he was for a long term presence in Afghanistan, then his party is for withdrawal, and he all of a sudden is for withdrawal. He voted against giving the troops in combat $100 more a month. He holds town hall meetings with one or two hours notice. Even when the Wausau DH called him on this, he continued to do this. He is pushing health care reform that cuts the benefits of everyone, yet protects insurance and big banks. He is opposed to financial reform of Wall Street even though the bank bailout cost 15 billion dollars.

Official website:

1208 Longworth HOB; Washington DC 20515-4907
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202-225-3365
Fax: 202-225-3240


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